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Updated: Mar 7, 2024

What is Fibonacci Trading Institute?

Fibonacci Trading Institute is a trading education company founded by Alla Peters.

Alla Peters Fibonacci Trading Institute offers courses of Alpha Fibonacci Method which works on the S&P500 E-mini futures and Dow futures as well as on Forex, Stocks, Bonds and Options.

Please read Fibonacci Trading Institute Reviews below and share your learning experiences with this training company.

5 • 13 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Fibonacci Trading Institute

Chicago, IL, USA,
Dec 2, 2023,
Registered user

Integral to my success

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
The Alpha Fibonacci Institute has been integral to my success as a stock and options trader. I began training with Alla in the late summer and autumn of 2021 and have received training from her subsequently. She is an excellent teacher and has a vested interest in her students success. She takes seriously what she does and expects her students to do the same. Working with her is not for entertainment purposes. She produces good software, which I do have and use. But the most valuable product Alla has is her personal one on one instruction. Her instruction and what she has taught me is integral to my analysis of stocks and my decision making in placing option trades. In one of the accounts I manage of which no withdrawals are made, I am so far profitable YTD by 33%. This is primarily an options trading account with some stock underlying positions as well. I highly recommend Alla and the Alpha Fibonacci Institute. I recommend that new students take personal instruction and mentorship from her. Doing so has benefited me and many other students who have done the same.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 28, 2023,
Registered user

Nothing else like it anywhere

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
If there is a Holy Grail of trading this is it. Unlike other strategies that rely on lagging indicators, Alla Peters Alpha Fibonacci method is predictive, and deadly accurate. It is like cheating in my opinion, because you know way in advance where the targets will be, you know where all your support and resistance levels are. Her system is pure genius and if you learn it you will be profitable.

I use her system to invest long term on the weekly and monthly charts, and I don't lose, you heard that right. I started with 70% win rate, then 80%, 90% and now I simply never lose an investment trade. All her students are like that. Take the course while you still can.

May 3, 2020 - 5 Stars I'm updating my experience again with Alla Peter's Fiboncci Institute. I took the course over a year ago, had some success but had to stop trading because of my day job, but now, during the lockdown I've been trading everyday the past 2 weeks using fibonacci. I trade only 1 index the etf 'SPY'. Amazingly, I find that trading on the 1min chart works well for me, the speed fits my trading, I can gaurantee at least 1 good trade per day without fail and hit my daily profit target. So far I've had 11 trades and 11 wins. I don't expect to always have a 100% win rate but that just goes to show the effectiveness of the strategy. I've said it before, using the Alpha Fibonacci system is almost like cheating.

It does take practice, I've been paper trading and practicing drawing fibs on charts just about everyday over and over again. For me, learnig the system was just the beginning, it wasn't until I've practiced drawing fibs 100s of times did it finally 'click'. This course is WELL WORTH IT. YOU DON'T NEED ANY MORE COURSES BUT THIS. Now more than ever, Alpha Fibonacci is literally one of two sources of income for my family.

I don't pay attention to market news, I don't listen to financial experts on the market, fibs & price tell me everything I need to know about the market.

She could have kept this to herself, instead it's helping so many people earn an income including myself. I thank God for this. I thank God for leading me to Alla Peters.

Do not hesitate to contact me should any details be required.

Mar 13, 2019 - 5 Stars I have been Alla Peters student since December, 2018 and I just finished the course.

I would like to post a Fibonacci Trading Institute Review and Alla Peters Review because it is an amazing course and she teaches an amazing method. I know, because I have taken a lot of courses over the years. The simplicity and accuracy of Alla Peter's method is second to none and there is nothing out there like it.

You trade with no indicators using only fibonacci and a simple strategy for your trades. She teaches you how to read pure price action and how to use her proprietary and highly accurate Fibonacci levels. I have spent the past 3 months paper trading with her methods and I have 13 wins out of 13 trades so far. I just started trading with real money and my results are 2 wins out of 2 trades as of 03-13-2019.

During the course, she shows you multiple charts with fib levels pre-drawn days, weeks and months in advance, and you can see price hitting her levels in real time. Highly accurate and very profitable expecially leveraging options. In the Mastery Course which I took, I was taught how to draw the Fibonacci levels on a weekly, daily, monthly, hourly and intraday charts. The strategy she teaches is simple but very powerful. Now, when I look at any chart, any stock, I know whats going on with price, and most importantly, I know where price is headed to.

