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Updated: Jul 27, 2018
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Jul 25, 2018,
Registered user

Hi. I submitted a review yesterday for this outfit, and I would like to revise the rating to 2 star, instead of 3 as I think that's more appropriate for my experience.

I would also like to add this paragraph, second to the bottom. Thanks very much for what you guys do and sorry for the revision.


For anyone who does sign up for this course, or any other for that matter, I advise you give it your all but given the 30 days refund policy, after 3+ weeks, you will need to decide whether to continue with the course or get your refund. I advise this: Forget about whether you are learning things (you will), and forget about how much money you might make if you are successful with the course and how successful your instructors claim to be (or really are). The only question you should ask yourself: Am I energized and enthusiastic about this? Do I have a positive emotional attitude about the course, materials and my participation? If the answer isn't a heartfelt "yes" then don't sweat it any further. Get your refund, and move on. Because if you do not have this excitement and energy driving you through the course, it's a reliable sign it won't work for you. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. You just need to find a different approach that suits you better.

Jul 23, 2018 - 3 Stars I signed up with FTA in November of 2017. I had a 6 month window to take their online course and participate in their weekly meetings. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, though in my view, that was not long enough for me to figure out that it wasn't going to work for me. The primary course was “Global Macro” trading. “Global” referring to the worldwide financial world, and “Macro” referring to large scale trading of currencies and such, as opposed to trading relatively small items such as individual company stocks. For me, it did not work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the course cannot be valuable for others.

First, I believe the people are good people. All of them. Still there are shortcomings.

#1) Their meetings take place mid to late morning in the European region. In my time zone (USA Eastern time) this means meetings usually at 6 AM and sometimes 4:30 AM, and being a night-owl made that about the worst time possible for me to attend, so I attended very few. Setting an alarm clock (I tried that) is simply no solution as you have to be not just awake but alert as well. If you cannot make the weekly meetings routinely with a clear & awake mind, I recommend you do NOT take this course. Yes they record them which you can listen to at your leisure. I tried that, but that deprives you of the interactive factor, which you already are going without in the many historic on-line videos in the course itself, so the lack of interaction is a bit much, and aside from that, the news discussed is for NOW, a day later. If you are going to be learning something from any mentors at all, regardless of whether its FTA or any other instruction service, you NEED interaction with the Mentors. Do not attempt to learn solely via recordings and web pages of text info. The best element I had in this regard was a one hour, one on one phone call with Judith, I felt great, being encouraged after speaking with her, but was only entitled to 2 such calls with my course.

#2) You have to have the right mind for “Global Macro” and that’s a mind for market “sentiment”. It’s something I as a computer/math guy characterize as a a touchy feely type of perception of the markets which I concluded after the fact was a hindrance. Being told to look at news sites and find news that could influence the markets was, for me, a very frustrating task. There’s so much there and much of it being ignorable, and it was all, I decided in hindsight, very much foreign to my way of thinking. If you, like me, are better with numbers than with perceiving some abstract and obtuse financial sentiment of populations through news, then I would recommend you do NOT take this course. If you are the kind of person who could look at news and perceive a reaction in the finance world, then perhaps this WOULD be for you. For me, it was frustrating.

#3) They have a community forum site where members are supposed to participate by introducing themselves and sharing market predictions. It is, frankly, largely devoid of participation, and many latest posts there in various isolated sections are many months or even years old. There are members there occasionally posting introductions and what not, and the staff does usually respond to them, but there is something about the site, I guess, that just doesn’t make people want to make it into an online home. It could be the software that’s used, or something else, but at the end of the day, one does not feel like there’s much draw to participate, and consequently, visits to the site are not something I really looked forward to doing. Rather it was something I did because it was something I was supposed to do because I’m in the course. (If you understand the difference).

To be fair, I was distracted with my own personal trading system I've developed for much of my 6-month subscription and I tried to do both at once. My lesson there: Just try one trading program at a time that you can give your all to, and don’t try to do 2 separate trading methodologies at the same time if they both require special attention. For that matter, don’t do this course unless you expect you can be enthusiastic about giving your all to it for the hours that it requires your attention.

While I did learn some things about “Global Macro” trading, I guess the best lesson for me that I can share is that each financial trader has to find the market and method of trading that matches their particular strengths and personality. Just because one person can trade a method successfully does not mean that you can do it too. Quite the opposite. It’s not just brains and it’s not just dedication. It’s all the nuances of personality that come into play as well. That is trading. What I decided is that while Fotis and his core team members are experts at trading the “Global Macro” way, my way is different. And I can do trading in a way that Fotis would likely never be able to master (and he doesn’t need to).

Every trader should find a method that works for them. A method they enjoy, a method they can tend to with enthusiasm and develop. If inclined to find a course, find one that teaches about methods and has time requirements that are appropriate for mindset, your time zone, and your schedule. Do not ever allow the prospects of a certain amount of monetary success to be a factor. Of course there must be a prospect for successful trading, but even if someone offered you a job paying $1 million per year, unless that job is suitable for your way of living and thinking, you will eventually quit. Such as it was for me with FotisTradingAcademy.