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Out of business Yield Enterprise Currency Software OÜ
Updated: Apr 13, 2022
UproFX is a forex broker. Upro FX offers the Mobile FX Trader and Online FX Trader forex trading platform. UproFX.io offers over 50 forex currency pairs, indices, CFD stocks and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.
UproFX.io is part of Yield Enterprise Currency Software OÜ group. Known members of this group include OlympiaMarkets.co.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

UproFX.io (.com)
Out of business
1.138 • 11 REVIEWS

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Sydney, Australia,
Nov 6, 2019,


Service use: Live Length of use: Have not used
Very smooth operation for a bunch of low lifes. Invested a small amount $400 which is roughly 250 €. Told them that was my limit at the time, and then came the avalanche of phone calls wanting a larger investment. They eventually showed their real colors buy becoming very unprofessional . I asked for my account balance to be deposited into a account specially set up for this process and thats when communication ceased..dodgy phone numbers,etc. Still get four calls a nightat same time..all disconnected. THEY ARE SCUM...do your research well before any commitments.
SYDNEY, Australia,
Oct 25, 2019,

Very professional scam,well executed and got some of my money.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Before you commit with any Forex Broker make sure they are LICENSED AND REGULATED.You can find this out through the regulatory authorities in any country.If they are NOT licensed like Uprofx it will be a scam.Why did i decide to not go with this advice? 1) I had no experience dealing with Forex Brokers. 2) They admitted they were unlicensed on their website and when i brought this up with the broker he said Upro could not offer the kinds of trades ,leverages and money making potential they could give me if they were licensed.In other words Upro were going to earn me more money in a shorter timeframe than any LICENSED Broker.3) Their platform looked great and was very functional.4) The broker and Admin staff were very friendly and persuasive.5) The broker made 8500 euro for me in 2 weeks.I believed this because the platform showed me what i wanted to see.In reality my money was being taken by Upro but my account was showing profits and looked great.THEN WHEN I ASKED TO WITHDRAW SOME OF MY PROFITS THINGS CHANGED AND I STARTED TO DOUBT THIS SYSTEM OF UPRO.
I was asked to start one of their special accounts which you needed to deposit 60,000 Euro into.I already had 25,000 Euro built up in 3 weeks so hey all i needed to do was add 35,000 Euro and then Upro guaranteed me 20% a month on my 60,000 Euro and i could withdraw on a monthly basis.I asked for a sign of good faith from Upro before committing 35,000 Euro into the account.I asked to withdraw 8000 Euro from the 25,000 Euro i already had.NO,the broker could not do this UNTIL i added the extra 35000 Euro to take me to the first account level of 60,000 Euro.Then i could withdraw whatever i wanted.He offered me 1000 Euro instead which i took back but insisted i wanted 8000 Euro nothing less.After this he hardly contacted me and i traded myself on the platform for 3 days then the site went down and everything finished,disappeared.My money was gone with UPROFX.
Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Oct 3, 2019,
Registered user

Scamed broker

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I invested 2.500,00€ and now they are gone. Phone number does not exist, on e-mail they are not replaying, web site does not exist. They stole my money!!!
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London, United Kingdom,
Sep 25, 2019,

Absolute disgrace

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
Very rude people cold calling several times a day claiming I’ve open account with them. They have refused to remove my details and openly said they will continue calling. I’m in the process of raising official complaint due to breach of GDPR
ddd, Australia,
Aug 9, 2019,


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I made so much money with them I am so happy. I made 100 euro profit with a very good broker named Peter..
Steve Scammed
Sheffield, United Kingdom,
Jul 17, 2019,


Service use: Live
Just LOST £250 from this scam...they are based in Estonia and other countries , Your money ends up in Nigeria.
Should have done my homework here.

Beware this is a huge scam that the banks are now investigating...

Good Luck
Waengi, Switzerland,
Jun 23, 2019,
Registered user

Also victim

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
At first i invested 250 € and then i received an call with the request for an total amount of 2500 € to better handle with the money. I made researches on internet (to late) about UproFX and then i made a withdraw but, obviously, in case of a document with wrong information, no withdraw was made. Today, 2 month later, my invested money is away and 0€ on my account.
Canberra, Australia,
May 28, 2019,


Unregulated scam company. To all: Do not invest with this company! They will take your money then bamboozle you with verifying your account to get your funds back. If they were legitimate, then they would verify your account before accepting funds. Aggresive salesmen tactics who have no conscience. There is a special place in hell saved for these people. 

Unfortunately there is no zero star rating so 1 is the lowest I can go. Please don't fall for their dodgy tactics.
Gary Hatton
London, United Kingdom,
May 8, 2019,
Registered user

UproFX - Scam Forex Trading Company

I deposited £250 (GBP) into a "FOREX Trading Account" based upon a phone call I received from a company known as "UproFX". In the first instance, they told me that only £250 would be taken out of my account, yet they took £251.32. I was made aware of NO fees being added. Since then, after finding out online that many other people had been "duped" into investing with UproFX, I decided to request to withdraw my funds. After requesting a withdrawl from my UproFX account to my bank account, I was told that I needed to "verbally agree to this over the telephone". On the telephone, I gave "ADAM" my consent who very enthusiastically told me that the transaction would be "quicker" if I opened up a Coinbase wallet. So, I did. I then sent "ADAM" my Coinbase wallet address. The tone then became somewhat less enthusiastic at this point. I was met with the response that the "financial department had to authorise the transaction" and that "they deal with millions of transactions everyday" and also that "they operate on a first come first serve basis". After receiving an abusive and under-miming phone call today, to which I replied that I knew UproFX were a scam company who manipulated people into investing with them with false promises of a genuine return, the phone was cut short by "ADAM" and I received a email just over an hour later stating that my "funds had been sent out" and to "log into your UproFX account". Upon doing so, I was immediately met with "Your account has been frozen due to a security reason and a manager will be in contact shortly". To this day, I have been passed from pillar to post and have still not received my funds. I now know that this company, UproFX, never intended to issue any withdrawl requests. This company is NOT a registered broker and was only set up of January 2019.

I will shortly be contacting my bank account with an allegation for fraud as well as contacting the Financial Ombudsmen. I will also be posting this review EVERYWHERE I am able, for everyone to see, so no one else loses any more money.

Please share this knowledge with other traders and potential-traders.

Porto, Portugal,
Mar 20, 2019,
Registered user


They stole 10,000.00€ from me.
I was lured into this scam and I lost all my Money, they showed incredible results on the first 2 weeks, and then when I asked to withdraw my Money, they simply ignored it and I can't reach then in anyway.
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