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TradeStation is a stock broker. Trade Station offers online trading through mobile app. offers,stocks, ETFs, options and futures for your personal investment and trading options.
October 2017:  The FPA is informed that TradeStation no longer offers forex.  The company now allows clients to trade stocks, options, and futures.

Broker Details

Exchanges: NYSE, Nasdaq
Minimum to Open Live: $2,000
Established: 1982
Address: 8050 SW 10TH STREET SUITE 2000 PLANTATION, FL 33324, United States
Contact:, 800.770.4049
Regional offices:
Regulators: FINRA #, SEC #8-48711, SIPC #
Prohibited countries:
Trading Commission: $0.005 per share
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, ACH (Automated Clearing House), Check
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, ACH (Automated Clearing House)

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1.774 · 46 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Louisville, KY, USA,
Jan 25, 2016,

I've been with TS almost since their beginning and while they have had growing pains, they are one of the top US Forex STP/ECN Brokers. Their platform is excellent and well supported. I did have an order execution problem several years ago and it was resolved when they added $9,000.00 USD back to my account. I tried MT4 for awhile but returned to TS.
Dan Mauk,
Benicia, USA,
Jan 15, 2016,

Terrible, frustrating experience with Tradestation. I opened a demo account, deposited 5K to avoid monthly charges.

When I tried to close the account, I was given the run-a-round for several weeks, told I must fill out more funds and wait several more weeks.

I would avoid this service at all costs.
Florida, USA,
Jun 25, 2015,

I love their charts and platform. However I have had problems with their trade fills, ghosts orders and execution on several instances. I started taking screenshots of all of my orders because of this and found it was an issue on their side not mine. The trade desk was anything but helpful. They basically had a "don't care" attitude.

I've filed complaints with the NFS but nothing is ever resolved. It is best to just keep your money elsewhere.
Northern California, USA,
Jun 12, 2015,

Been with Tradestation since mid-April 2015

Simulation Platform
- Good, but due to network issues, crashes frequently

Live Platform
- Ease of use - Good

- crashes increasing; occurs multiple times a day O

Order Execution
- Slippage - Poor
- Equities - Fair to Good
- Forex - Fair - even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs
- Forex Spreads - Poor - high compared to FXCM's advertised spreads

- Indicators - Good
- ShowMe - Good
- PaintBars - Fair - not enough selection
- Strategy - Good
- Strategy- Automated - Poor- automated strategies do not execute reliably, unable to rely on them

Platform Education
- Good - however, some speakers sometimes brush over key details related to platform usage; seem to assume that all viewers are intermediate to advanced traders, obviously not true

- Fair - Issues with network crashes, order & strategy execution, slippage and forex spreads make the utilization of their service risky and can cause under-performance of trades. Good charts.

I'm writing this right now (10:14 am PST, Friday, June 12, 2015) because the network is down... again!
pratap dange,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 29, 2014,

I have had a situation where I was contacted by Tradestation sales team when I checked out their demo version. When I said I was not interested in opening the account with them for certain reasons, the sales person - Bruce Brotin was actually abusive ! Had to take it up the matter with FIRNA.
miami, USA,
Dec 28, 2013,

At first I really liked the TS experience, they had everything. Once I started trading live with real money everything went to hell. Stop hunting, manipulation, ghost orders that get change without you knowing it and a new word I learn recently trading the EURUSD requoting. Good luck with these people specially Anthony and John JaleeChen. Everytime something messed up happens they are involved I dont know why?
Boca Raton, USA,
Mar 22, 2013,

Charts are good, demo platform is adequate, however frequently crashes, live platform is BAD. Execution even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs is terrible. Slippage is high, spreads are excessive. High risk, poor return. Why would you go with these guys? For pretty charts......
, USA,
Dec 18, 2012,

I have been trading with Tradestation before they traded Forex, once they went to Forex I moved an account over and opened a Forex account. there used to be a commission when they used gain capital to fill trades, but now there is no omissions, there charts are great and I am profitable month after month not only do I trade my personal account but I also manage accounts for others and use Tradestation to do so. Customer support has always been great.
Chicago, USA,
Oct 25, 2012,

I couldn’t imagine a worse experience with Customer Service. They talk down to all of their customers.
They treat this place like a Casino.
Please first try any other Broker.

Tradestation over charged me and then refused to reverse the charges. Further, they refused to send me receipts when requested or confirmation emails. So, they can pretty much do whatever they want once they have your money.
, USA,
Jul 16, 2012,

The absolute worst! My experience was a few years ago. It took me longer to get my money back than I used them. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used the 'free' month- which became only free if you placed enough trades (never mind no demo to actually learn the platform). Requested a refund for the balance in my account. Said balance changed after I submitted my request making the numbers not match- no contacting me, just no action because they did not match (close and forward balance was not an option). Called them- will send it right away. Waited. Called-even the person could see how screwed up they had been.... 'Will close, and send overnight-no fee.' No check either. Eventually got my check- REGULAR mail with overnight fees deducted! OMG. A few weeks later I got the overnight fees. I may be leaving IBFX because of recent new association.