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4.525 · 194 REVIEWS
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Established: 2017
Contact: support@ftmo.com, +44 2033222983

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FTMO.com profile provided by FTMO support, Jun 13, 2018

We look for serious traders. We provide you a capital to trade with. Receive up to $100,000 account. You get 70% of profits. We cover the losses. Join today at FTMO.com


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4.525 · 194 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Colorado, USA,
May 8, 2020,


Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

For those wondering if ftmo is legit or not. I started my first challenge 3-4 months ago. I just received my first withdraw that hit the bank yesterday. Very excited to hav 100% proof that its actually real :)
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Saint-jean-en-royans, France,
May 11, 2020,
Registered user

FTMO Metrics stopped for daily loss while i was in profit

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

I recently paid an FTMO challenge for 50k for about 340 euros.

I was on a euro usd hedged trade while overall the long was more than short; when i took profit i went to check the metrics and they marked that i violated a daily loss rule. which by all means was deeply wrong , even taken into account the hedged short. I know they talk about the floating loss however I even willingly took the unplanned and floating loss (which it was not planned to be so but i wanted to prove my point of not being in loss of 2500 USD) to show and prove to their team that overall that equity and balance were still viable. So I took it and overall I was at 48250,
The support responded one day later, and they were not helpful at all. No retest, nothing , very cold message that you could see were some copy paste of what they generally send.
I feel cheated on, as my decision to apply with them was due to the many post i read on this website;
My experience is not similar to what I read here
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Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
May 12, 2020,
Registered user

One of the top Funding for traders

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I passed the Challenge and Verification in one month. It went very smoothly. You can choose a variety of brokers and even switch your account between each phase. I've already had an FTMO account and the payment was on time. Highly recommend to retail traders.
London, United Kingdom,
May 12, 2020,
Registered user

Great company, trustable

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I have received my first profit split within 1 day! This is real company, real profit, real trading. Challenge fee was refunded to me as well, really trustable company. Great support and opportunity to trade with bigger account with them. Strongly recommend to everyone, just learn, apply for a Challenge and you will see yourself! You have nothing to lose!
PH, Philippines,
May 13, 2020,
Registered user

Great company!!

just received my first payout on FTMO as one of their funded trader. payment process was really quick less than 24hrs thru wire transfer and they even refunded the the fee for the challenge. would recommend to anyone out there interested
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
May 16, 2020,
Registered user

Strategy restriction

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I passed both a challenge and verification. But the company said, your strategy involves very tight stop loss which can't be used. And offered me a free challenge and warned me not to use that strategy again. I understand that their real account suffers a loss from slippages due to my tight stop loss. But if they have given us a clear instruction about their minimum stop loss placement in the first place - for instance, 10 pips away from entrance, I'd have happily followed. In this case, they should eliminate the statement - "Trade your own trading strategy with no limits or restrictions.", and impose a minimum stop loss requirement on us.
  2 traders have found this review helpful
MILANO, Italy,
May 17, 2020,
Registered user

confirming that you have received your profit share + the fee

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I'm very happy and glad for great professional service team FTMO
I confirm that I have receive my first profit share + the fee ( refundable fee).
Also very fast to processing payment... in VERY PROFESSIONAL way
North Carolina, USA,
May 17, 2020,
Registered user

Super happy with FTMO

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I have received my first profit split from FTMO. I had a minor issue with sending them the invoice for the profit split and they were extremely responsive, helping me resolve the issue very quickly. I also received my original challenge fee without issue.

They have been extremely helpful with a few questions I had, responding to all my inquiries very quickly.

Anyone looking for a good prop firm with the potential for solid returns, I would highly suggest FTMO. Although the first challenge was, well challenging, I think it is well worth it. I think the challenge actually helped me improve and become more aware of my risk involved in my trades. The potential for decent returns in a reasonable amount of time is better than any other prop firms I have traded with.

Looking forward to growing with FTMO.
D'Angelo Collins,
Indiana, USA,
May 18, 2020,

FTMO is legit!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I have a 300k account with FTMO and I can say they are legit. This is the best opportunity for a retail trader to become successful in the financial markets. Everything including the profit split to challenge fees were reimbursed. If you are skeptical, the only way to find out is to try. You're willing to risk thousands in the real markets, why not risk with FTMO to find out yourself? I did and it worked out perfect. Good luck.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
London, United Kingdom,
May 20, 2020,
Registered user

FTMO are the best prop firm around!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

If anyone reading this is skeptical about FTMO, don’t be. I can honestly say that they are the best prop firm i’ve come across and thats coming from someone who has had experience with other firms. I received my profit split on the same day that I sent them my invoice and received my refunded challenge fee a day later!
The risk management objectives that they outline are more than fair and the fact your cut is 70% in favour of the trader just shows how much they value the trader over themselves!
Can’t recommend them enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTMO?

FTMO is a company that runs a program where traders can pay a fee to trade FTMO's real funds under rules set by FTMO and get paid with percentage of the profits they generate by trading.

Is FTMO good and regulated?

  • Is FTMO a good company?
Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if FTMO is a good or serious company. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/15019/ftmo-forex-training

Please come back often as company services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent FTMO community discussions: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tags/ftmo/

  • Is FTMO regulated?
FTMO is not a broker. FTMO is not regulated or licensed by any government or non-government bodies.

In other words, there is no designated government or non-government body to supervise the activities of FTMO or to resolve complaints. .

Who can join FTMO?

FTMO doesn't require any qualifications from traders who want to join FTMO.

FTMO accepts traders from all over the world as long as they are willing to join.

What brokers does FTMO accept?

FTMO doesn't impose restrictions on the broker where the trading challenge and verification are carried on.

Traders have choices of their own brokers or the FTMO partnered brokers.

How does FTMO work?

3 main steps illustrate how FTMO works. Keep in mind, to participate this program, participants have to pay a fee.

  • Step 1: Challenge - Participants have to to succeed here to advance into the Verification stage. Prove their trading skills and discipline in observing the trading objectives and strict rules set by FTMO.
  • Step 2: Verification - Participants continue trading to pass the Verification and get ready for trading the FTMO's funding partner's capital.
  • Step 3: FTMO Trader - Participants become traders of the FTMO Trading firm. Trade and receive 70% of the profits generated by their trading.