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Updated: Apr 13, 2022
November 2019:  The same person who submitted a link to an altered video falsely showing Donald Trump endorsing PayKeyy spammed the FPA with links to or  The FPA recommends against doing business with any site even remotely linked to PayKeyy.
Scam Confirmation

Claims of owning non-existent shopping malls and video edited to show Donald Trump signing a document with a PayKeyy logo were not enough to keep obvious scam from failing.

Scam Confirmation
August-October 2018:  Multiple fake 5 Star reviews submitted for PayKeyy.

WARNING:  PayKeyy appears to be a HYIP.  So far, all HYIPS the FPA is aware of turned out to be Ponzi Schemes.  The FPA stongly recommends AGAINST placing money with any HYIP.

Please read this article for more information on HYIPS and similar companies...

Ponzi Schemes and HYIPS - Free Money Traps

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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,
Jan 25, 2019,
Registered user

Paykeyy promised to return money

Paykeyy has promised to return my money after 25 march so I will wait until 25 March please anyone who has invested in Paykeyy let me know his situation

Jan 25, 2019 - 1 Star Paykeyy is a total fraud I lost 15,000 USD in it. All the videos on their website are Fake they will never pay, also they are posting Fake reviews so be aware they have no mall in Chicago no business no nothing totally bluffing people on the internet they are operating from London by the way...
karachi, Pakistan,
Oct 20, 2018,

paykeyy honest review - More likely a bunch of lies!

this is a Working project,
we should invest in this shopping mall,
happy with paykeyy,
donald trump also favor in this project
Forex Peace Army
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4 Star rating removed.

The FPA believes you are a liar.  If you disagree, CLICK HERE and submit proof that PayKeyy owns a shopping mall and that Donald Trump has said anything in favor of PayKeyy.  If you can prove your claims, the FPA will restore the 4 stars rating and will add links to your proof to your review.

Only stories on real government and news sites will be accepted.  Paid press releases and claims on blogs or the PayKeyy site prove nothing.