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Free private member service and trade copier options.

Telegram channels and smartfx expert advisers.


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London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2020,
Registered user

Honest service with great communication

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been a subscriber to Smartfx for over a year now and cannot recommend the service enough - I receive great signals, am signed up to the trade copier and and am also a part of a very responsive smartfx community which is always a very honest forum - Panny himself has explained on a number of occasions the reasons behind why certain trades have/have not been taken and also why they were closed at a certain point - As a relative novice at the start I have built confidence to trade my own account aswell as relying on the signals and copier that are provided - what I like the most is that there is no gung ho approach here - instead a steady, targeted measured service designed for steady growth
Reply by Smartfxtrader submitted Jan 4, 2020:

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review of my site & service. It's highly appreciated.
london, United Kingdom,
Dec 18, 2019,
Registered user

he is at it again, new company, loads of products, services, waste

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

the loser is us and winner is panny.
i tried to email him a couple of months ago, and he wrote a very rude email to me, he does not care about us.

his aim is to have 100 to 300 subscribers a month, all charged 60 pounds a month, and thats his income. we all lose and Panny is the winner.

lets look into detail, he still has same old habits, disregards losing trades, and does not talk about them, as if they dispersed into thin air. and when these trades lose, you are looking at minimum 100 pip loss, so 1 pound a pip, will be 1000 pound loss. when you win, maybe, 50 pip win, so 500 pounds win.

he will claim all his results are verified, but will only show results for 1 month!!
the only way of knowing is to get investor password and his account number,. and this will prove everything, he can say whatever he wants, but proof is in investor password of his account.

i recently tried his telegram premium channels, and whilst i did get postive results, one bad trade wiped out all profit, now i have proof for all you guys, you can ask for my account details.
Reply by Smartfxtrader submitted Dec 29, 2019:
Hi, again.. lol

At it again? I've not actually been anywhere, been hard at work for 3 solid years working to slowly improve my services.

Your something else, honestly completely full of rubbish with your comments. What makes it all so much worse is that you just cant trade yourself.

My services are free so I struggle to understand your panny wins comment.. strange.

You seem to follow me around despite making similar conclusions a few years back with which has been a direct link to since the start.

Well, as before I wish you all the best - I do believe you will absolutely need it. Beat advice, do not trade at all as of you can take a free honest and transparent service like mine and make losses then you are not meant to trade at all.