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Updated: Dec 12, 2018
4.143 · 40 REVIEWS
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2018-09-26:  The Financial Commission has permanently expelled BluVenture Group and its brands BlueBroker and BlueTrading from membership.  The reason given is repeated violations and failures to adhere to membership Rules and Guidelines.  CLICK HERE to verify.

BlueTrading has posted a response to the Financial Commission's action.  CLICK HERE to view.
2018-09-05:  The UK FCA has issued an unauthorised firm warning against BlueTrading.com / Blue Group.  CLICK HERE to verify.


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4.143 · 40 REVIEWS
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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom,
Dec 6, 2018,
Registered user

I’ve been with blue just over a month
And ha e a 13% profit based on 3000 euro investment
I had a couple of teething problems with BWT but that was my fault
I have made one withdraw via bitcoin which took around 4 hours to complete
Up to now all is good I have no complaints
Let’s hope it continues and give future returns as good as past returns
Nov 30, 2018,
Registered user

This company is the biggest absolute gain is unprecedented seriousness, I withdrew my profits several times without having ever had any kind of problem, I can not understand who can complain about this great company,

Nov 7, 2018 - 5 Stars Bluetrading is the best managed trading company, I have been with them for six months and my profits have risen sharply, I have also retired many times and have always been quick and kind,
United Kingdom,
Nov 30, 2018,
Registered user

So far so good

So far so good.

Have been with BT for about 2 months now. Profits have average 5-15%.

Have requested withdraw x2 via BTC, in both instances very prompt payment. Within a couple of hours or at most one day. Clearly this is the recommended method for withdrawals.

Fingers crossed for some more profits!.

Nov 13, 2018 - 5 Stars Great service. Quick deposit and same day withdrawal.

Returns are not quite as advertised on site. Expect 5-15%.

Other Tha that would recommend to use sensibly.
Bart de Bart,
Den Haag, Netherlands,
Nov 29, 2018,
Registered user

I have invested in a management account by Blue Trading since april and the service is superb

Every withdrawal request is processed and confirmed within hours and it always consistent. Compliments for this excellent service in the Crypto world.
NSW, Australia,
Nov 29, 2018,
Registered user

Set and forget

Hi to All
I have been with Blue trading for 19 weeks now. Joining as a VIP member depositing my funds via Bank Transfer.
Funds were cleared and my account was up and running with in 24 hours. Being with them now for 19 weeks with one week showing a small lost. Average returns have been showing a monthly of 15% to 20%. I have made several withdrawals via Bitcoin with the funds showing in my Wallet with in hours.
What I find on their web site is true and correct. Also the Mirror platform keeps me up to date on my portfolio 24/7. Their support is second to none getting back to me with in hours.
I give Blue Trading five stars and more, they stand head and shoulders above most managed funds.
Kind Regards to all FPA members and here's to a good year ahead with your investments.
Cheers Roderick ONeal

Aug 25, 2018 - 5 Stars Hi to all.
I have been with Blue Trading just on a month now. I signed up as a V.I.P investor, up to this time the returns are past my expectations and the support is second to none. Keep up the great work Blue Trading.

glasgow, United Kingdom,
Nov 29, 2018,
Registered user

fund received

fund arrived on time with no issue. Confused why some get issues? If just fund withdrawal problems that should not be counted, Just wondering the audit information

Nov 19, 2018 - 5 Stars I have been with bluetrading since August. There are no issues about bank transfer. I have requested one more withdrawal and will keep updating to post.

Oct 22, 2018 - 5 Stars I am a real bluetrading customer, so far so good. But if extra security for example compensation from third independent party provided, will be much better to clients.

Oct 18, 2018 - 5 Stars stay with bluetrading for 2 months, so far so good,
Just want to see them as they perform over the common!
Gold Coast, Australia,
Nov 28, 2018,


Definitely stay away.

I left the guest review below from Justin talking about my experience. As you can see "Hannah" has resonded... (I am leaving guest reviews because I am travelling and having trouble creating an account with this blog).

Interesting response saying there is no clients with withdrawal responses, because I'VE STILL NOT RECEIVED MY FUNDS.

One second they are saying the funds definitely sent on the 6th of Nov. Then when I kept asking for a response from Brian telling him the funds hadnt come in and the bank confirmee that he then said he persinally checked with the exchange and the funds were returned due to incorrect account number even though I have provided the correct details. Then I re gave them the details and asked them to send again only for them to say the system was saying "operation not allowed".