You can spend your whole life and not come across something like this, so yes, I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to profit from the markets and stop losing money. Alla Peters also really care about her students and go above board to make sure you learn. GOLD. PURE GOLD.
Melbourne, Australia,
Feb 26, 2021,

Trading with objectivity not subjectivity !

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
My journey in technical analysis to trading the financial markets began at least 10 years ago with many ups and downs.

Although we often hear the cliché that one must never stop learning and must continue to develop one's knowledge base in analyzing the financial markets, this is where I and am sure many other traders face a double edge sword and conundrum of attempting to find something that works with high accuracy and is completely objective eliminating any subjectivity from the equation, because it is far too easy to just keep switching from system to system in the ultimate quest for that "perfect system".

Unfortunately this is never ending and given the thousands of choices in the open market place out there and trust me I have been down that path like many trying to find what really works, until the day I was blessed in coming across a highly accurate and objective approach to analyzing the financial markets, an approach and methodology taught by a very accomplished and astute teacher and mentor called "Alla Peters" from the Fibonacci Institute who is so dedicated to all her students in providing the most unique and effective education out there and in doing so, one becomes well equipped to truly understanding the vibration of the markets with a road map and clear entry/exit, stop rules that far surpass anything else I have either purchased and/or come across the social media.

I have to also point out that in having purchased the group mentoring with the software that pretty much lays out the groundwork for you, it has caused me to become much more disciplined and patient without having to overtrade and second guess where to take my entry, exit and stop because finally I am able to actually trade from institutional levels as taught and also provided from the software.

All I have to say is a very big Thank You Alla for truly inspiring me as well as many other traders in your group mentoring program. A program where one will truly be taught to catch fish on their own for life !
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Colorado Springs, USA,
Oct 9, 2020,

Letter of appreciation

Service use: Other Length of use: 3-6 Months
Hello Alla,

It is my pleasure to report to you that I have doubled my 100K account in 11 trades during the dates of October 1-2 & 5-6 2020. I placed three trades per day on average and spent between 45-60 minutes each morning. Needless to say, during this particular period of time when the US markets are on standby for the upcoming election and extremely difficult conditions exist, I have been more than thrilled with this performance made possible only by the Alpha Fibonacci System. Furthermore, and more importantly to me, while acquiring this skill set within three months since the beginning of my journey, is the lifestyle you have kindly exposed me to and encouraged participation in the psychology of healthy principals, and their life changing benefits during our time spent in private mentoring. As you know, positive thoughts plus positive actions equals positive results and the preparation of the mind is the greatest treasure to be enjoyed when working with you. Thank you my friend for sharing your vision with the world so that humanity can add to a greater one!

Wishing you continued love and light in your chosen mission to change the world!

Peace and Grace,
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Louisiana, USA,
Jul 2, 2020,

Best Trading Education Ever

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have nearly 30 years securities experience. Recently, I decided to expand my longer term horizon strategy, by using a portion of free cash in a more speculative way:; day and swing trading futures, stocks/ETfs, crypto and maybe options.

I ran across some.videos from Fibonacci Trading Institute and with some investigation, determined they were legitimate and offered some lean and mean add-ons for NinjaTrader. After mulling, I pulled the trigger. Mrs. Alla and Mr. Pat have been consummate professionals in this world plagued by charlatans. exaggeration and mediocrity. The immense database of instructional information is vast and covers so much. But what makes the training so unique is it’s elegance : it is effective yet, simple. Simple in the sense that once you grasp and tweak the platform and add-ons, your decision making becomes stress-lass as possible. FTIs commitment to it’s students is without question as good as it gets. If you want to get your money’s worth out of an education program, all you need to do is sign up, and APPLY YOURSELF. You will succeed.
Kudos to the FTI, Pat and Alla for the support and the concern
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Toronto, Canada,
Apr 13, 2020,
Registered user

My Review of Alpha Fibonacci System and Alla

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
My trading history
My journey to become a successful day trader started in 1996/1997 after I left the TD Bank after working as a newly licensed stock trader. I went into business for myself in an unrelated field because although I love the idea of trading I did not like the environment of working in the bank. I started trading online with no success.

My search to find the truth
My serch to finds the truth about trading successfully started by reading books until I came across a fairly decent company that offered a service the relatively legitimate. They made everything look easy, but they still never revealed the secretes behind the decisions they made, like who the real players were. Why things happened and moved the way they did. Either way, I found out that buying at support and selling at resistance was not as easy as it sounds.

