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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.067 · 8 REVIEWS
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2.067 · 8 REVIEWS
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Aug 25, 2011,

This man is a criminal! He straight up lies in his advertising. He submits daily market analysis on his web site as well as you tube. It is clear that his main goal in Forex is to convince as many people as possible to sign up for $200 per month. He states clearly during his youtube posts that he makes his subscribers money. I am here to tell anyone who is thinking of trying him out that HE WILL NOT MAKE YOU MONEY!

In fact, following his trade calls WILL cause you to lose money! Andrew Spanton is a very good sales man. He preys on Forex novices who are in search of something that will make them profitable. His energetic youtube clips, combined with his bold statements about how much money he makes in the market, looks perfect through the eyes of the novice trader. The confidence with which he speaks about the market alone is enough to suck in many. The reality is much different! You will find upon entering his program that he has no trading methodology to speak of. No system. It is as if he has almost no experience as a professional trader at all. He tries to make money by predicting future economic release numbers. From time to time he guesses right. Everything in between sees his subscribers taking up to 10 trades per day, and suffering horrendous drawdowns, all the while he is laughing all the way to the bank after tricking novice traders into paying $200/ month. He will then try to cover by saying that he will make you money over the long term.

To speak in general terms, I must say that not only will you lose painful amounts of capital by following him, but you will not learn anything that will help you grow as a forex trader. The man makes money through his monthly memberships only, and is a perfect example of everything wrong with the Forex education industry. By being aware of these types of blood suckers, we will be able to run them out of the Forex world all together.

I have been keeping an eye on this man for over 2 years. He changes the name of his company every few years, and he has recently changed the name of his company from "global fx radio" to "global markets radio"

I hope that this will help some people avoid being sucked in to his black hole. There are many very worthwhile Forex educational services available, however, there are also many vultures out there waiting to take advantage of you.
Mar 8, 2011,

spanton is a spaz - this is the worst idea of trading and the worst place to learn. he makes money on the spread. gets a bunch of traders in makes u make trades. had such a bad rep he had to leave and move to florida. one of his trainees came into the office on a skateboard - right down the floor all the way to his desk. nobody batted any eyelid. was like here is skateboard kid. no methodology and the fact that he was on cnbc is a total joke.....i was there for 3 weeks
Jun 18, 2010,

I feel as though I also need to post regarding Andrew Spanton`s GlobalFX Radio. As a "forex trader", I have taken an interest in various services that are out there today. I decided that as a bit of a hobby, I would try to sample as many of them as I could.
I soon realized that this Andrew Spanton person is a stain on Forex. I regret that there is no regulating agency that can deal with such issues in the forex world. After doing some research on this person, I have found that he has a horrible reputation as con man in forex circles in New York. Now, after having moved to Florida, he has continued were he left off.

Andrew Spanton makes his living by trying to find as many $200/ month subscribers as he can. He has spent many years trying to create the illusion of a legit forex educatin service. He managed to do an interview with csnbc, was never asked to return, but has been sure to put it up on his web site. He has also been flat out rejected, after attempting to associate himself with legit agencies such as forex tv, etc. He has managed to make a deal with fxcm, were by if you create an account with fxcm through him, he receives a commission for every trade that you take a trade. Then, with his $200 "service", he will "recommend" that you you take multiple positions. He sends via email to all of his subscribers, approx 10 buy/sell recommendations per day. During my three months of sampling globalfx radio, as a result of Andrew Spanton`s random buy/sell recommendations, I recorded a minus weekly pip count every week of the 12 weeks that I had subscribed. A total of more than minus 2000 pips over three months.

Andrew Spanton is NOT a successful forex trader. He has no strategy, no system to speak of. He has no right to offer any service to anyone. He puts up videos on youtube, and attempts to lure novice traders into subscribing for $200/ month (youtube videos are very convincing!) . This is a con! What he is doing is immoral, and in many industries other than forex that have regulating agencies, what he is doing is criminal!

After reviewing many forex education services, signal services ,etc, I strongly recommend that traders stay away!
Apr 19, 2010,

I wish I had read these reviews before. I was stupid enough to subscribe to Andrew Spanton's "Premium Service" and I had to pay a big price. The USD200 he charges is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will lose if you follow his bias.

Before the "Spanton experience" I was making a steady 30% profit per month, using a mix of logics, caution, and conclusions drawn from the information I got from websites such as FXCM (I consider John Kicklighter an excellent analyst). Joining Spanton's service was the biggest mistake in my by then successful Forex trader career. He made me lose over $30,000 in only 6 months.