Then I gave them different account details to send it to and then a different person Natasha responded saying "actually we can see there was a successful transfer back on the 6th" and now I have had to explain that is bull, because they had already told me funds were returned due to incorrect details.

Stay away from these guys, dodgy as hell and if they can't even get a simple bank transfer right why would you trust them with your money?

When I first did my due diligence I saw bad reviews and thought "these are just normal haters" and thought the responses from Hannah were very confident and a good sign.

Now I can see that the reviews left by other people are legitimate and Hannah is just great at leaving convincing reviews. If you look at the response she left to my previous review, firstly its false because there is at least one person experiencing issues with withdrawals- ME!!! And there are others I know, but secondly ask yourself if thats really the type of response a professional and courteous company would leave to a concern such as mine?... I think not! All she has said is you're wrong, you're nasty and good bye.

NO apologies for the experience I have had. NO attempt to fix the problem that they still have my money. Nothing..

Think about it.... STAY AWAY

Nov 16, 2018 - 1 Star STAY AWAY!!

I am a sophisticated investor with a number of other investments. When I joined Blue Trading I did some due diligence, though my mistake was not following my process and doing enough - because I was referred to this company by friends who were saying they were very happy..
I opened a VIP account with them. While trying to do so, I needed more information for the "international liquidity fund's" bank where I was sending the funds. As they had not included it in the wire transfer instructions, I tried googling the company and could not find it on Google. So I asked Blue Trading and got a response from "Hannah" who was very rude and basically told me no one else has ever needed the information I was asking for and so I had everything I need.. (the piece of info I asked for was required by my bank and I could not submit the transfer without it lol). This should have been a sign for me but I regret that I did not see this as a red flag at the time.

I finally got the funds transferred by just putting something generic in the required field and my account was open. For the first 2 weeks things looked like they were going well, the account was profiting from trades and was up a few percent.

Then a friend I referred told me of some red flags he found and so I dug deeper and found some of the negativity online. I tend to take reviews with a grain of salt because even the best companies have negative reviews by competitors or whiny people.

But I decided to ask Blue about what I had found. When I queried about the expulsion from the FCA their response was:


Thank you for writing! We would be glad to share with you the details surrounding the controversy with the Financial Commission.

Our membership was terminated suddenly for no apparent reason in September 2018.

This is not unusual at all for the Financial Commission.

As you can see on their own website, they have as many ceased members (27) as active members(27): https://financialcommission.org/members/participating-members-of-the-financial-commission/

In over three years, we have never denied a withdrawal request or had major issues with any clients. This was very sudden and we are still extremely puzzled to why they would behave so bizarrely so suddenly.

In reality however, we are actively lobbying global regulators to begin regulating Cryptocurrencies through the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland. There is no substitute for real regulation and services like the Financial Commission only provide basic services.

As for the FCA - they are a British regulatory agency.

We are an Asian Cryptocurrency trading firm with no operations in the UK whatsoever.

Furthermore, the UK does not even regulate Crypto trading activity.

Therefore, it would be impossible for two reasons for us to be regulated by the FCA.

The "Caution" listing as they call it is simply because we are not a British company and they have placed us on a list with 1000s of companies.

It is extremely important to note we have zero complaints and the list is a simple bullying tactic used by regulators to discourage people from trading outside of their country or in any Cryptocurrency product. We are currently in contact with the FCA through our legal team however to remove this listing.

I hope that clarifies the matter candidly for you - please let me know if we can assist you further.

Best regards,

Hannah Smith".

Seems kind of fair enough... Til I thought that makes no sense, they wouldn't just kick you out for no reason without telling you. Especially when on the regulators website it says "expelled for repeated offences".

So then I decided to ask about some other claims that Blue is just another version of Iiinvestments and that their accountant who apparently audited their results is in South Africa (?) And no one can find evidence of the accounting firm the address is just in the middle of the desert and the phone rings out and I again mentioned that I had trouble finding the company when making my bank transfer.
Now let me be clear, I was very respectful in my email communication. I even said that I was very happy with them so far, that I wished to continue, that I understand every company gets negative reviews and that I was just doing my due diligence for myself and the people I referred...

Well they didnt like that and here's the response I got from "Hannah":

"Dear Mr. Farina,

We honestly don't pay any attention to this web negativity that all companies receive. We have far too busy of a thriving business to give it any concern. If you aren't comfortable with our company we suggest trading elsewhere perhaps. Thank you.

