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Nick Thompson

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On August 6th, 2018, a large number of reviews began pouring in for Pips University.  Nearly all were positive.  The FPA considered this behavior suspicious, but continued to moderate the individual reviews normally.

On August 10th, a reviewer reported that compensation had been offered for reviews.  Evidence was posted in the discussion thread showing that an offer of "hats or a t shirt or something" was made for those who left reviews at the FPA.  The US Federal Trade Commission specifically states that compensated reviews must disclose the compensation.  CLICK HERE for more information on FTC endorsement guidelines.  The FPA considers offering compensation for reviews to be unethical.  The FPA does not permit compensated reviews.

The FPA is unapproving all reviews, positive and negative, submitted since the beginning of this incident, except for the one review warning us about the compensation.  The FPA has contacted the FTC and will not be approving any new reviews for Pips University until after getting advice from the FTC.

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1.157 · 14 REVIEWS
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Aug 10, 2018,
Registered user

Honest review of the Disaster Univeristy

Forex Trading Review:

Where do I begin?

I joined up with Pips University in late 2017. In the beginning everything started really positive and enjoyed being part of honest trading community look to progress in my trading career.

The first few weeks were very good but unfortunately over the next six months things quickly turned very sour indeed. After a long losing run and countless meaningless excused I finally got courage and confroned Nick about this. Nick indicated at the beginning their was indepth learning and trading service - which is not true and sustainable system for learning. Over time Nick proved to me to have very little trading knowledge and being nothing more than PR marketing guy to sign people us to his lacklustre service.

Why do i say this? a number of points to follow.

In the beginning he emphasised the importance of risk managment but all the time has never enough margin to open up new trades as there is no risk management or stop losses used. What sort of teaching is that especially with people who have no idea what they are doing, fast track to failure and blown accounts. (Also have proof of this)

The second point is that the dynamics in the group over the last 5-6 month changed very negatively and when other clients started to question Nick he simply had no explanation and deleted them from the group as they were negative, and nothing related to the fact that his service was more like a damp squib than a fireworks display! Nick also lied about his results and deleted several posts contained to false profits made on demo accounts. I know this because when I questioned Nick he blocked me on instagram - particularly when his my fxbook stats were negative 30-35% at one point. he also talked about having this $1k to $1m challenge but that turned out to be a joke also.

The third and final point is that through another college Nick actually tried to bribe his clients into giving them merchandise and other items as payment for giving hi fraudulent good and positive reviews. Of which I also have proof. It left me very disappointed to see people taking the bait on this and can only sympathise with them for their future loses.

I have picked this up with the relevant people to have this reviewed further.

In conclusion if I could give Nick 0 Stars I would as whatever he has going on here is also noise with no substance. Feel free to contact me anytime for the proof to those points reitereated above as I am always happy to help the aspiring trader.
Markus Carry,
Moreno Valley, USA,
Jul 7, 2018,

Quickest Way to set $500 on Fire

I could write a book on what a great marketer Nick from Pips University is: and he is just that: a marketer and a conman. The materials offered in his courses are outdated and useless. He has enticed many of his members into joining with his "$1000 to $1M" challenge, which has yet to get off the ground, sitting in a massive drawn-down for nearly 7 months and not turning a single penny of profit. He makes pathetic excuse after excuse, and blames his failures on spread, stop hunts and a poor market. Stay away from Pips U at all costs!
Berlin, Germany,
Jul 20, 2019,

Absolutely useless!!! Total failure!!! Stay away!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Horrible experience, never again!!! This guy (Nick) offers random and useless signals.. hit and miss all the time.. his telegram group is full of bragging about boats, cars and other irrelevant stuff that have nothing to do with trading but only try to spark greed among his audience. From his posts you can tell that he cannot he taken seriously, he seems totally erratic and lacks self-control. Oftentimes his posts read like those of a very immature person. His videos that you have to pay for are by and large useless, especially if you consider that there are way better videos by real pros on the internet which are totally free. Stay away from Pips Lossiversity!
Tom Feller,
east coast, USA,
Jul 12, 2018,

Pips University is a scam

I joined Pips University for $397 he gave me a discount. As soon as I entered the members area I felt scammed ... was repacked videos which you could find on YouTube. It took about a day to watch his videos (if you think watching a few videos will make you a trader .... your lose your money !) He has Telegram channels with students teaching other students. All Nick Thompson's trades are in the 90% group of losing trades read the reviews here!!!! All his income comes from students joining pips u. Just don't send your money to this scammer,
Dalton Brooks,
Spring Texas, USA,
May 18, 2018,