Does anyone really know what they are doing?
My experience was a trial and error things. Some days I’d get it, other days I didn’t. Some days I’d win, but most days I lost but I never gave up because within me I knew there had to be an answer. After a few large losses, I took a break from trading but over the years I kept coming back to it. I just couldn’t give up on it. I truly thought it was the ultimate way to make money and to make a living. If I could get it that would be it for me. No more business start-ups and not more tying up money in products for resale. This is what I wanted to do. But I certainly did not know what I was doing. The search went on until October 2019.

The search for Fibonacci
I finally found another group of guys with a descent following of traders who seemed to be doing well, at least that is what it looked of felt like. I paid the $250 dollar yearly fee and had access to all the courses they provided. The problem was that it wasn’t that much different than the previous wonderful companies or groups I had joined in the past. They still all drew a bunch of lines and depended on a bunch of indicators that would or would not help you predict the future. Either way, it was almost back to square one. There was however one tool they used that I was curious about. The Fibonacci tool; The problem was, I did not understand or know how to use it or understand how it worked. I had to go find a course or tutorial that explained in detail how it worked.

Finding the Fibonacci institute
YouTube was my place of choice to find information and in-depth tutorials on this topic. I did a search and the video I chose was done by the Alpha Fibonacci Institute. I did not hesitate to press the play button. The introduction got my attention. One minute in I was hooked. I had found what I have been looking for all my life. My questions were being answered or at least I believed they were. I had to find out more. My heart just kept pounding. I had to keep stopping the video to make sure what I was hearing and looking at was real. I have never know anyone in my life to share the truth about what goes on behind the scenes but here was this women who seemed to be on my side. She seemed to understand me and my needs, my thoughts, my pain, my frustration. She knew me, she got me, she actually wanted to help me, and she is giving it all to me.

My Journey with the Alpha Fibonacci Institute Begins
Halfway through the video I told my wife, I am going to have to borrow four thousand dollars. She asked me what it was for. I explained and after a while she backed me up on my quest to find knowledge in trading. I signed up for the course. I knew this time it was different. Although it is all happening online, you really do feel you are in an institution that forces you to learn, to challenge yourself, improve, get better. No one is looking at you, but you feel that you need to keep up. You need to get it because everyone seems to get it. Everyone is doing well. Everyone is benefitting because the instruction is incredible.

Meet Alla, my mentor. A true mentor
The key to understanding is repetition. A good mentor has been there and done that. A true mentor has an in-depth understanding of what is possible going on in your mind body and soul. A true mentor has made all the mistakes you will ever dream of making, all the money you will ever dream of making, walked down the path you will ever dream of walking, made all the stupid decisions you will ever think of making, lost and made all the money you will ever think of losing or making and even more. A true mentor knows where to meet you, where to take you and how to carry you beyond. A true mentor genuinely has love and affection for those who have come to depend on her for their path to financial future to be straightened. The key to success is acceptance of failure, embracing of your weakness’s and the growth from it all.

Learning to understand
The Alpha Fibonacci System is a complete system. It’s not that the system itself is complete but the person who teaches it teaches it in a complete way. It’s not just about making money but about preparing yourself to make money., making the money, hopefully, lots of it and teaching you how to hold on to it. It is one thing to make the money, but it is another thing to keep it or hold on to it or even grow it. That is a key part of the course that open’s a part of your mind that you did not even know was closed.

Finding out who you really are
The psychological side that is taught opens you up to who you really are as a human being and a trader. Believe me when I tell you, if you really want to know how your life’s decisions affect how you think and how you trade then you are going to find in this course. Don’t let this statement scare you. In order to know there is an issue with how you think or make decisions that affect you negatively, you have to bring them out and face them so you can fix them. It is about knowing you have a negative habit and working at replacing it with a positive habit. This is a bonus you get with working with Alla. She taps into you and she knows what you might be thinking at any point in time and she guides you. She is complete, I am now.

The rules the rules the rules
The rules are there to help guide and shape the actions we take before, during and after our trades. These rules help us plan and find success in our daily trades. In the beginning you will wonder how it is that Alla came up with these rules and how she applies them. From my own experience, these rules are really guard rails that keep you on the path and block you from driving through them at top speed or falling off the cliff. It is Alla’s sheer brilliance of how she teaches and molds your mind to see and feel success and move towards it that will captivate you.