Spanton is very unstable, plenty of phobias (Obamaphobia, homophobia, Pelosiphobia, Stockexchangephobia, etc.) and it is a waste of time to listen to his political opinions in which he engages everytime he is on.

In few words, stay away from Globalfxradio, Spanton and you will do much better. An honest advice.
Sep 17, 2009,

First off, I would like to warn all those who are curious about joining this service. Like most people, I was excited about joining after listening to a few of the "daily wrap up" shows on youtube. Andrew Spanton can offer good general analysis and commentary.However, I must say that if you get sucked into his 200$/ month "premium service", YOU WILL LOOSE MONEY!!! On his youtube, he often speaks of winning trades that him and his "team" profited on. However, he does not mention the amount of loosing positions. I tried out is service for 4 months and was horrified with the huge drawdowns that my account suffered as a result of following him. His amazingly reckless style of trading will leave you with big losses. The only time I witnessed real profits was when there was a very obvious trade shaping up, or right after a major news release. Other than that, over 4 months, I did not witness any period were he could sustain any type consistant profits without taking a huge loss. You will be lucky if you even break even. Andrew Spanton does not offer much that could not be found for free on any market analysis website, but his "guidence" will cause you to suffer large losses. If your goal in forex is to minimize your losses and maximize your profits, you should steer clear.
Jun 29, 2007,

GlobalFXRadio.com hosted by Andrew Spanton is the only voice in Forex,that did not try to take me to the bank when I was looking for a continuing Forex education. Andrew is a passionate and sometimes in your face(online) Forex educator who is not for the sensitive trader. I really like his style minus the language. The totally free radio program has now grown to provide a membership format that includes a free silver membership, and an extremly affordable Gold and Platinum membership program. Each program offers the forex trader specific benefits that will provide a real-time trading advantage and a continuing education webinar. In addition GlobalFXRadio now has added the additional expertise of another FX Educator, Adam Rosen. Together this Forex team will provide Real-time Forex coverage during the key Forex trading times. The GlobalFXForum and real-time live chat will soon become the cutting edge in Forex trading and training. For the cost and benefit, GlobalFXRadio is a ray of hope for the over charged education programs, with no return weary, wannabe forex traders. For price, benefit and educational program enhancements, I give GlobalFXRadio a 5 star rating.
nick, ,
Jun 16, 2007,

spanton, is a shooting star in forex, cramer of fx. he give you the global view on macro, fundemental. technical aspects of world currency markets.i picked up a lot of tricks of the trade which give you a little edge that can take to the bank.i made money on some of doji or shooting star calls.my trading suck right now, but slowly learning more which help.
Steve Harris,
May 18, 2007,

This is a radio program that teaches forex to traders. A great concept, and I was intrigued by this. This program is actually a front for Global FX, LLC. Global is an introducing broker for FXCM. Basically, you get commentary from Andrew Spanton. Anyone who has spent serious time in the Forex market can see where this is going already. By the way Felix......I heard him say that "He was working out a deal with forexbastards.com to allow people to review the site." Great, as you can see, working out this deal with Felix wasn't that hard as I am reviewing it right now! LOL The commentary is purely from a Macro point of view. Fine, ok. I am a technical trader, but there are different ways to trade. The problem with this show is that Mr. Spanton who claims to be a former big-time trader in stocks had never heard of pivot points. Even if you don't use them, you should know what they are. Fibonnaci Levels are something he obviously knows nothing about. But what he does know how to do is yell at people in his chat room. Which by the way, is a PalTalk room..... Most of the show is about meaningless dribble designed to get his traders to make more and more trades. (So he can get his 1 pip rebate as the IB for FXCM.) The other main part is him calling some people "dumba**" or better yet, "mother f***er". The man obviously has rage issues, if not a drinking problem. A large portion is him whining about how nobody does anything for him, because the show is free. He has been predicting the carry trade meltdown for the last few weeks during it's uptrend. He is a bad liar, and if you listen to him for a few weeks, they become apparent. There was once a large listing on elitetrader.com about how dangerous he is to traders, but he somehow got those erased in the last few days. (And is proud of it.) But, I have to say there are two really good things about this show: entertainment, and he does announce numbers. So in that sense, it's a free Reuters terminal.

If you do check it out, and I suggest you do for fun.....please don't take much of what he says to heart. Also has been going on and on about a new deal he has with forextv.com for months now. Still, somehow....it keep getting pushed back. Odd, just like the fact he is going on vaction for 2 months this summer.....supposedly right after joining forextv. I would rate this a SCAM, but it's just too funny, and the Reuters feed is free. Think of it as Jerry Springer meets Forex, and you get the idea! One star for the reasons in the paragraph above.