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Updated: Mar 6, 2024

What is Ace Forex Signals?

Ace Forex Signals is a forex signals provider that provides Buy/Sell signals for most major and exotic pairs.

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Toronto, Canada,
Mar 6, 2021,

Great service at a affordable cost

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
This signals service is really good. Not too cheap at 37 bucks per month but not expensive either. Win percentage they mention on their site is correct and honest. So far, l have had a great experience with ace forex signals and I'm surprised that there are so few reviews on them.
Mar 21, 2019,

Nice signals. All predictions have been accurate so far going on a month and three days. . Great to deal with them. Hope they stick around.
Bremen, Germany,
Feb 28, 2019,
Registered user

If I do not get money back or receive signals I must report. On error, ACE can probably no longer talk. ACE is a Swiss company based in Bern.

I paid $ 37 on January 30, I paid $ 37 in early February, I paid $ 154 for six months, and ACE debited $ 37 from my papal account yesterday. I received an email from EZ Forex Tools on January 31st. It announces that I will earn $ 200- $ 700 a day with the signals from ACE. Also I should get signals by SMS and email. On my complaint by email no answer. In my account or what should be the case with ACE I get with my email address no access. I complained again a few days ago. No reaction to date. I will because I received no signals until today have reclaimed my 265 dollars. My question to the community: Does anyone have experience with ACE, is ACE Forex Tools a serious company? Do you even have to warn?
Reply by Ace Forex Signals submitted Mar 5, 2019:
Dear Sir,

In all fairness, this is absolutely NOT TRUE! You subscribed to our service creating TWO payment profiles in PayPal when you only needed ONE. So you got billed twice. For whatever reason YOU CHOSE to create TWO payment profiles is boggling but in any case, we refunded you the extra payment out of good faith. So you GOT your money back!

We responded to ALL of your e-mails but your e-mail server kept rejecting our e-mails for no reason at all. Here is proof!! See below.(XX has been replaced with your name and e-mail to protect your privacy)
Mail Delivery System <>
Thu, Jan 31, 7:33 PM
to support

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
host []
SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
554 IP= - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to contact to clarify.) (BL)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ace Forex Signals <>
To: PeXXX HeXXX <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:10:31 -0600
Subject: Re: [6BEE851FB746] - Ihre Nachricht

Last night a GBP/AUD signal was released. Did you receive it? Please log into your Ace Forex Signals account. :)

Kindest Regards
Michael Timmins
Ace Forex Signals (Floor 3)

On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 3:26 AM <> wrote:
Guten Tag PeXX HeiXXX,

vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

Wir haben Ihre Nachricht erhalten und werden uns in Kürze mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

Datum: 2019-01-31
Gruppe: Support
Hello support,
I paid 37.00 for a monthly subscription but have not received any signals yet. Also, I have not received any mail from them that I am a new Abonet. PeXXX

Forex Signals (Monthly) at Ace Forex Signals Web E-mail &amp; Mobile Alerts
Kontaktdaten (289) 635-XXXX


So as you can see clearly, we RESPONDED to you but your e-mail service provider had problems and it would not go through. This happened more than 4 times when we tried to reach you! This is NOTHING we can control and is absolutely no fault of ours . There is nothing more frustrating for any service than when a customer provides INCORRECT CONTACT INFO or UNREACHABLE CONTACT INFO and blames us, the service! We now have the most unfair REVIEW against us because of this! We even provided you 3 additional months FREE OF CHARGE as a show of good faith. We have done NOTHING wrong and we provided you the service that we advertised. We went out of our way to please you. Also, our Live Support works perfectly fine and always was. If our live reps are occupied, there is an option to leave a message. Your account with us was working ALL ALONG and you were receiving signals perfectly.

We are an honest forex signals provider and our reputation is solid amongst the forex community. Despite you leaving us such a unfair review, we hope to provide you with the best service possible. Feel free to contact us anytime. But in the future, please provide us with a VALID e-mail address that actually works!

Ace Forex Signals Team
Paul Laurant
Jan 19, 2019,

Very good signals service

So far so good. All trades have been winners uptill now and it's been a month. Signals on their dedicated mobile app make it all the better. I am very pleased with this service. Also very affordable.