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Updated: Mar 4, 2024
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London, United Kingdom,
Dec 20, 2018,


These guys were so far so good until they started to implement 3 levels of take profit T1 T2 & T3.
Lets work out- you open 0.3 lot with 3 levels of tp T1- 20 T2-50 T3-100 with stop loss 100 points. So after price moved to T2 they move SL to breakeven. Now good scenario: price move to T1 and T2 and then you have been hit on breakeven so T3 was not been reached. Your profit was for T1 lot 0.1=20 pips and for T2 lot 0.1=50 pips. So 70 pips profit.
( they do not mention about the profit amount that was made for 70 pips).
Let assume that you made the same profit (scenario) for your second trade with 0.1 lot T1= 20 pips and 0.1 lot T2= 50 pips. So T1+T2= 70 pips profit.
However the third open trade got loss for you and your loss was for 0.3 lot 100 pips.
You will say and what i still have a profit of 40 pips. But this is wrong-thinking. There is the main idea of cheating :) let find profit calculator on google and do homework.
Let say your deposit is £1000. So 20 pips for 0.1 lot is £16 and 50 pips for 0.1 is £40. So profit for the first 2 orders will be £112.
But your loss of 100 pips on third order with lot 0.3 will be £-237.
That way it looks like you have profit in pips provided by So FX. Bu the real deposit has MiNUS £125.

This is kind of manipulation by your mind. And there are a lot of signals providers using the same system. Please do not full yourself and stay away from them.
Good luck in your search of holly grail :)