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Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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Apr 22, 2018,
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Ripped off by an inflated quote and low quality work

A while ago I contacted Shaun Overton from to code my very simple ea

These guys have a fancy website and look really professional

So I emailed my strategy which was a very simple candlestick pattern . I then got a quote for 6 hours work at $109 US per hour. I realise that this is a steep price but thought that I was paying for experience and skill so it was worth it.

What a mistake.

Chris Zimmer from onestepremoved coded my ea but said he was unable to code it so it took a fixed $ risk per trade. He said this was very difficult. He also made out like the trailing stop I wanted was a big deal. After his six hours of work he delivered an ea that wasn't actually what I wanted with the statement that I would need to pay for more time. Out of frustration I decided to learn to code it myself. What followed was an intensive period of study and trial and error until I began to be able to make my own ea's. I made far more complex ones than I'd asked onestepremoved to make.

Then I decided to make the one I asked onestepremoved to make.

It took me less than 15 minutes!!! Also, I was able to do the fixed $ risk per trade and the trailing stop which chris zimmer made out was so hard and would take his hours of extra time.

So I wrote to Chris Zimmer of onestepremoved and asked him to refund at least a part of what I had paid him- if I, a beginner with no experience could make the ea in 15 minutes, how could it take him, an experienced pro 6 hours to not even complete it? No refund was given

It's clear from this that onestepremoved provide me inflated quotes for their work. There is simply no way my ea took six hours and yet I was charged for 6 hours. If it did take six hours, then clearly chris zimmer of onestepremoved doesn't at all know what he's doing! Beware of these people so you dont get ripped off like I was!
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