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Perth, Australia,
Sep 27, 2019,
Registered user

Follow Me Trading Scam

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Back in May 2019 my husband Derek and I received an email from them saying they had a new improved automatic trading program that has been making really good returns. As high as 95% returns. Derek told them get rooted. After 3 weeks they started calling me every day.
I was a little interested but still had bad thoughts in my head from previous experiences with them.I was burnt once before by Markets And You and luckily got some of my money back. We are guessing they got our details from when I was a member them once before.
After at least 25 phone calls i urged Derek to have a look with me.
So he did. They promised me they have it right this time and i would make $2000 per week from a small start up account. I was so hoping it was right and they where genuine...silly me,bloody stupid really.
We checked them out and even rung to get info from them.
We asked if they knew them and they said yes yes they are really good. The results they showed us where impressive.
So we decided to give them another go and paid them $65 per month
to have some trader trade for us as this was there claim last time in how we lost $12000, it was our fault.
I said to Derek if they are trading for us then it should be ok. We had hope. Not to be. I put $3000 in to my account and within 2 months 90% was gone. Derek said told you so and know we are fighting as its alot of money for me.It appears the results we saw was all fake,manufactured. The real results were very poor and nothing like the real trading we experienced.
I have since being doing alot of research and rung to find out from a young staff member that they get very big commissions from and they lure people in from Australia to help Its a total scam and I feel sick in the stomach about it, but i hope this email helps others from not being sucked into this scam organization.
They said they had an office in Eagle Street Brisbane and that was on there website until recently they changed it to overseas.
I rung and wanted my money back but all i got was excuses from a smooth talking young man who asked if i wanted to put more money in. He even said they have a horse racing tipping program i can have for $5500 ready soon.
I gave them 2 weeks to return my money before I wrote this email to you and other forums.

Follow Me Trading is a scam.
Adelaide, Australia,
Nov 3, 2019,
Registered user

Just Gambling not Trading

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been with Follow Me Trading since Josh Cavallaro started it after Markets and You. I am just losing money hand over fist. Down to 118 dollars in the kitty today. I have done everything you have said to do but still my account has just been decreasing over time. Sure the system sounds great, and if it worked I would be making money instead of paying out a subscription fee each month and losing each trade on top of that. I have always paid a subscription and was not aware that there was a free account. It may be a completely open and free trading community but FMT removes any negative comments from the system. This is not a defamation on you but on the system. It is binary trading and yes it is gambling. I have learnt the hard way and lost all of the money I have invested over the time I have been with FMT. I have never been much of a gambler and got swayed into thinking it was a real system in hopes of providing a little pocket money in my retirement. Please people, do not be a sucker like me and loose you hard earned money with FMT. Sorry Josh, you are a nice person but I am so over the promises and excuses and want to warn any other older persons, who may be hoodwinked into giving this gambling system money in the expectations that it is a trading system to JUST STAY AWAY - IT'S GAMBLING NOT A TRADING SYSTEM