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4.102 • 10 REVIEWS
Steve Nison
Updated: Feb 2, 2024

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CandleCharts is a trading training company that offers educational courses on candlesticks for traders to learn how to trade financial markets.

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4.102 • 10 REVIEWS

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Perth, Australia,
May 17, 2022,


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Nison Candlestick Highlighter doesn't work straight out of the box. One need's training from the vendor as to how to use/interpret Nison Candle Highlighter.

It doesn't say on the Nison Candlestick Highlighter webpage that you will need training to use Nison Candlestick Highlighter and they do not offer refund's for the Nison Candlestick Highlighter. I think that they don't say you need training from them to use the Candlestick Highlighter and then they offer no refund is unethical atleast.

Now due to this review, that they stop making money from selling the Candle Highlighter to un-suspecting people I reckon their site will close.
KL, Malaysia,
May 14, 2012,

I've always been a fan of Steve Nison. His stuff are good stuff, I have the Candlesticks Re-ignited DVD's and the Profitting with Forex DVD's. Unfortunately it's not cheap but definitely worth the bucks. The information is detailed and clear. Recommended if you have the bucks to spend, but there are other ways to get the products for free.
Apr 27, 2011,

guys, i went to one nisons seminar, and bought all his stuff.
i was a net loser, now i have run a demo from 50.000 to 3000.000 in a im saving to start real money account
just to say. dont tell anybody mr nison exist, it just will help your competitors.
best investment ever done , studying mr nison stuff, and have the time to test it ,
it will depend on you and your trading discipline to achieve your goals, nison only teaches one thing, how to understand price moves, all other things are up to you
Tom Fisher
Apr 17, 2011,

The Reignited DVD's are great. The candle scanning software is another story. You have to hook up with Ninja Trader to use it and if you need help from the Nison group you must use email only. There is not a lot of help and in my opinion, it takes much longer than other service to get up an running. There are phone numbers on the website but if you are looking for personal help, forget it. I have not had this problem with other services. I'm really disappointed in their lack of desire to help out after they have your money.
Jul 22, 2010,

The audio quality on Steve Nison's "Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Charts" four DVD set is miserable to the point it is nearly impossible to figure out what he is saying. The video isn't much better! The company is not interested in resolving this and simply states they have re-recorded it because the audio was bad. They refuse to replace the defective merchandise with something better.
New Jersey,
Aug 26, 2009,

UPDATE *****
I purchased Mr. Nison's newest DVDs. Candlesticks Re-Ignited. It cost me about $500 but it was worth it! I have studied his candlestick signal materials since he is THE guru that brought it to the western world. Forex is different so I bought his PROFITING IN FOREX last year...which is what really brought me to another level and got me profitable.

He has released a MEGA pack bundle for around $1000. But I only needed to buy half the program because much of it is a repeat of stuff I knew and even his staff was honest enough to recommend AGAINST paying all that money for content already presented in Profiting in Forex. His newest materials and candle signal tweaks are exactly what I needed! Instead of using a knife, I know work with a scalpel and am more precise.

In October he is presenting a Forex seminar and I do not doubt he will have some excellent, relevant and more advanced material on Forex so look for a new DVD series around Winter or early 2010.

Nison does not teach systems!!! He teaches disciplined trade skills, teaches entries & exits, money management, Risk/Reward, he teaches when NOT to trade, and best of all...he teaches candlesticks.

And believe me....when you compare his materials and knowledge compared to other so called candlestick "experts" you will see just how WRONG those other guys are! Even I threw away all my old candlestick materials and I stopped bleeding money!

2008-08-07 5 stars All I can say is that Steve Nison's materials are amazing. I have bought 4 of his workshops from his website. 3 on Japanese Candlestick techniques and trading and the last one...THE BEST in my opinion...Profiting In Forex. It costs $600 but was worth every penny I paid! NOTE - It is very difficult to find that product on his website for some reason!

Plus, he also takes the time to answer emails from you.

Profiting In Forex taught me proper use of candlesticks with Forex. So many other candlestick products out there focus solely on stocks, futures, equities, etc. Not Forex and the subtleties are small but VERY important to know! He also teaches you how NOT to use candles, when not to take trades...teaches you proper entry and EXITS too! He does not teach a 'system'. He teaches candlestick techniques. But I still was able to craft my own BASIC system using nothing more than candles and 1 indicator. Now my account is flush with cash (from 1k up to over 10k in 4 months) and I have only been trading in Forex for less than a year. So simple...yet so perfect you would not believe it.

Steve makes a wild boast that other candle gurus get candles and the trading techniques wrong. At first I thought he was being a salesman but he was really CORRECT! I have checked out material by Bigalow and others. They really do get it wrong! Of course, I can only speak from the perspective of a Forex trader.

Spend your money on Mr. Nison's materials. His books are nice but they do not cover Forex....and honestly...the Forex DVD workshop will be is the most up to date source. Also, the DVD workshop includes materials not found in any of his books. I know...I have read his books!

WARNING - I did not just watch the DVD's once and become successful. I watched all 4 of them (over 6 hours of material) at least 5 or 6 times, took notes, used a DEMO account and did not trade real money until I had his teachings and disciplines down solid. I highly recommend you do the same too!
Rob Stephen
Sydney, Aust,
Jun 11, 2009,

I have been a Nison Devotee for quite some time and have purchased a number of his courses.

If you can get past the fact that he looks like an 80's porno star his DVD workshops are fantastic.

I have recently purchased a copy of his latest DVD set Candlestick re-ignited, which is basically an encyclopedia of candlesticks.

If you are thinking your are using candlesticks correctly and haven't seen any of Steve Nison's material chances are you aren't using them correctly.

His material can be applied to any market and any timeframe, a key test to make sure any material is valid so if you are thinking about it, do it you won't be dissappointed with Steve Nison's material.

Aug 23, 2008,

Steve Nison's material is excellent, I have personally read his Candlestick course book, and purchased 3 of his dvd workshops. One of the best trading educational investments that I've made. You won't be disappointed.
Nov 27, 2007,

steve nison is the masiah of candle, no surprise since he is the the first person to bring candle to the west. steve have an exceptional knowledge about the candle. he didn't invested them, but he sure is hell ann expert. i've been put off by steve work for some time now. not because i don't believe in his teaching, but because his work surround mostly the stock market, and i trade forex. so i assume it might not work. and i was right. he recently release a DVD entitle profiting with forex. when i saw the title, i immediately knew i have to get it. finanlly~ a subject about the candle that i can relate to. i run through the DVD quite quickly. but still i manage to pick up a lot of valuable techniques. i love his risk reward concept. really me to avoid trade which won't be profitable. his candle screener is another gold mine. it help verify candle signal more then just a stand alone signal.

this is a worth wild investment for those trading the forex. i guarantee you will pick up some thing very valuable as i did from the course. what i like about this DVD is there is a bonus section that helpy clarify everything you just learn from the DVD. extremely helpful.

i could go on and on. but you have to see for your self the power of this DVD. after viewing this DVD, i am saving up to purchase his other candle stick title.
Jun 26, 2007,

Nison, the very first to reveal the startling power of candlestick charts to the Western Hemisphere, is acknowledged as the leading authority on the subject. Before Nison’s work not one charting system in the Western world had candle charts. Now almost every electronic charting package has them. He is the author of the "bible" of candle charting analysis, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. Bottom line: he knows what he's talking about.