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Updated: Sep 30, 2022
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FXVC is a CFD broker regulated by CySEC (Cyprus), and FSA-S (Seychelles). FXVC brand is owned by Finteractive Ltd (formerly FCA licensed) and Gstaad Brokers Ltd.

FXVC offers one proprietary trading platform accessible from a web browser. Trading instruments include over 200 CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

FXVC has a tiered account structure with spreads and trading costs reduced up to 50% for VIP accounts with 250,000 Euro minimum deposit. Lower account tiers can also benefit from features like TC Market Buzz and free withdrawals (Gold Accounts) while Basic accounts only have access to beginners education and platform introduction. For full list of trading accounts and features visit the broker website.

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dorset, United Kingdom,
Oct 1, 2021,
Registered user


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FXVC is a SCAM!!!
I first contacted FXVC online for information in September 2020. FXVC called me and told me I could make money through them. Initially I assumed I was contacting bitcoin as the advertisement online was for bitcoin. They explained that they would help me with investments, what and when to invest as they had an advisory panel on the market who would help them to advise me to invest in the correct products. E.G. If gold was at a certain price, they would contact me to invest and advise on how much to invest. They also advised on Moderna the drug company to invest in them.
My first investment was on 14/09/2020 and I stopped using FXVC on 19/01/2021.
During this time every single investment made was carried out with advice from FXVC. Some of the advisors who contacted me were:
Nick Milovanovic
Janko Ilic
Marc Ma
I received an email from Nick Milovanovic on 11/09/2020 to contact him for a talk and a short introduction session. I was sent a link for screenleap which links my PC to theirs. I stressed from the start that I did not fully understand how this process worked. I am 77 years old, and my computer skills are limited. This I was told would not be an issue as I would be assisted with everything.
Initially my account was showing a small profit based on investments advised by FXVC.
I soon began to lose financially, and the advice was to invest more to protect my initial investment. I continued to lose money based on advice given on where to invest. I tried again to stop trading and again was convinced to invest further to recoup my losses.
Once I realised to my horror the total invested and lost, I ceased all communication with FXVC. I was so concerned with the total amount lost I confided in my daughter who has been assisting me in investigations into the legality of what was carried out by FXVC. This caused extreme stress and ill health to myself as I still could not fully understand how I had come to lose so much money.
My daughters findings were:
I should have received full training on how to invest and how this system worked – this did not happen
FXVC should have made a decision on my ability to trade on my own – this was obviously not carried out.
FXVC are no longer regulated in the UK.
I should not have been advised on what to invest in – Every investment made was on advice from FXVC staff, this is against CYSEC regulation!
We sent an email to support@FXVC on 11/06/21, requesting a full refund. Compliance at FXVC responded on 14/06/21 advising they were investigating the enquiry.
On 23/06/21 we received a ‘without prejudice’ offer of 17% of the total lost, which we refused.
On 14/07/21 we received a ‘without prejudice’ offer of 42% which we also refused.
We later tried to accept this offer but FXVC have seized all communication.
If anyone has had an experience like mine you should know your rights, if FXVC doesn't give your funds back you can submit a complaint to CYSEC and request help for mediation from the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman through their official websites. If deposits are made via bank or credit card , you can also call your bank explain what happened and request a chargeback.
We have heard nothing from FXVC since 23/09/21 and are strongly considering the above options.
Be aware of this scam and know your rights!!!