Knowing the rules and following the rules
Keeping the rules let alone following them is a learned skill in itself. You will find very quickly why it is important to learn to shed your mental baggage. The rules are designed to force you to do this, or that happens. If you don’t do this then expect that. If you do this, then this will happen. Following the rules is a huge part of our daily success guidelines. You don’t get this anywhere. Most people don’t even know what’s going on in their heads to be able to control their thoughts. We are taught to know and understand our thoughts and what we can do to prevent this or that from happening. Like I said, it is a complete system. However, you need an open mind and a willingness to hear and follow the rules to find that illusive key to success you’ve been looking for.

Creating your plan
The course provides you a solid plan of execution and Alla drills it into you with brilliance. Every day we take part in planning the trade and trading the plan before us. Every day we are challenged to find success. Yesterday’s success is gone. Today is a new day. You learn how to reset like a tennis player does after every point and you learn how to move forward like in football after every down is achieved.

Following your plan
Eventually you will develop a plan that feels comfortable to you. It will probably start once you have settled on the type of instrument you want to trade or can afford to trade. Alla takes you through various types of futures instruments, so we get fairly familiar with a lot of them. Although our main ones are the Dow and S&P. I have had and still continue to have experience with both. I am grateful for my mentor, I am grateful for my affiliation with the institute, I am grateful for my daily lessons even the ones where I fail because there is always a brilliant lesson to be learned. When a tennis player misses a point, they reset. When yardage is lost in football, they find a way to get it back. Not by throwing Hail Mary’s, but by meticulous planning. That is what Alla has taught me in this course.

Winning one trade battle at a time
How will you feel if told, you must focus on making only one trade a day. Only one? No, I want more and more. In fact, I’d like to be able to trad all day! I never could understand why only one trade was necessary, but you will find out soon enough why it is the most effective and profitable way to trade. It is minds boggling. Like I said, Alla has made all the mistakes you will ever make, has found all the success you will ever want, and she gives it to you for nothing. What do I mean by nothing? What about the four thousand dollars I pay for the course? You will find out soon enough that it is a very small sum of money compared to what you will be getting back. Ask anyone in our class. You could be making that back on daily. How does that sound? You could be making five times that daily. Does that sound even better? Don’t let that be the reason you don’t take the course. I took the course and signed my wife up after three months. In a few more months we will both be taking the mentoring course which is $10,000 dollars. Why? Because those who have taken the course are killing it. Just killing it. I want to trade like them.

Finding consistent success
Alla teaches you how to find success on a consistently. Not just find financial success but a wholesome success. Financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. Now that there is a course in these areas but there are discussions that help mold your thoughts, or break-down barriers. She is brilliant because she has experienced it all and passes on her knowledge. She is open about her own personal experiences, her trials, her sorrows, her tribulations and how she works at over-coming them. She inspires, she motivates, she shares and loves. She is passionate about what she does and especially about what she gives. That is what you will find boggling about it all. She truly gives it all away for very little. Come join us and you will see why.

Encouraging my wife to join
Once I knew and felt the change that was happening to me mentally and especially in my trading and decision making, I believed my wife would benefit from the course. I encouraged her to join and now we’re on this beautiful journey together. We help each other, we encourage each other, and plan together, but we execute differently. I am impulsive, she is patient and she is teaching me how to be patient. I have already benefitted a lot from her character as a trader. Our conversations are fun, and our dreams are huge. Life is beautiful.

What can I say?
I have said as much as I can say. No, that isn’t true, I could actually go on but if by now you haven’t gotten the picture, the next two chapters will not help you. This is the most wonderful investment, experience and journey I will ever take towards a strong financial future. I have hope and I have dreams that are now a reality. I couldn’t have it without this course, and it would certainly not be possible without Alla. I don’t know how to make this review any shorter. I wish it helps you, I wish it blesses you and most of all I wish it holds the key to unlocking you and the beautiful experience this one beautiful life has waiting for you.

Thank you. My name is Emmanuel Erskine. Be blessed and stay blessed.
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Vancouver, Canada,
Mar 23, 2020,

Reliable, Consistent Success with the Best Trading Mentor

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
After membership in nine other trade rooms with inconsistent and intermittent success, I wanted to tell everyone how delighted I am to have discovered Alla Peters and the Alpha Fibonacci Club.

The thing which surprised me most was the amazing accuracy of the Alpha Fibonacci software, the Alpha Fibonacci Trading System and Alla’s passion for teaching.

