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2.875 • 5 REVIEWS
Updated: Nov 6, 2023
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Welcome to one of the FPA's "Worst Forex Reviews" pages.  These reviews weren't good enough to make the cut.  Instead, they are displayed here for your education and amusement.

This page is dedicated to reviews that just ask people to leave reviews.  Do these people really think that will lead to dozens of new reviews pouring in?  We think it would lead to pages like this one, where every review is just a request for more reviews.
2.875 • 5 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of ZYX-WorstForexReviews-AskingForReviewsIsNotReviewing

Dhaka, Bangladesh,
May 31, 2022,

is this broker with over 500 reviews and a 3.17 rating safe ?

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
is it trusted broker for deposit & withdrawal ?
is they scam in real account while everything is ok in demo ?
is their customer support service is good?
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
If the first 500 reviews didn't give you some idea about whether or not the broker is trustworthy, what makes you think a reply to your questions will automatically resolve any doubts?
Sabah, Malaysia,
Jun 5, 2021,

I want your review on this company. Is it legit? I read a lot of negative review. Please help.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Congratulations!  Your review will mentally compel 10 people who've done business with the company to drop everything else they are doing and leave 100% honest reviews.  Check back in a few days and you'll know exactly how good or bad the company really is.

Too bad that's not how it works.
Pakistan, Pakistan,
Oct 17, 2020,

Shock on Their Reviews

Service use: Live Length of use: Have not used
I am really shocked on the reviews
I thought they are the best in the market an i was saving money to get in to their service
BUT now i have doubt on them
Is their any good signal provider?
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
We're glad the reviews on that signals provider saved you some money, but we're not going to let user reviews turn into advertisements for unrelated companies.
Somewhere, Ghana,
Jul 16, 2020,

Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
Hi guys, is there anyone who can give an honest recommendation of this robot with regards to profitable REAL accounts? i want get an informed data to make a choice of an effective EA. thanks

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
You never used it.  What makes you think a 1 star review will magically compel everyone who used it to visit the review page and share their experiences?
Kobly Mikey
Western Region, Ghana,
Jun 24, 2020,

Service use: Demo Length of use: Have not used
I really want to purchase this robot, i would like to know if they are real and legit
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
What would it look like if everyone left a review asking other people to leave reviews?

Take a look at this page to see how bad that would be.
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