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Updated: Oct 1, 2023
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Feb 22, 2022,


Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Liars and scammers.. they do not take accountability for anything they did wrong even after they blow your account

Just learn how to trade these guys actually rely on your monthly payments instead of actually trading..only god can help evil people like that to be honest
Florida, USA,
Sep 30, 2020,
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Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Look, all I know is this: my account keeps going down and down every week but somehow like a humping miracle your results on telegram are net positive. It's amazing how that works.

You can claim to be transparent and honest all you want, but that's simply not a fact. You're full of poo and a garbage butt company.

I've talked to others that have used your service and their experience was the same as mine.

I know the search term "4xclone reviews" probably gets a decent amount of searches and the only thing I can hope is I save someone money from my HONEST review.

In closing, don't use 4xclone's trade copier if you value your money. You have been warned.

Aug 19, 2020 - 1 Star Don't believe their BS on telegram about their transparency. We consistently lose double and win half of what their stated results on telegram reflect. We asked for a refund because of this discrepancy and was denied. Now our only recourse is to let other folks know not to use them.

Terrible experience with their trade copier service. DO NOT USE THEIR TRADE COPIER SERVICE. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE THEIR TRADE COPIER SERVICE.

If they respond to this review and say I'm a liar and they have no record of me as a customer. Don't listen. They're lying.

I have no desire to take time out of my day to launch a smear campaign. I'm simply stating facts.

Just to let you know - we started with a $2000 account in May and are down $600, but somehow they record winning weeks every week on telegram.

Reply by 4xclone submitted Sep 19, 2020 What your saying is impossible that our results posted are not the same as our copy traders. We have more than 3000 clients that work with 4xclone between signals and copy trading. You are making false claims.

First, you say:

"If they respond to this review and say I'm a liar and they have no record of me as a customer. Don't listen. They're lying."

But you don't state who you are..

without stating your name and details on this false post, we have no way to know who you are. Who are you?

Next, our results are IDENTICAL from what we post online to what customers receive. We offer a 5 day free trial on our signals so that anyone can see our EXACT trades for 5 days,match them up on what is posted online to confirm complete transparency. To imply in anyway that we somehow manipulate and send different signals to copy trading clients is incorrect and we absolutely deny what your saying is true.

We post EVERY SINGLE DAY our exact results when no other company does this. To be clear, when we post a +100 pip day, we post this.When we have a -100 pip day, we post this. Again to imply we dont is not true.

Finally, without knowing who you are (you didnt post your details in your post) we cannot address your situation.

We have 5 losing weeks this year out of 37 weeks so far this year. Our results speak for themselves.

Did you take a week of trades and it was a week we didnt profit, then make this post?

Did you specifically advise us to take higher risk on your account and trades lost a week and then blame us?

We ALWAYS use proper money management so its impossible to go from a $2000 account to $600 when we risk 1-2% unless you specifically had your risk settings increased way beyond this.

In closing, we are a transparent, reputable trading company that posts our true results every day, has a positive winning track record, and will defend anyone making

false claims against us.