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Updated: Jan 9, 2024

What is Ontega?

Ontega is a forex broker, offering in-house developed platforms in Web and Mobile versions.

Ontega.com offers over 40 forex currency pairs, commodities, gold, silver and index for your personal investment and trading options.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 200:1
Minimum to Open Live: $200
Established: Unknown
Address: 73 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, CY1070 Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact: Customer.Service@ontega.com, +23412278918
Regional offices:
Regulators: VFSC #14627
Prohibited countries: Unknown
Trading platforms: WebTrader, MobileTrader (MobileApp)
Web Trading: ✅ Yes
Mobile Trading: ✅ Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (40+)
CFD: (5+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, Skrill
* Please check broker website for more information

Recent User Reviews of Ontega

Jose Frenando
Mèxico City, Mexico,
Nov 12, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
It all started about mid-April 2020 when I saw an advertisement of the broker ONTEGA in internet mentioning that with 200 USD you could be able to win an average wave salary monthly. I fell into the trap, made the deposit, signed all papers, opened a trading account with 200 USD, and first thing I learned was that with that amount of money you could only trade peanuts. I am 69 years old and when I started to understand a little more about what the business was, I decided to risk 5,000 USD. Well, everything end up by beginnings of September 2020 losing all my savings of about 70,000 USD plus some other debts with my bank for about 10,000 USD more.
During all this time, the worst of my life, I worked with different personal advisors, but all of them behaved like birds of prey, because it was with all of them that in a matter of weeks or few months my account started to be in danger because of the margin and then I was forced to deposit more money or I will lose all the money in my account of that moment. But every time I had to deposit more money I doubted if I should do it once again and they forced me in an exaggerated ways offering me bonuses and a different new way to trade in order to recover my money. And as that was all I wanted, recover some money, every time I agreed to deposit more money.
Now I know they traded and advised me in a dishonest and not ethical way just to get me to the point where I had to deposit more money so they can get their commission because apart from opening too many positions they were also trading with more than 20% of the capital, which is the recommended percentage to do so, in order to keep your account “safe and healthy”. Unfortunately I learned this too late.
I know I am the one to be blamed for trusting them and doing everything exactly as they told me to do because they were the experts and how could I dare to judge their advices if I did not know anything about trading. I paid my guilt and my daring.
But there were two phone calls that changed everything. The first one was almost at the end of July 2020 when I was working with another advisor and my account was in danger again because of the margin and there was the need to deposit more money or the account will be lost. By that time I had no more money and the advisor was exaggeratedly insistent pushing me to get more money to try again to recover some money. By that time he knew I had a relative that could lend me some money but he didn´t want to lend me any money but he insisted many times that I borrow the money from my relative, and to end with this I told him that it was impossible. The next day he called me and told he had a brilliant idea on how to make my relative to lend me the money. The idea was that I would ask my relative to lend me (15,000 USD), then I will deposit it in my account. Then he would protect that deposit. Later he would deposit a bonus for the same amount and days later I could withdraw the money from my account and give it back completely to my relative in a matter of one or two weeks, and we will trade with the money of the bonus. I ask him many times to confirm if that was possible and if that was true, and he said several times that it was true all that. Days after both amounts were in the account, my advisor ask me to open some positions because there was a good chance of winning on some trading. I told him that this will create problems to withdraw the money and he told that there will be no problem because it was protected. Days after I contact him to see about the withdrawal of the money and there was no answer. He vanished although I tried to get in contact with him. Later another advisor call me and told me this person had been sent to another country and he was going to work with me. I told him the story. He checked it and told me there was nothing protected and I could only withdraw about 3,000 USD. Finally weeks later everything was lost. When I realized this first advisor lied to me I sent a letter to the company telling them all about this, but they never answer. I feel like a fool. I hate remembering all this.
The second phone call. With no more money “to lose” I finally accepted my stupid idea, stopped trading with this company and dedicated only to find ways to pay my debts. But by mid May 2021 I received a phone call from another advisor asking me if I knew that because of the “rollover” I could receive back almost 60% of the money I have lost. He told me this was possible because the company had been taking some money from my account (called rollover) and save it and will return it when I need it. He even sent me some figures about the amount. I asked him if it was all true and told me it was, and I believed it, because when I heard this it was like hearing bells from heaven. Finally I could receive some of the money I have lost back. I do not want to describe the whole story, but a friend lend me some money (18,000 USD), deposit the money in my account. Weeks later I started to have doubts about it and I sent a letter to the company telling them what it was happening asking them to confirm me if this thing about the rollover was true and helping me getting my money back if that was not true, but there was again no answer and weeks later the margin came in and lost again the money.
I know I behaved like a fool in these two cases. I was desperate to believe them and I acted as an idiot, but far from this, it doesn´t matter whether I believed them or not and how I reacted. These two people committed a crime and a felony when they decided to intentionally lied to me to make me deposit more money, and the company must also be held responsible for these crimes.
There is a Clause in their document named “Client Trading Agreement” that states: Clause 13.- Liability. “The company shall act at all times in good faith and shall provide the Services with due diligence but shall only be held liable for any damages or loses that the Client may incur if such damages or losses occur as a result of the Company´s gross negligence or deliberate omission on the Company´s part”. And this is exactly or what they did!!!
I have all official documents I signed and letters I sent them notifying all wrong things happening and demanding the return of the money I deposited thanks to this two lies with no answer for any of those.
I am very sad, very angry, very desperate. I lost all the money from my savings that I had for my old age. I want to fight with all my strength without giving up and try to recover the two deposits I made thanks to these lies. I want to denounce this company in all media, forums and in all national and international justice institutions.
Maicol Hernandez
Ginebra, Colombia,
May 12, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
It is a company that calls you but does not do what they tell you. They talk to you about a minimum deposit of 300 USD and then when you go to withdraw and they do not let you, they put a lot of trouble and always make excuses. Be very careful they are SCAMMERS.

Es una empresa que te llama pero no cumple con lo que te dicen, te hablan de un deposito mínimo de 300 USD y luego cuando vas a retirar y no te dejan, te colocan mucho problema y siempre sacan excusas. Mucho cuidado son ESTAFADORES.
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Alejandro Ramírez
Guadalajara, Mexico,
Jun 7, 2020,
Registered user

Scam Alert

Service use: Live Length of use: Have not used
I saw a publicity posted on youtube about invest in "Amazon" so I asked for info about it and register. 2 days later a woman called to my cellphone, her name was Bárbara Rodríguez. At the beginning she was being very respecfull, patience and reliable, but later she tryed to convince me and even to force me to put my money in by threding me saying that if I don't she will report me as a person who will make all brokers lose their time so no one will never let me get in to other brokers.
In my experience, even when I was at all time respecfull, when I told her a definitely NO, she instanly became agressive and stared to call me (in diferent ways) a coward to later on hung up on me.
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Mar 15, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
You will not be able to withdraw your money once it is deposited, they contact you and try to guide you to the platform until you deposit
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