I love the fact that Alla not only tells us where to look for trades, but she teaches us how to find the trades ourselves and how to determine for ourselves when to place trades.

Just as importantly, she teaches us when to stay out of the markets. This does require work in order to learn and understand all the information and techniques, but it is definitely worth every minute you spend.

Alla has incredible expertise with the use of Fibonacci levels in determining institutional support and resistance levels, which ensures that when we do place a trade, we are trading alongside the institutions - never against them.

Because of this, these trades often go to target within seconds or minutes. ( I thought this was incredible the first few times I saw this happen )

Unlike some trade rooms, where the mentor just tells you when to take a trade,
Alla helps us to learn how to determine the institutional Fibonacci levels of support and resistance ourselves, and how to predict days in advance where the market is likely to move. As a result, we learn how to see trade setups on our own.

My trading results each day have improved from 4-6 points per day in the other trade rooms, to an average of 40 points to 80 points per day on the YM with one contract. I am still learning, and know this will improve with time spent with Alla in the Alpha Fibonacci Club.

There are not many mentors who really care whether you succeed or fail, but Alla truly cares and will help you in the Trader’s Club, by email or phone if there is something you don’t understand.

If you are looking for consistent success, Alla Peters is the very best person to help you achieve this goal.
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Oct 30, 2019,
Registered user

Fibonacci Institute Trader Review

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
After one month in the FTI private mentoring course I can say that it has been amazing. Get ready to work as this is not a buy on blue and sell on red black box system. She teaches you how to read the marked based on candlesticks and Fibonacci formations which leads to high percentage trading. The indicator software scans multiple markets and multiple time frames for the entries which are marked on your chart along with the stops and targets. However, you do NOT take every marked setup, that is where the in-depth education comes in. Once you combine the interpretation of the market with the marked entry you are left with only high percentage winning trades. Allas one on one private mentoring sessions are made to test the depth of your knowledge and reveal any weaknesses in your understanding. Her goal is for you to become an EXCELLENT trader. She is sincere and driven in her efforts to get you there if YOU put I the effort as well. She is available by phone or email and always responds within a day. After over 10 year of searching I have found a trading room with 1.Mentor who is sincere and genuinely wants me to become and outstanding trader. 2. Indicators that mark the entries, targets and stops on every trade. 3. Scanner that can follow 50-75+ charts and time frames looking for entries. 4. Archive of 100+ educational videos so I can learn on my own time 5. Daily trading room where I meet with Alla and a great group of people who are supportive of me.

My search is over…thank you Alla
florida, USA,
Mar 19, 2019,
Registered user

Fibonacci Trading Institute Review and Alla Peters Review at the start of the Post.

Fibonacci Trading Institute Review and Alla Peters Review at the start of the Post
I have been trading for many years with a fair amount of success. I primarily trade Gold and Emini Futures and occasionally Forex. About six months ago I started to expand my knowledge by attending, with a healthy degree of skepticism the webinars of The Fibonacci Trading Institute hosted by Alla Peters. Occasionally I visited her Trading Room. I was both intrigued and confused.

After a reasonable amount of procrastination, I recently took the plunge and enrolled in her Mastery Class. While I have only been her “ student” for two weeks I am totally enthralled. I attend every class as well as well as every session of the Daily Trading Room. I am spending hours studying the videos and modules. While I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of available material, I am amazed by what I’ve learned – including how much of what I’ve done over all these years was “ misguided”. Her teaching how to maximize profits by knowing when to walk away and NOT trade is a new skill for me!

Her system is clear and concise but takes dedicated work and practice. In my opinion it is for serious minded individuals who wish to truly learn how the markets work, and how to capitalize on realistic opportunities. For those considering expanding their trading skills this is an honest and viable approach. Less experienced traders may even have an advantage as they don’t have to overcome years of accumulated “ bad habits”.

I am happy to state that the cost of this program is the best investment that I have made in a very long time!
Tompson, USA,
Mar 15, 2019,

Fibonacci Trading Institute Review. Top School Ever.

Harvard or Trading Education. Priceless.
Hands down. Nothing ever comes close in this crazy trading world as I tried many courses, software and indicators.
After trying for many years and losing money:
I followed all she teaches:
Removed indicators and never looked back using Alla’s Method.
I had been profitable for years after finishing Fibonacci Trading Institute Group course and had been trading FX and Futures. As well as Options.
Every single thing she teaches applies to all.
She should be charging hundreds of thousands for what she teaches. Highly recommend. Best course.