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Updated: Mar 21, 2024
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Milano, Italy,
Jun 30, 2019,
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Unger Academy - Trading System Supremacy

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I would like to share with you All my positive experience with the Unger Academy. The course I just completed is "Trading System Supremacy". In the Forex/Future/Commodities Jungle there is a real HouseLIght that can drive you to the Path to Performance in your trading. I'm a student since a couple of months, I was already profitable in my discretionary trading and surviving in the algo trading , I would say balanced with a little gain (around 35% in 3 years including investiment for trading). With the above course I start increasing my skills trought video lessons, coding examples usable as starting point for real trading, text material, exercises, bonus about special topics and a smart forum full of contents. Andrea is partecipation actively in the forum and provide his insight and is really open to share experieance and grab from the team ideas for development. Your Learning curve in trading can be smooth, you can save time and money study with him. I think trading is a real challenge, not only technicallly speaking but also phsicolagically. All the stuff you have to do to be profitable is counter-intuitive and with the algorithm , the quantitative approach can help you to profitability. It's working for me so it' working for you. You only have to spend time and BIG effort and the results will come. With Andrea and the Forum , you are not alone, people likely had you same issue and good Teachers know where the traps are. Andrea sells a methods to watch the markets and to act. That's what I was looking for and I exactly have found. From the strategy to the details, you can cover all the aspects of the Trading System development.
Hope you can have a look at the website, it can be likely the best things you can do for your trading.
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