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TradeStation is a stock broker. Trade Station offers online trading through mobile app. offers,stocks, ETFs, options and futures for your personal investment and trading options.
October 2017:  The FPA is informed that TradeStation no longer offers forex.  The company now allows clients to trade stocks, options, and futures.

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1.833 · 44 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Northern California, USA,
Jun 12, 2015,

Been with Tradestation since mid-April 2015

Simulation Platform
- Good, but due to network issues, crashes frequently

Live Platform
- Ease of use - Good

- crashes increasing; occurs multiple times a day O

Order Execution
- Slippage - Poor
- Equities - Fair to Good
- Forex - Fair - even at times of extremely high liquidity on major FOREX pairs
- Forex Spreads - Poor - high compared to FXCM's advertised spreads

- Indicators - Good
- ShowMe - Good
- PaintBars - Fair - not enough selection
- Strategy - Good
- Strategy- Automated - Poor- automated strategies do not execute reliably, unable to rely on them

Platform Education
- Good - however, some speakers sometimes brush over key details related to platform usage; seem to assume that all viewers are intermediate to advanced traders, obviously not true

- Fair - Issues with network crashes, order & strategy execution, slippage and forex spreads make the utilization of their service risky and can cause under-performance of trades. Good charts.

I'm writing this right now (10:14 am PST, Friday, June 12, 2015) because the network is down... again!
Cape Cod,
Nov 6, 2007,

I use them for index futures and am pleased with the platform, service has never been great, but I rarely need any, looking for a Forex broker because I refuse to trade through Gain.
Nov 15, 2007,

I have recently opened an account with tradestation and although the charting software is taking me a little time to get to grips with its potential looks awesome. I almost cancelled my account because it appeared that i wasn't able to trade mini contracts. However when i put this to tradestation they said that i could trade minis and to give them 24-48 hrs to set it up for me. It seems that unless you state that you want mini contracts from the beginning the charts are defaulted to full size contracts only. The spreads are also very competitive and means that i can trade of the smaller timeframes without pip spreads taking to much of a chunk out of my profits. I offer no ratings yet until i have some live trading under my belt after which i will return and offer an updated opinion.
Sep 21, 2007,

I'm considering using this broker for FX, but wanted to point out that Gain Capital is still the counterparty to all trades. This disclaimer is at the bottom of the "What's new in TradeStation 8.3" page:
"GAIN Capital Group, Inc. acts as the counterparty for each forex transaction and as a liquidity provider to clients using its access to the inter-bank market. In doing so, GAIN Capital Group, Inc. assumes the risk associated with each transaction. A portion of GAIN Capital Group, Inc.’s profitability may be the difference between the bid and the offer provided to the client, as well as GAIN Capital Group, Inc.’s ability to offset any risk transferred to GAIN Capital Group, Inc. by clients."
Tampa, FL,
Oct 29, 2008,

Mishandling of Tradestation Account Funds

This situation began on Oct 8, 2008 and remains unresolved.

On the morning of Oct 8 (around 8am), I attempted to short USDJPY but the order was never filled according to the information I had available. There was no open position and no open P/L. Later the same day, around mid-day and later in the evening, I was in Tradestation and still no indication of any open position. My position was flat.

The following morning, Oct 9, 24 hours later, out of nowhere, an open short position now shows up for TWICE THE QUANTITY. At the time, I didn't understand where this came from and called the forex trading desk. I was told Gain Capital was having serious problems the previous morning. I was also told the open position on the USDJPY was entered around 1pm on Oct 8 and it was because of 2 orders. The average entry price for the open position was 99.554 and the open P/L was a loss for over $1,000. I was told to close the position and, of course, my account balance dropped by more than $1,000. The forex trading desk said they couldn't understand what was going on but it was obvious some strange things had happened. I needed to send them an email explaining what I knew so they could look into it and get it fixed. I sent the email.

On Oct 13, Greg, futures trading desk manager, contacted me and said he had looked into this and talked to Gain Capital and arrived at the conclusion that there was definitely a mistake and they were correcting the mistake by putting about $236 back into my account. Why? This was based on the premise that the position I closed on Oct 9 was opened around 8am on Oct 8. He said this was what was told to him by Gain Capital and how they thought it should be handled and he agreed. But this was contrary to all the information that exists about the circumstances. The open P/L and the loss on the account was for more than $1,000 which corresponded to the average entry price of 99.554 and the time the position was opened of around 1pm on Oct 8 and this is what Tradestation shows for the closed position. But Greg refused to recognize any of these contrary facts. He was sticking to the storyline from Gain Capital but he would look into it further even though they were so busy.

We spoke again on Oct 15 but he was so busy he had not had a chance to get back to it but he said he would get to it in a day or two. Well, more than a week later (on Oct 23) and after leaving several messages, I finally heard from Greg but he was sticking to his story (the one from Gain Capital who apparently ends up taking the loss from what I was told earlier). But Greg refuses to acknowledge the same facts others quickly saw. That is that the open position was based on opening a position around 1pm on Oct 8; not based on an entry price from 8am. Greg doesn't want to talk about or listen to anything except his story from Gain Capital. He says he's reversing my loss by refunding $236. But my loss was for more than $1,000. It doesn't matter to Greg because Gain Capital says my loss was only $236 and he's sticking to that story. So how does Greg explain the rest of the money that was taken out of my account (since he insists that the loss was only $236)? He doesn't!! He refuses to talk about it. I asked to speak to someone else about this. He refused to give a name. Is this what Tradestation considers to be customer service? What other types of manipulation takes place on accounts that perhaps goes unrecognized amist the volume of transactions? Others quickly saw and acknowledged the details about the open position. But not Greg. Why is he protecting Gain Capital at the expense of Tradestation clients?

I'm looking into contacting regulatory organizations and if anyone else has suggestions or comments, I would appreciate them.
uk, United Kingdom,
Apr 9, 2019,
Registered user


Tradestaion have taken another payment from my bank despite a non exsistant service and confirming the subscription was cancelled. Avoid like the plague #tradestation #scam
Sep 5, 2018,
Registered user

tradestation suck

i hate tradestation. they dicked me around at every turn. their rules are pedantic. their service lousy. they force me to phone at some bizarre time of day by refusing to answer anything by email, and then i wait for 20 minutes paying to call the USA from australia and eventually hang up in disgust. If they ever process my funds withdrawal i will gladly give them the middle digit and wipe my hands of the bastards. oh, and they froze my account because i complained about them exercising a short option they told me they would close just before market close on the expiry date. Then they valued it at the strikes not the real prices i.e they f***ed up then ripped me off. run away as fast as you can!
United Kingdom,
Mar 4, 2019,
Registered user

No service and no refund

Signed up for tradestation analytics could not download the software and they have taken multiple payments from my account. Now refusing to answer emails regarding a refund.
Wilmington DE,
Sep 30, 2006,

They would not let me demo (practice) their demo acct. When I went live I made a mistake and couldn't get out of the trade. When I called the trading desk they said I was too inexperienced to trade with them so they closed my account. These folks are just rude. Why would I want to do business with them
James Tuong,
Los altos, USA,
Jun 10, 2012,

Very terrible, huge spread. It was 41 pips spread on AUDJPY during a news announcement. FXCM and Dukascopy only had about 5 pips spread at exactly the same time. Tradestation should go to hell.