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Updated: Oct 16, 2018
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Vip-Crypto is a cryptocurrencies broker. Vip-Crypto offers the Mobile forex trading platform. Vip-Crypto.com offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.


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George Crawford,
United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
Oct 14, 2018,

not a safe company

This vip-crypto is clearly running a scam , They have very clever sales managers who snare you by showing how much you can make using their platform but do not be fooled the platform is false and once they have you snared they get you to invest in a deal where they want your account up to $25000 and it will be invested into an account that will give 8% return but when you ask for a withdrawal from your account they close down all connections and that is the last you will see your money be warned these people are very real crooks
Fraserburgg, United Kingdom,
Sep 6, 2018,

This company should be stopped from trading, thought it was reliable when advertised on Facebook, not the case !!!
Initially invested £500 , which increased rapidly to over £2000, then I got pestered to invest my bit coin, which I was not happy to do. Finally agreed to transfer some Etherium, now my total investment was £1220.
This increased to £8000+, then got asked again to invest bitcoin, this I would not do and they got very aggressive over the phone, trader said then he could not deal with me and past me onto another.
Nothing happened for several weeks then I noticed my balance had increased to £32000+. This was when my new broker phoned as I had requested to withdraw funds !!!
This is when I was not with a £8000+ tax request, I then informed the broker that my accountant deals with all my tax.
He was to send me a tax form but this was weeks age, getting InTouch with these people is near impossible ???
They would be stopped immediately as this site is total scam as far as I'm concerned
Do not do business with these people
Regards Jim Buchan
cumbria, United Kingdom,
Aug 16, 2018,

I regret having been involved with them

I Was with them from, late June and my account showed a profit of 200% within a few weeks. I became suspicious when they pestered me to invest more cash despite them knowing that I am 80 years old and living on a small pension. I asked them to close my account and forward the balance to me, this has not happened despite numerous Emails from me They also said that I should send them money to pay tax before they could release money, Any other company deducts tax at source.
It appears that they are a dishonest organisation
Stockholm, Sweden,
Aug 9, 2018,
Registered user


Vip crypto and 10brokers is a scam scam and scam both companies are working together.

I have been trading with them since january 2018. I made profit up to 62000eur in my account balance,when I felt something was not right with the company I then request for my founds. And that was 4 months ago. Belive me or not my request is still on pending.

And they have the gutts to call me today asking me to pay another 8000eur befor I withdraw my money.

Though I fall for their lies and sent them 4000eur which they said it was to pay for taxes, this was 2 months ago,still my request is on pending.

Please do not invest your penny in vip-crypto or the 10broker. They are same people. Because when you make payments the money goes to 10broker then the vip-crypto will found your trading account on their website. I have sent them over a million emails but no they will not send my founds, vip-crypto and 10brokers scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam !!!! Until they send my founds back I will make sure they lose people to deceive... i need my money VIP-CRYPTO AND 10BROKERS,, SCAMMERS
PENANG, Malaysia,
May 23, 2018,
Registered user


I had been promised by my trading company (https://vip-crypto.com/ ) and the 10 Brokers that my investment profit amounted EURO 43000.00 will l be credited to my account on the 7th of March 2018 as i had paid all the taxes etc but very unfortunate as the money didn't arrive in account until now and my account manager with the following details:
David Hollander
Investment Tax Coordinator

Office Telephone: United Kingdom: 44-208-0894471

Address: 71 Shelton St Covent Garden,
London, WC2H 9JQ, UK

are so rude to me when i ask him via e-mail. I wish FPA can help me to talk to my trading company to release the money that they are holding as well as i also had difficulties in contacting them and the 10 Brokers as well.