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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Tel Aviv, Israel,
Sep 17, 2018,
Registered user

They promised me large revenue from $300, asked for a $250 fee after 2 weeks waiting and then said there's a problem with the transaction because

As a victim of this site, I can state that FXBoption is a scam (assuming they're from Colorado). I was first contacted by a representative of the company Nancy Daniel, who wanted to talk business. I was interested (I'm 18 and eager). After some talk that proved she was legitimate (she has an Instagram account) I was exposed to her utopian binary options company. All I had to do was send $300 worth of Bitcoin through Blockchain and I was set. After about a week my returns were around $3255 net. I was surprised as such gains were unprecedented, since everyone would be doing the same. She said it was normal for trades to multiply themselves in such a manner. I decided to payout. The company used emails to contact me and sent me an email that my money was pending transaction. After many days, I hadn't received a penny. It took another few days until FXB sent an email stating I had to pay a fee (around 0.0349 BTC). I contemplated wether it was all a ploy. I sent it against my intuition. Nancy had said that the payment would be automatic (though the company "wasn't in charge of my money anymore because the cash was in the hands of Blockchain"). I kept getting messages from Nancy that there is a problem. After a week she quickly (after I'd gotten furious) sent a mail with a fake header from Blockchain that required the recipient to pay $934 to the IRS.
I'd had enough and I threatened to expose her company. She didn't flinch and was quick to tell the company of my IC3 complaint. I keep asking her for my money but she says I'm angry and I'm not making the right decision. Who is she to tell me what to do with my money?

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Review moderation team note
The FPA recommends opening a thread in the Scam Alerts folder and immediately submitting all of your evidence to:  ic3.gov, sec.gov, cftc.gov, econsumer.gov, and isa.gov.il.  Since the company claims the IRS wants money from you before your withdrawal can be processed, also notify irs.gov.