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Updated: Oct 20, 2023
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Paris, France,
Dec 4, 2018,
Registered user

My trading since I came to to springboardyourtrading' via YouTube has been transformed 10000%

it's all about fundamentals and using fundamentals along with technicals in combination is the key to success , and springboardyourtrading' tells you that and guides you through it immaculately ! 10/10

Thank you tom !
Kent, United Kingdom,
Nov 8, 2018,

This has made my trading so much better.

As a technical trader for a couple of years using a trend continuation strategy usually on 4 hour time frame, the methods taught by Springboard have already massively improved the trades for my own strategy. My method is a very regimented style and I was very much aware that I was not seeing the bigger picture. Then I started to understand the fundamentals that Springboard teaches and get to know why a currency is doing what its doing - a real light bulb moment! Only in the last couple of weeks the course and resources have helped me avoid trades I would have normally taken and helped me stay in trades with much more confidence when the fundamentals are telling me to do so.
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 22, 2018,

Fantastic learning experience

Just an year new to Forex. Nothing better then Tom's trading methods and techniques. The kind of training he gives not only enhances your practical knowledge but also trains you mentally which is most needed in this profession. The key fundamentals are also repeated N no of times for better understanding of concepts. I could not thank him enough for the prompt guidance and feedback after every trade i take.
Changsha, China,
Oct 13, 2018,

Excellent service, comprehensive and deep training and mentorship for life!

I am immensely grateful and so impressed by the quality of education and training provided by the SpringBoardYourTrading team!
This is not a merely basic knowledge easily forgotten and slightly applicable you have no problem finding on the web, but rather a deep dive into fundamentals (or macroeconomic factors) that are driving the Forex market every day. What is more, they provide an excellent timely feedback, constantly update and refresh on the trading approach. Whether you are just starting out or upgrading your trading journey, Tom and his team will provide you with a clear strategy and specific rules to follow, guidance and help in overcoming any challenges to become a successful trader and change your life :-)