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Updated: Feb 16, 2023
10XPartnersClub was a scam forex broker. 10X Partners Club offered the MT4 forex trading top platform. 10XPartnersClub.com offered over 5 forex currency pairs, cfds, commodities, indices, oil, gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to try to scam you.

Based on three separate instances of deliberately trying to mislead clients with false claims of being regulated, the FPA now considers 10PartnersClub.com to be a scam.  This scam label can be lifted if 10PartnersClub becomes regulated under Cysec, The Financial Commission, and the Cook Islands FSC, as well as any other regulators it may have falsely claimed to be under.

The FPA warns against depositing money with this broker.

2019-11-20:  10xPartnersClub.com claims to be regulated under Cysec license number 109/1056.  This number does not appear on Cysec's list of regulated entities.  The number MC109/1056 does appear on the false Cook Islands FSC license displayed as part of the regulatory warning below.
2019-10-29:  The Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission has issued a warning against 10xPartners for falsely claiming to be licensed under the commission.  10X Partners Club Ltd has never been licensed or regulated by the Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission, nor has it ever applied to be.

CLICK HERE to verify.
2019-10-24:  The Financial Commission has issued a warning that 10xPartners.com has cloned the 4xCube site, brand, and Financial Commission membership.  

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Website is down.  One less scam site in business.

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Adelaide, Australia,
Nov 19, 2019,

Gary Strong runs this scam

Service use: Other
10xpartners is the latest scam from Gary Strong. The website is a clone and the registration certificates he was using are stolen. Claims to be registered by FCA, FSC Cook Islands and cysec. All checked out to be untrue. The address given is a concert hall in Amsterdam. Sadly there are people falling for this scam.
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