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CFXPoint is a forex broker. CFX Point offers the MT4, Webtrader and Mobile forex trading top platform. offers over 60 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, stocks, cfds, commodities, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

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Apr 22, 2019,
Registered user

Hello! I've been there since October 2018 and first invested € 200 and talked to a broker named James Anderson. He was nice and friendly. At first everything went well, we settled on currencies and I almost tripled my investment. James asked me about even higher investments because of the greater opportunities. I have invested 500 €. It's still too little, he told me. He wanted to set bigger trades with me. Then I transferred 1600 €. Then I started to lose slowly. He had another suggestion for me. He suggested a Bitcoin project to me. Of course you need more money (50.000 €), but there is a safe profit (250.000 €) in three months. It's all assured, he told me. In case something should go wrong, I get back my entire investment. It is not a trading anymore, but a real share and he would like to warmly recommend the entry. He used to tell me that he used to invest in projects like that, even though he was so poor, and now has 12 cars at home. He always asked me what I would do with so much money. And what great things I can afford. He called me every day and asked if I had already decided. I took out a loan (€ 50,000) with my husband and first transferred it to a company called kryptomarkthalle. The James checked everything out and helped since we did not know about Bitcoin. He tells us to buy 50,000 bircoins and put them on our wallet address (which was in my account and was (1BwCRwYkqHTWBePZfYeywFFizrWf3pb3VU) should transfer. He wanted to have the transfer copies as confirmation. Did we do everything Sure, the € 50,000 landed on my account account. After that everything went wrong. My account fell lower and lower. And of our 50,000 € only 7,830 € have remained. Then another broker came in, Maximilian, and said that James is gone. He did not know where he could be. I asked him about the Bitcoin project, of which he knew nothing. He advised me to forget this project. But he has a suggestion for us, and he's a cannabis project. But you need 50.000 € again. I could not hear it anymore. I demanded the balance back. He laughed at me on the phone. We immediately turned on our lawyer. She has already sent two letters of formal notice to CFX Point. No reactions. They call us constantly and order us to continue trading. And by the way, I looked at the wallet address on the internet. There's an awful lot of money going by. Well, my wallet address can be impossible. We are desperate and want to go to CFX Point through the Attorney General and the Financial Police. Please, do not fall for the so-called "projects" in!
Sandra Legatheaux,
Uk, United Kingdom,
Jun 28, 2018,

Stole money from us

We give the money and they Promise next Friday we do some profit and is pass one momth Exactly we are calling him but I don’t see and nothing profit
May 11, 2018,
Registered user

The medusa with many heads. contacted me recently, one day my account was great and next day there was negative balance. The woman who contacted me calls herself Alexa Jones. Now she says she can give me a bonus and she will help me to recover the "losses". Can you believe that I don't want to have anything to do with these loosers.. I have a feeling that it is same group of people who work under different companies and different names and they play a piece of comedy just for to steal your money., Chronofm, and 60op are different manifestations of the same decease. Don't talk to them, don't give them your little finger, or soon they take your whole hand.

May 3, 2018 - 1 Star Christopher Varrick was my broker in this company. A very smooth, nice person with fine education in fine universitys, I deponated about 12000 USD but he wanted to have more. He would open a bank account in their off-shore bank and it would give huge interest whitch was only too good to be true. I refused to send more money. The minimum was 20000USD but 30000 was to prefer. I refused and then he said he would put 15000, and I 15000 and then we would split the profits. I didnt want to do this, then he wanted to finish and liquidate my account and I would get back my capital. The problem was that he said I should pay taxes (!) and that it would be 5000 USD that I should send to the company before they could be able to refund my money. So I didn't get back my money..