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Out of business
Updated: Apr 13, 2022
2018-09-26:  The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership.  The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines.  CLICK HERE to verify.

BlueTrading has posted a response to the Financial Commission's action.  CLICK HERE to view or add your own response.
2018-09-05:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against / Blue Group.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2018-07-05:  The British Columbia Securities Commission has added to its Investment Caution List.  CLICK HERE to confirm.
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business
2.683 • 62 REVIEWS

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Jeramy, Australia,
May 7, 2019,

Scammed again

Blue trading stole my money now it looks like VIP Cryptocurrency hedge fund have done the same thing
Mar 8, 2019,
Registered user

5 Stars for Best Scam Ever -

I give this company/gang 5 stars for Best Scam Ever. I wasn't naive enough to give it 5 stars when they deposited my funds into their non-segregated account and saw the balance in their BS mirror trade go up every month. Or the Brilliant psychology employed with the promo and paid advertising or by only allowing investors to withdraw funds using an antiquated downloadable pdf form process. Or the fact that their yearly Investor Conference had no reviews or photos anywhere on the web. Not to mention the various other red flags of no physical presence and fake profiles etc. I was blinded by Greed that would make Gordon Gecko proud. I suppose the idea that the funds were lost due to a trading malfunction is an attempt to cast doubt and persuade those investors that were burnt from organizing into a group and hunting them down like the dogs that they are.
Mar 4, 2019,
Registered user

Scammers they have stolen all my money

Definitely scammers.
Russian people hidden behind brilliant English names have emptied all customers' accounts.
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Mar 2, 2019,
Registered user

Unfortunately, i lost money with this service although, it makes me wonder if they where still possibly genuine as they would have been making money on management fees plus they where starting to build a good reputation and when people had made money with them they where able to withdraw there funds, there customer service was still prity second to none they would always reply promptly all the time, unfortunately in this game you win some and loss some but if you lost money to actually put it down as a scam is easy because your mad that you've lost money and of course your just going to blame them anyway, but if they where making money through management fees plus starting to build a good reputation after a few years why would you through that down the toilet and still even if they where a scam why wouldn't they have just ran off with people money within the first year of operation when they had build a few deposits up. In closing you should only risk money you can afford to loose if you couldn't afford it you shouldn't be investing because with investing comes risk, im not overly unhappy with this situation because i expect certain funds to go down but its about sticking with the ones that work through diversification and only allocating what you can afford to loose to certain investments, i don't think blue trading was an entire scam but the rest of there service i believe was good and that they had a genuine system failure, not condoning this as no finance company should every have a system failure that enters large positions that lead to a drawdown like EVER but they held good values as a company.
Edward Tam
Hong Kong,
Mar 2, 2019,
Registered user

Blue Trading is a Ponzi scam

I believe blue trading is a Ponzi scam, initially they paid old investors by using new investors' money in order to build their reputation. By the time they thought they have attracted enough funds they just went away. I am fortunate to be an early investor starting with 4000 euros back in Oct 2018, ending up with 5000 euros by the end of the year, when I decided not to be too greedy and withdrawn my balance in full. Feeling sorry for stealing 1000 euros from those unfortunate investors.
Southampton, United Kingdom,
Feb 27, 2019,
Registered user


They have run off with everyone's money they should be made liable I am one of those unfortunate people who lost 15k

Feb 9, 2019 - 5 Stars I joined up January this year I am very happy to report they are a legitimate team, I am very happy with my returns so far five stars to them!
Brunei Darussalam,
Feb 27, 2019,
Registered user

Surprise! Surprise!.... NOT

Saying "I told you so" will not help one bit but warnings have been given in the earlier posts with reasons as to why ppl should not invest with them. But the fact that you guys "invest" with them because of your greed help them keep the scam going. By giving them 4 and 5 stars you gave them the legitimacy the seek to entice other gullible ppl even though others have shown you all the red flags. Saying you had made withdrawals before they are gone does not make you a clever person but rather make it you look like you are colluding with them.

Oct 23, 2018 - No Rating Having gone through so many managed fund website in my quest to differentiate what is a real managed fund and what is a potential scam, here's what I can share with everyone looking to invest with Bluetrading.

What I found out is a managed fund DO NOT hold an investor's fund. As such why Bluetrading insist on ppl deposit money with them is suspicious.

Take for example UK-based, registered and licensed Hartswell Capital Management and Brookestone Management or Dubai's SCG (Success Capital Group), these companies will link investors with a FCA or some other regulated Forex Broker like SwissQuote, FXCM, Hotforex etc (that, by law, must segregate investors fund from theirs).

Investors are then advised to open an account with these brokers and sign a limited power of Attorney LPOA agreement that gives these fund managers the right to trade with their money.

These Managed fund companies need not be regulated by FCA or others themselves but the forex broker they use must (as that is where investors' funds are). These are the same as when we use PAMM, MAM accounts with regular forex broker. The traders we choose to trade with our fund have no way of accessing our account directly.

