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Updated: Apr 27, 2020
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Consumer Reviews

Chris P,
South Beach Florida, USA,
Jan 29, 2019,

Do not do business with Damiano from Invictus Its a scammer!!

Avoid Invictus and anything coming from Damiano. He is a scammer. I paid $400 for private mentorship about 4 months ago and still not contacted me. He just posted in Telegram that he had meetings/busy/etc.

I started a refund and an investigation with my credit card company as well and he has a bad reputation when it comes to doing legit business

My advice, stay away from this fake trader.
UK, United Kingdom,
Sep 18, 2019,
Registered user

Absolute con artist who has popped up yet again

I was absolutely shocked at the service provided by invictusfx, I was new to the forex market and he offered the chance for me to join his boot camp on his Instagram page, he even made me do a trading exam before he scammed me to!

Shorty after handing over my money to him, he suddenly stopped replying to my emails, his Instagram was deleted and he was no longer active on YouTube, not even a single word back to me about the money he had taken from my savings and disappeared with.

I have now recently seen he uploaded a video back up on YouTube with the same account invictusfx but under the new name L2trade, many people who where scammed by him rightfully gave them a piece of there mind in the comment section so he now has disabled all the video comments.

Please do not hand over any money to this man, he will steal the shirt off your back if he gets the chance, his real name Damiano he is an ex personal trainer who apparently stole loads of his ex clients money and then liquidated his business, he is trying to do the same thing to up and coming traders, said pease avoid this scammer at all costs.
United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2019,


Funny when I looked up this guy I found Chris had written a review about exactly the same problem I had, I paid 400 dollars for private mentoring which I never got, just a google drive file and he never even got back to my emails about wanting a refund, he then deletes his Instagram to, absolute con artist, stay clear of this guy if he ever pops back up.