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Updated: Jan 5, 2024
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In June 2020, Charles Clifton tried to publish client names and email addresses in THIS THREAD.  The FPA removed the private information and posted public warnings.  The FPA considers this to be very unethical and believes it is probably illegal in a number of countries.

In May 2022, Charles Clifton returned and tried to publish the name of one of those clients again.

The FPA warns all traders: If you give your name and email address to Charles Clifton and later complain about him, he may try to publicly post your name and email.
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signal and training provider,
signed up for signal service , said his algo was brilliant giving signals in the market, signed up for 1 month, and guess what more losing trades then winning ones, when i spoke to him he got all defensive, look at his web site his trades are hidden which are under demo account, then he also hiddes all his losing trades, to so how profitable his signal service is, KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMER, he has no clue to forex trading or signals.