Best regards,
Hannah Smith"

Not really the service you'd expect for a VIP account holder who has just referred approximately 20 people to them in 2 weeks is it?....

Now the red flags started to stack up and it became clear that regardless of whether all the negativity online was true or not, something is not right with this company.

So then I chose to withdraw my funds because of the stacking red flags. At first they seemed happy to process the request and got to it quickly.

However that was on the 3rd November 2018 when I requested the withdrawal and at the time of writing this it is the 17th of November 2018 and I still have not received my funds and I'm not the only one. The guys who referred me decided to pull some funds and some have still not received their money either and they asked before I did.

I've emailed a number of times over the last week asking for evidence of the transfer being made and where it was sent, yet no evidence has been sent, just emails back from them saying:
"Hi Justin,
Yes you are correct your funds left our account on 6.11.2018 to your Suncorp bank account. Just wait for a few more days you should get them soon.
Kind regards,

Now isn't that interesting.. Your money is supposed to be deposited to an international liquidity fund (the one in Hong Kong I couldn't find on Google) and Blue is only supposed to have control of it to trade via a connection and yet you contact Blue to get it out and they say "the funds have left OUR account"...

Then I tried calling last night 3 times to speak with someone and the call centre lady said Brian would call me back to discuss. After 3 calls and an email direct to Brian and it being 1am here, I had still not heard from him so I decided to go to sleep with my phone on loud.

Well I woke up this morning, no call just another email from Brian saying:

"Hi Justin,

I have just checked with Finance now they confirmed your funds have already reached your account. IF you still did not get it today, please try to call your bank or wait until Monday to see if they are just floating in their exchange.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


How do they know funds have hit my account? And so I check again... Nope no funds there!

And still no call from Brian despite my 3 calls, the lady I spoke with apparently leaving urgent notes for him to call and me emailing requesting a CALL.

I am just glad out of those I referred only 1 had deposited and he got his money back through a BTC transfer - this seems to be the only way people can easily get their money back - funny that, it was the same thing the online negative reviews said when I read them...


Reply by bluetrading submitted Nov 20, 2018 Dear Justin,

We do not have one client with any withdrawal issues or whom has lost money trading with us. It's very disappointing you would choose to leave such a nasty review considering you and all of your referrals have actually made profit trading with us and have failed to actually identify any reason why you feel we are not a trustworthy company. The FCA/FC issues have been addressed at length in a transparent fashion. I am glad you have withdrawn your funds and I hope you find a company you are happy with!

We wish you the best,

Hannah Smith
John Stephens,
Sydney, Australia,
Nov 23, 2018,

I'm also from Australia and friends of mine suggested this company who had nothing but issues recently. I'm glad I didn't sign up. I done my due diligence checks and it's didn't meet my requirements. Company setup offshore in low regulations countries, accountant verified audited is nonsense and all supposed contact numbers worldwide just redirect to same Ireland location. Smells fishy. We decided to deal with an Aussie based services we can deal and speak locally.

MILAN, Italy,
Nov 23, 2018,
Registered user


2018-11-23 : I funded a standard account(3000,00 euro) at the beginning of october with some doubts about the declared performance.After a month of trading the account was grown nearly 10% . 2018-11-17 my fiscal advisor told me that the advance taxes payment for the end of November would be much more than the year before,so 2018-11-20 i submitted a request to bluetrading to withdrow 3300,00 euro. they processed my request in minutes mailing me the confirmation and timing in about 5 to 10 working day the process of refund. It looks to me a bit not fair so much time and i asked why.They replyed that refund in bitcoin are in hours, but the process in euro between the exchange and my bank takes more time. I was not very satisfied but i could not do anything but to wait. YESTERDAY ( 2018-11-22) , CHECKING MY ACCOUNT, I GET A VERY GOOD NEW,
Melbourne, Australia,
Nov 22, 2018,
Registered user

Simply A Dream!

I have been with Blue Trading for over six months.

They do everything they would say they would do.

The returns are fantastic. The customer service a dream.

I have not had any problems with Blue Trading in the time that I have been with them.

I can attest that they are legitimate. I have made 3 withdrawals.

Them letting me be a member is awesome. I'm not investing much, but they let me do it, and even with my small amount they still treat me with respect about my queries.

I couldn't recommend them more. In fact, I have been recommending them.

The trick is, invest using bitcoin. Withdraw using bitcoin. That way you don't have to wait or get screwed by bank fees.

-Jimmy Scarff