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Updated: May 31, 2018
3.812 · 6 REVIEWS
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SwissFx.com is an IB for forex.ch and cbfx.com


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3.812 · 6 REVIEWS
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kuwait, Kuwait,
Jan 1, 2017,

These guys have been around since 2002, that's long enough in my book for a forex broker, they do business the old way and are good at doing it, they are not a market maker but an STP model, I have been trading since many years with them, they have introduced a good new website, online instant account opening, funding and withdrawals and have recently expanded to Saudi. I just want a local broker in my country that has been many years and offer good execution and my money is safe.
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 29, 2016,

They called me randomly claiming they received my details from investing.com... Utter annoyance and rude reaction to my asking for clear explanation of how they received my details. Would not clearly say that they are not investing.com, and repeatedly said they're registered with investing.com whatever that means. Don't call me !!! Probably conning people that shouldn't be trading to lose money. Calling anyone that ever looked at a chart online at investing.com? Shocking.
Nov 12, 2009,

yes, I agree, many of the web site's links are broken, including opening a demo account, live chat etc. how could such a prestigious looking web site let this happen. something is wrong. I guess this company is not worth inquiring into.
Sedona, AZ,
Nov 17, 2008,

THe most bizzare phone conversation ever left me wondering exactly how this got a 5-star rating. THen I noticed that all the "reviews" were from overseas. First of all, several of the pages on the website were broken (first sign of trouble). I tried clicking on the "Live Chat" button -- that also gave me "Webpage not found" Then when I became frustrated with the website, I tried called in the number listed for Canada. It is in the middle of the day here in North America, but when I phoned the number (905 910 0740) it sounded like I was waking some guy out of a deep sleep and he answered "Ah... hello..." And then after he woke up enough to be coherent I started asking some direct questions about Forex trading and he didn't have any answers and he eventually hung up on me. Keep in mind, I verified several times that I was reaching "Swiss FS" and when I tried to call back there was no answer. So I thought I might have the wrong number. But several subsequent tries only got an immediate busy signal. I would mark this as SCAM if I had ever given them money ... but as far as I'm concerned this is a SCAM
Aug 6, 2008,

They are a kuwait Company and I notice their wiring instructions are to send your money to
IFX Markets Inc.
Commerce Bank and Trust
386 Main Street
Worcester, MA

Who is IFX Markets? Has anyone done business with this group? Is it perhaps better to have this connection with a US bank?
I have read good reviews of this group, but I have never come across this strange subterfuge. Is there any further reliable opinion of them?

Feb 29, 2008,

I can say that they're very professional and honest broker.
They're commission-free with low spreads and default mini-lots for retail traders (10,000 units per lot) which is great for beginners and you can multiply it as you wish (for professional traders, although they've more advanced platforms and services for professional and institutional traders). They're compatible with islamic rules, which makes them appropriate for everyone, muslim or not.
The platform is simple, but very reliable and contains all the features you may think of (although I'm still a Meta-Trader fan).
Orders are filled immediately, with slippage of 2-3 pips in volatile conditions (which is nothing compared to other brokers and platforms)
I didn't have to call the dealing room, but I met the customer support (it's an advantage to have a broker where you live). They were very honest and professional. I was day trader at first with repeated losses, so they adviced me to become a swing trader (which is less profitable for any broker -because of less deals per day- but not when they're clean and transparent) and taught me a sterategy, which gave me repeated good profits.
I didn't try their ECN & Currenex service they provide, but I may think about it in my plan, although I'm very comfortable and satisfied with their default retail platform and service.
I highly recommend them for any trader to give this broker a try.
Oct 30, 2007,

I have traded with Swiss international very proffesional company i trade on the Institutional platform that is an ECN Platform Great liquidty pool. I advice my fellow traders to email them and ask them for that service. You have all the options like slippage control, spreads from zero pips, the volume you can trade at each price level. etc etc Please post my review of this company Thank You
Sep 7, 2007,

It provides the best forex platform to trade on.The platform is very user friendly and the charts service are very interesting.The customer service provided by Swiss is up to the mark.All forex traders have to try out SWISS for forex.
Best of luck
Zurich, Switzerland,
Jul 11, 2007,

These guys are from Kuwait not Switzerland, I wouldn`t trust someone selling the swiss brand and not even be in Switzerland.