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Alex Vieira
Updated: Jan 8, 2024
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Website claims Alex Vieira is beyond Steve Jobs.  Since Steve Jobs is dead, we wonder what this means.

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Frankfurt, Germany,
Oct 17, 2019,
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Don't ask for ANY verification

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so I came across this website, , and I just saw them talking that they were doing business since the 80s...

I took a closer look, and contacted them to ask for any verification of their auto-trading EAs
I suggested it would be nice to have a website like myfxbook, which could show the performance.

The answer I received was:
a) Who are you to ask for any Results - we don't have to show you any...
b) We do not work with scammers like myfxbook... which made me laugh.

I did not respond.

Two weeks later I get an e-mail, by another service worker there, making me another offer....

I did not respond to that either.

3 days later I get the very strange e-mail: "We found out that the last mail you received was written by a scammer, we have kicked him out..."

What the heck?!

What is really possible: They try to sell something to you; if you don't respond, as it is clear it is a scam, they use this method to tell you: Yes, you were right, that co-worker was a scammer (somehow), and we have resolved this issue.
Now you can still come over and pay us for our service.

What a joke.

I did not paid for any service, thats why I cannot give them one star.