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Updated: Mar 17, 2024
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Mr. T.
Abuja, Nigeria,
Jan 23, 2021,
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Terrible and unethical

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Everyone needs to be careful about stex
I just experienced an unusual incident with them today.
Here is what happened;
I made a deposit of smartcash coin to my stex wallet of smartcash and it was successful and confirmed on its blockchain.
After 20 confirmations,no traces of my smartcash in my stex wallet for smartcash,it wasnt even listed on stex deposit history page !

While earlier yesterday,i had made a deposit to the same coin/currency to the same stex wallet for smartcash and everything went well.
All in all,i have more than 1 million in the stex wallet for smartcash.

I have contacted their support,used all channels available to contact them. A member of their support,Kate,finally replied.

She asked for the name of the coin and i replied back by telling her its smartcash,i also sent the Transaction ID to her so that she can also confirm it on smartcash blockchain. Its been more than 40 minutes since i replied her and she hasnt responded and i havent received my currency yet.
How could this happened in such an exchange?

This is really unacceptable !
In my more than 5 years experience with crypto/exchanges,I havent experience this nature of issue. Its like a daylight robbery !!
Can you even imagine the delay and lost they might have caused me even after my currency might have been deposited ?

I think this stex is not a reliable exchange.
You should be very careful using them. Go for better exchanges.
Also,their support sucks !
1 star? I think a red flag should be appropriate to rate them.

Mr T.

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