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TradeStation is a stock broker. Trade Station offers online trading through mobile app. offers,stocks, ETFs, options and futures for your personal investment and trading options.
October 2017:  The FPA is informed that TradeStation no longer offers forex.  The company now allows clients to trade stocks, options, and futures.

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1.833 · 44 REVIEWS
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california, USA,
Aug 15, 2020,

finding many software glitches

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

tech support admits a 'tcache' file corrupts the trade manager analysis results. they cannot fix the issue. however, i have screen shots and trade results that show the tcache file corrupts real time on screen price entry and profit and loss while you are trading. false results in real time. trade station provides real time data in several ways: 'the matrix' level 2 type display, your order ticket, your order list, the trade manager analysis, and you can trade on the cloud via tradestation's online webtrade. the false data is displayed on all of these EXCEPT the order list, which is uncorrupted and correct. i called tech support on it. the tech immediately knew what was causing it and gave me instructions on how to delete the tcache file. however, it recreates a new one daily. the tech told me he reported the problem to his boss in 2017. his boss told him: "son, know your place on the chessboard". it is evidently something that is making them money by stealing from unwitting clients or something that costs too much to fix. gee, i wonder which one it might be.
new jersey, USA,
Mar 21, 2020,

trash, platform is completely unreliable

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

This platform will freeze up and crash on you for no reason with absolute no warning at all. I just love doing all my charting just to have the system lock up and lose all my work. And to top it off the system doesnt even provide an auto save function, this is pathetic. Gaming systems from the eighties can have auto save but not a trading platform. And dont blame my computer, I have used 4 all highly recomended, one a high cost purpose built trading platform. The issues come directly from tradestion. Get your dam act togethore.
uk, United Kingdom,
Apr 9, 2019,
Registered user


Tradestaion have taken another payment from my bank despite a non exsistant service and confirming the subscription was cancelled. Avoid like the plague #tradestation #scam
United Kingdom,
Mar 4, 2019,
Registered user

No service and no refund

Signed up for tradestation analytics could not download the software and they have taken multiple payments from my account. Now refusing to answer emails regarding a refund.
Sep 5, 2018,
Registered user

tradestation suck

i hate tradestation. they dicked me around at every turn. their rules are pedantic. their service lousy. they force me to phone at some bizarre time of day by refusing to answer anything by email, and then i wait for 20 minutes paying to call the USA from australia and eventually hang up in disgust. If they ever process my funds withdrawal i will gladly give them the middle digit and wipe my hands of the bastards. oh, and they froze my account because i complained about them exercising a short option they told me they would close just before market close on the expiry date. Then they valued it at the strikes not the real prices i.e they f***ed up then ripped me off. run away as fast as you can!
nj, USA,
Aug 17, 2018,
Registered user

Using trade station has been a horrible experience. Their platform is slow, glitchy and crashes constantly. It seems to have a mind of it's own constantly moving around lines and drawings you have put on your chart. It is slow, gives terrible order execution and crashes constantly. It is a great feeling to have your platform completely freeze anytime there is a spike in order activity. Do yourself a favor and take your business somewhere else.
Len Pitts,
Florida, USA,
Jun 25, 2017,

Customer Care is Very Lacking

Getting set up took longer than needed and they aren't very helpful to a new person trying to understand the nuances of their platform. It's not a bad trading platform once you understand it though.
My issues are with the poor job they do allowing someone to manage the funds in the acct. You can't set up beneficiaries online and have to use snail mail to do that. After sending in the requested forms for both a Futures and Equity account, I received a confirmation letter recognizing the change to the Equity account but nothing about the Futures. I found out later they don't allow it for a Futures account, but they never let me know that. They just let it die with no response at all. That's poor.
Then when I decided to move most of my futures cash onto the equity side, the website seemed to allow it but logging in the next day I saw noting moved, in fact half of the equity money was in the futures acct. WTF?!?
A good trading platform is one thing, but you can't separate it from how a customers money is managed. They told me they'd send me my cash via postal service rather than allow me to transfer it to the equity side and electronically move it to another broker. That's 1980's style money mgmt and just pisspoor.
Mobile, USA,
Jun 23, 2016,

Tim again, unfortunately I have encountered additional problems using Trade Station Web platform. I was unable to submit a double diagonal SPX spread order. It was also confirmed that the web portal does not allow closing of spread orders as one order. To close a spread order thru the web you will have to submit each side of the spread separately. These type of orders are standard orders and should be part of any online trading system.

2016-06-06 2Star As a new user I have found setting up frustrating. I have spent over 4.5 hours to just to try and setup my screens. They have a complicated setup in which you have to setup many screens if your also trading options. I have found that I cannot relie on the documentation as many of the parts that I tried do not follow the actual screens. On the positive side I have found the telephone service have very courteous. However you many have to call several area depending on what you want to do.
Louisville, KY, USA,
Jan 25, 2016,

I've been with TS almost since their beginning and while they have had growing pains, they are one of the top US Forex STP/ECN Brokers. Their platform is excellent and well supported. I did have an order execution problem several years ago and it was resolved when they added $9,000.00 USD back to my account. I tried MT4 for awhile but returned to TS.
Dan Mauk,
Benicia, USA,
Jan 15, 2016,

Terrible, frustrating experience with Tradestation. I opened a demo account, deposited 5K to avoid monthly charges.

When I tried to close the account, I was given the run-a-round for several weeks, told I must fill out more funds and wait several more weeks.

I would avoid this service at all costs.
Florida, USA,
Jun 25, 2015,

I love their charts and platform. However I have had problems with their trade fills, ghosts orders and execution on several instances. I started taking screenshots of all of my orders because of this and found it was an issue on their side not mine. The trade desk was anything but helpful. They basically had a "don't care" attitude.