If I am wrong pls enlighten me.
Baden Württemberg, Germany,
Feb 25, 2019,
Registered user

It looked too good to be true

Luckily I did not follow my initial plan to start with withdrawals middle of 2019. Started investing in March 2018 and everything was great. In November I became suspicious and had step-wise withdrawn my initial investment plus 2500 EUR. The withdrawn money arrived, but now the remaining account went from +35 kEUR to negative, claiming this was a software issue after upgrading a week ago. So I was lucky not to loose any money.
I even had referral accounts and was making earnings from them. Luckily I advised them as well to withdraw their investments and no losses occurred. Imagine - having refereed to friend who then loose their money, what a disaster.

What made me suspicious and triggered my investment withdrawal was
- changing contact persons
- pdf account statement inconsistent with web-page, but changing and adapting all the time (just something that would not happen in a real account).
- no real company address (company unknown in the building)
- audit by some company in Africa
- bank deposit to some strange company in Germany, with the house blanked in google streetview
- bank withdrawals payout from changing sources
- withdrawal requests via email (why not implement this in a password protected area in mirror trader as other platforms do)
- mirror trader web page - why was there the bloomberg channel, a trading chart etc. All this makes absolutely no sense for mirror trading.
- company existed apparently since 2012, started trading 2015, but the domain was only set up much later

I admit that many of the above mentioned was already there in the beginning, but the high gains can make one blind. There was always a bit of hope and they also appeared to work on improving the platform etc., yet I always said to my friends, "let's see how long they will still be there". And even now that they went away with the remaining funds, one could still have a bit of doubt and believe that it is true, it was just a software error. But seeing it from some distance - it was a scam.
The reason I write this here is to warn you all including myself for the future - lesson learned: If a company has no real address, no real audit, no regulation, but just invented awards and performance that is higher than anything else, be even more suspicious and do not invest at all, unless you can afford to loose the money! Bluetrading writes that they will come back with a different company name - be warned, they will do the same thing again...

Oct 27, 2018 - 4 Stars Hi, I am an investor with bluetrading since March 2018. I was very skeptic in the beginning, made only the minimum required deposit and was constantly checking on the account. After two months I made a withdrawal just for testing. It has been promptly executed. I then decided to deposit more funds and take the account to VIP level. The performance I see on my account matches the results published on their webpage. The account value tripled by now, and I still leave my initial deposit with them. Because the trade sizes also grow with account balance, one can expect an exponential growth if the performance of BT remains good.
My periodicity of checking the account reduced from daily to usually Friday nights. Then all trades are closed. I see the whole thing a bit as a game and by now I am quite relaxed about BT. I would advice to simply only deposit funds that you are willing to risk – after all it is trading, and there is risk involved, though it seems to me that they have extremely good risk management in place.
The support team has always been prompt and friendly in replying to my questions and concerns. More in-depth questions related to the actual trading have not been answered by the first-level support team, but I have even been put in direct contact with trading team in that case, which I thought was great.
I plan to do first "real" withdrawals middle of next year and then will report again.
Feb 25, 2019,
Registered user


Hi to all did end up being a full on scam. Massive draw down on accounts. They are blaming software malfunction. BS. Putting my account into negative balance. 3600euro to minus 260euro. They should be watching their backs.
Regards Roderick

Nov 29, 2018 - 5 Stars

Hi to All
I have been with Blue trading for 19 weeks now. Joining as a VIP member depositing my funds via Bank Transfer.
Funds were cleared and my account was up and running with in 24 hours. Being with them now for 19 weeks with one week showing a small lost. Average returns have been showing a monthly of 15% to 20%. I have made several withdrawals via Bitcoin with the funds showing in my Wallet with in hours.
What I find on their web site is true and correct. Also the Mirror platform keeps me up to date on my portfolio 24/7. Their support is second to none getting back to me with in hours.
I give Blue Trading five stars and more, they stand head and shoulders above most managed funds.
Kind Regards to all FPA members and here's to a good year ahead with your investments.
Cheers Roderick ONeal

Aug 25, 2018 - 5 Stars Hi to all.
I have been with Blue Trading just on a month now. I signed up as a V.I.P investor, up to this time the returns are past my expectations and the support is second to none. Keep up the great work Blue Trading.

United Kingdom,
Feb 25, 2019,
Registered user

Absolute Scam

I set up an account with blue trading a few months ago and everything was fine, I made a few withdrawals and thought nothing of it. Then I made a withdrawal almost three weeks ago and nothing, I have sent six emails to three different ‘departments’ and have had no reply and made two phone calls, one to the ‘Europe office’ the other to the ‘Irish office’. Both turned out to be the same woman that couldn’t really understand English wanting my name, number and email. All my account funds have now disappeared. They said it was a fault with the software but the fact they didn’t reply to any of my emails 10 days before all this happened means to me that this was all premeditated. It is an absolute scam please do not invest with them.