ZYX-WorstForexReviews-AskingForReviewsIsNotReviewing Review

2.875 • 5 REVIEWS
Updated: Nov 6, 2023
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Welcome to one of the FPA's "Worst Forex Reviews" pages.  These reviews weren't good enough to make the cut.  Instead, they are displayed here for your education and amusement.

This page is dedicated to reviews that just ask people to leave reviews.  Do these people really think that will lead to dozens of new reviews pouring in?  We think it would lead to pages like this one, where every review is just a request for more reviews.
2.875 • 5 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of ZYX-WorstForexReviews-AskingForReviewsIsNotReviewing

, United Kingdom,
Dec 5, 2018,

Is it really works?

I am not sure whether anybody making money now with software.Please let me know if anyone making good money with this software.I am from London and would like to meet someone like-minded and trade together.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The product you left this for had several recent reviews.

Why do you think people need a question to share their experiences?
Palermo, Italy,
Oct 22, 2018,

Varianse broker issues review

Hello, people.
AS a customer of this broker I would like to know how the issues are dealing with are sorting out.
Funny fact is that many of this reviews were positive at the beginning, but then some issue came out.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Instead of hoping your review forces people to come forward and tell their stories, why not tell your story and give the broker the rating you feel it deserves?
jay gannon
, Philippines,
Oct 17, 2018,

What I can say (What I did say is certainly not a review)

They are still active and lot of complain that I read in this review, and the management try to answer all review just to please their customer but in reality they might not be doing anything. Hope I can see promotion from investor that they are being paid by the broker ontime
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
And your request will magically reach the minds of honest traders and bring the here to leave reviews with the details you want?

We've created this page so you can see what a review page would look like if we approved requests like this.

Here's a partial answer to your question.  If the broker left many replies and didn't help anyone, then many of those reviewers would leave updates to complain.  Those get approved, because they are real reviews about dealing with the broker, not requests to send out psychic demands to somehow force clients to leave reviews.
Cantabria, Spain,
Oct 8, 2018,

Interested to buy

I am thinking on buy this ea. Anyona can tell me how it is? It works well and make profit?
Thank you
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The product you submitted this for was rated a little over 3 stars and had mixed reviews.

Do you believe that filling review pages with "please submit a review and tell me how good the product is" will result in dozens of reviews which all agree with each other being submitted?

If you want to try to chat with users of the product, there's a link on that review page to a dedicated discussion thread.
Queensland, Australia,
Aug 31, 2018,

Hi..just purchased this product to try it out for next 60 days...was wondering if anyone has been using this and what results they may have had.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Those money back guarantees don't always work.  Maybe you should try researching a product before turning your money over instead of afterwards.
Aug 30, 2018,

Does anyone have any updates on this Company, their home page is not working
and they are not replying to any mails.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Their homepage went down and they aren't answering emails.  That's what generally happens when a broker takes the money and runs.  Or, if it's only for a day, the company may have had trouble with their website.

If someone who had information came to the review page, we think the big "Add your review" button would get more attention than a bunch of "Hey, please tell me what's going on?" questions in reviews.  If you want to chat with people about the company, then go to that company's discussion thread.

We're really wondering why you gave a 5 star rating to a company that you think disappeared.
London, United Kingdom,
Jun 15, 2017,

Good Broker Please

Since every single comment I read on almost every review of almost every forex broker that I have considered says either "SCAM" or "Stay away from them". Which Forex broker is then good.

The qualities of my preferred broker are:
FCA Regulated
Non market maker
Easy Deposit and withdrawals
Good customer service
Reasonable Spreads.

Can someone please recommend a good Forex broker that is not a "Scam" company.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
You asked for broker recommendations on a different broker's review page.  If you owned a reviewed company, would you want people recommending your competitors on your review page?
Doha, Qatar,
Dec 17, 2016,

Hi I m new to trade with this company after reading there reviews I m scared to invest money so can anyone tell me that I should start trad with them or no?
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Sarah, did the giant SCAM label and the 1.2 star rating based on dozens of reviews mean anything to you?  Are you hoping that your questions will result in a flood of 5 star reviews and the company resolving the issues which led to it getting a Scam label?

P.S.  No, you should not start to trade with them.  You should try to withdraw your money and pray they give it back to you.
Muscat, Oman,
May 12, 2015,

Any recent feedback about this broker. I would rather to wait for recent reviews before opening an account
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
And you think filling the review page with "Please leave more reviews" will help make it useful?

What's the 1 star rating for?  Are you upset that the review page didn't have any recent reviews?
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