I've filed complaints with the NFS but nothing is ever resolved. It is best to just keep your money elsewhere.
Northern California, USA,
Jun 12, 2015,

Been with Tradestation since mid-April 2015

Simulation Platform
- Good, but due to network issues, crashes frequently

Live Platform
- Ease of use - Good

- crashes increasing; occurs multiple times a day O

Order Execution
- Slippage - Poor
- Equities - Fair to Good
- Forex - Fair - even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs
- Forex Spreads - Poor - high compared to FXCM's advertised spreads

- Indicators - Good
- ShowMe - Good
- PaintBars - Fair - not enough selection
- Strategy - Good
- Strategy- Automated - Poor- automated strategies do not execute reliably, unable to rely on them

Platform Education
- Good - however, some speakers sometimes brush over key details related to platform usage; seem to assume that all viewers are intermediate to advanced traders, obviously not true

- Fair - Issues with network crashes, order & strategy execution, slippage and forex spreads make the utilization of their service risky and can cause under-performance of trades. Good charts.

I'm writing this right now (10:14 am PST, Friday, June 12, 2015) because the network is down... again!
pratap dange,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 29, 2014,

I have had a situation where I was contacted by Tradestation sales team when I checked out their demo version. When I said I was not interested in opening the account with them for certain reasons, the sales person - Bruce Brotin was actually abusive ! Had to take it up the matter with FIRNA.
miami, USA,
Dec 28, 2013,

At first I really liked the TS experience, they had everything. Once I started trading live with real money everything went to hell. Stop hunting, manipulation, ghost orders that get change without you knowing it and a new word I learn recently trading the EURUSD requoting. Good luck with these people specially Anthony and John JaleeChen. Everytime something messed up happens they are involved I dont know why?
Boca Raton, USA,
Mar 22, 2013,

Charts are good, demo platform is adequate, however frequently crashes, live platform is BAD. Execution even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs is terrible. Slippage is high, spreads are excessive. High risk, poor return. Why would you go with these guys? For pretty charts......
, USA,
Dec 18, 2012,

I have been trading with Tradestation before they traded Forex, once they went to Forex I moved an account over and opened a Forex account. there used to be a commission when they used gain capital to fill trades, but now there is no omissions, there charts are great and I am profitable month after month not only do I trade my personal account but I also manage accounts for others and use Tradestation to do so. Customer support has always been great.
Chicago, USA,
Oct 25, 2012,

I couldn’t imagine a worse experience with Customer Service. They talk down to all of their customers.
They treat this place like a Casino.
Please first try any other Broker.

Tradestation over charged me and then refused to reverse the charges. Further, they refused to send me receipts when requested or confirmation emails. So, they can pretty much do whatever they want once they have your money.
, USA,
Jul 16, 2012,

The absolute worst! My experience was a few years ago. It took me longer to get my money back than I used them. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used the 'free' month- which became only free if you placed enough trades (never mind no demo to actually learn the platform). Requested a refund for the balance in my account. Said balance changed after I submitted my request making the numbers not match- no contacting me, just no action because they did not match (close and forward balance was not an option). Called them- will send it right away. Waited. Called-even the person could see how screwed up they had been.... 'Will close, and send overnight-no fee.' No check either. Eventually got my check- REGULAR mail with overnight fees deducted! OMG. A few weeks later I got the overnight fees. I may be leaving IBFX because of recent new association.
James Tuong,
Los altos, USA,
Jun 10, 2012,

Very terrible, huge spread. It was 41 pips spread on AUDJPY during a news announcement. FXCM and Dukascopy only had about 5 pips spread at exactly the same time. Tradestation should go to hell.
, USA,
Mar 9, 2012,

Having a horrible experience with Tradestation. Their strategy conveniently stopped working when I was away from my PC. Missing 2 key profitable trades, and keeping me in a huge losing one that should have been exited. When I asked about this, they gave me lecture on not leaving my computer unattended and the risks of trading Forex. There was no disruption on my end, no power failure...nothing...strategy just stopped. I sent screenshots, logs and everything to customer support, a week later nothing.
Oct 13, 2011,

Customer service has been good and the accounf was very easy to set up so not sure what all the other reviews are on about. But major problems with the platform constantly crashing. Tech guys tried to help but to no avail. Could be an issue my end with internet provider but have no problems with more basic platforms such as MT4 or java based platforms, so sorry TS, its a thumbs down from me.
Jun 10, 2011,

TS is fairly shitty at opening account, transferring funds, customer services, etc.
you have to open multiple accounts for each asset class which is worse as you have to do a wire transfer or set up various ACHs. + you have to pays fees on both side of transfer. in addition, everything is done via fax and paper so there is digital trace for you.

data and chart functionality is simliar to every other broker. the worse part is the taxing season as TS does not provide consolidated 1099 you will have to reconcile your trades yourself and manually verfiy the data.
Feb 23, 2011,

service is lacking, try calling in and wait, an office full of salesmen, i do not think any of them have traded themselves, for the fees they charge i would think you could get help on there platform,
Jan 26, 2011,

Terrible broker. Very inflexible. Will not improve your profitability. Charting is so-so and way overrated, relying on the "Tradestation" charting platform name before the brand was used as brokerage firm. Their low commissions become illusory.
Michigan USA,
May 7, 2010,

Poor platform, slow loading of charts, diconnects from server several times a day during heavy volumn, wide spreads (use gain capital for forex clearing house), adds commision to each trade not to mention the vairable spreads from gain capital. If you plan to trade forex only, go to a broker that uses MT4, which is a free platform, Tradestation charges $100 a month for their platform use.