New York, USA,
May 18, 2018,

marketer not a trader

I joined pips U with hopes to become a successful Forex trader. At first I was very impressed with the training videos and wealth of knowledge Nick seemed to have. As I continued my journey as a Pips U member more and more seemed to become evident about this "school". first I realized on the signup page he had listed a countdown for cheaper pricing, this countdown was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to get you to sign up quickly as the prices remain the same from when I joined. I signed up for the elite $500 package which has a list of benefits over the other packages. I then came to realize that no matter the package you get basically the same thing. The biggest driver for me in the most expensive package was the group chat, I later found out everyone gets the group chat. I was very excited to "start my new life" as he says in the intro. but after losing signal after another my suspicions grew stronger about this Forex Wizard. I also then found out that the only review on his site is posted by a very close friend of his giving it no real credibility at all. His $1000 account challenge seemed like exactly what I wanted at the time, the ability to start with a small sum of money and grow it with an expert there to help whenever I needed. This was not the case. We were lucky to hear from nick maybe once a week with maybe 1 out of 10 signals being profitable. He recently decided to do a full rebranding of his "University" and has been a little more on top of things but his lessons are outdated techniques and a lot of useless information that is not relevant to today's market. All of what he teaches can easily be found on youtube for free. if you are ok with paying money for coin toss signals and easily sourced learning information than Pips U is exactly what you want. He is a marketer and nothing else I think he honestly would have been more successful working for a marketing firm rather than selling hopes and dreams to people who truly want to learn. There is no track record available anywhere on his personal account the only My Fx book he has is on the $1000 account which if you assume he took the same trades on his main account he is not a very good trader at all. I can't forget to mention that If you are a member and ask for his verified track record he WILL kick you from Pips university with no refund or reason why. Stay away and happy trading!
Melbourne, Australia,
May 3, 2019,
Registered user

Beware - Risky trading with him - no strategy.

It is just a signal service, where you can see an analysis (which you can find similar once anywhere else) and receive buy or sell signal through telegram. Most of them are losing signals.
No useful/ unique educational material is available.
Not a site where you can learn as the name says.

I joined by paying about 100 usd and lost 1000 bucks in his challenge program. I was still following this hoping to receive any good info for about 2 years now. Conclusion is just we can rely on anyone on youtube rather than joining him.
Beware, his profits are your joinning fees. No strategy on his trading style and high risk traders. Probably for someone with high capital but not beginners.

Was sorry to those nearly 1000 telegram students who paid at least 100 bucks per head.

Lesson learnt: Never to believe anyone easily esp in trading. Dont put your hard earned money to ppl like him.
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 12, 2018,


Stay away from Pips University this guy is clearly a scammer, his training are literally most basic stuff you can find on baby pips, he ‘seems’ like he knows what’s he’s doing technical wise but he’s poor mindset and trading doesn’t go along, he kicked me because we got into a argument over ‘money’ it was unrelated to trading topic, He’s immature and started to insult me. He says I chase money but he’s the one who’s constantly spamming his list with discount code and sign up money for his horrible weak ass security forex membership site and he was paying for reviews. Don’t trust this guy he also photoshopped a $4M Oanda balance on Instagram which is no longer to be found. This guy bought his house using members funds, period. This guy isn’t a millionaire he’s just a broke loser who hates on successful people bagging more pips and money than him. STAY AWAY
Oct 31, 2018,

Rip Off --- Go watch youtube videos. SCAMMED!!

Horrible experience. Paid $497 for his VIP Package course, he does not mentor individually nor does he actively participate in discussions.

His challenge account is currently negative. He constantly blames the market, the news, the governments, manipulation by brokers. Unprofessional. He needs to learn to respect the market without constantly blaming. "It is what it is,"

Do not BUY ANY OF HIS COURSES!! better off watching youtube videos and learning from technical analysis.
California, USA,
May 11, 2018,
Registered user

Pips U Sells Snake Oil and Pipe Dreams

Nick Tompson of Pips University, is the epitome of a modern day charlatan selling nothing more than snake oil and pipe dreams. I was hoodwinked to say the least, supporting his group by answering questions for other members around the clock, free of charge. Nick has now BANNED myself and nearly a dozen other members WITHOUT REFUND for questioning the validity of his methods and signals.

He has 3 packages ranging from $199 for 1 year signals to a $500 package that includes training videos, webinars, analysis grading etc. He claims to trade a multi–million dollar account, and to be an expert trader, however he has never produced any proof of a verified live account. He also has not been profitable in any regard in the six months I have joined (all documented on his $1000 challenge account).

His education is comprised of nothing but repackaged garbage patterns, that haven’t worked since 2016 and that one could easily obtain from free YouTube videos or babypips.com.

He has failed to deliver on the lifetime packages with no weekly webinars, providing analysis only a few times a week and being incredibly inactive and hands off. He does not monitor his trades and lets them all turn to losers. He has failed to answer client’s questions. He has roughly a 20% win rate and is never looking at the charts. If he spent less time at the golf range and buying fake Rolex watches, he may have a shot at making it in this industry.

Don’t walk away from Pips University – RUN!