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Updated: Aug 23, 2018
1.709 · 159 REVIEWS
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Windsor Brokers has filed a lawsuit against some of its own clients over negative reviews and forums posts. Windsor Brokers also included the FPA's parent company in this lawsuit. CLICK HERE to see the facts about this.

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1.709 · 159 REVIEWS
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David Cooper,
vancouver, Canada,
Aug 23, 2018,
Registered user

Bad customer service

After reading all the bad reviews on here I thought that I would try them anyway and so I signed up for their $30 free account promotion.. I submitted all of my documents and waited. After 4 days I received a threatening email saying that if you don't answer your phone when we call you will be denied the account opening and therefore its in you best interst to answer when we call.. what a joke I am supposed to sit poised by the phone in fear of not answering for their silly promotion....anyway I to the best of my knowledge and after having looked at my call log did in fact receive no such call. Also in the email they did state that they had verified all of my documents so this part was satisfactory or so I thought. So here we are now 5 days down the road after sending in documents and I contact support. First they tell me to refer to my email and to which I respond I had looked over email but I simply wanted to know what the status of my application was. Their reply we sent you an email telling you that your address verification document was not acceptable....anyway I have been through this type of bs crap from bucket shops before so I am running the other direction and thank god did not get involved with these morons...and so should you.
Aug 5, 2018,

I've tried trading with windsor with their no deposit bonus offers.

Overall experience, everything works fine to me. Connection are great, customer support works fine. But i never done any deposit or withdrawal so i can never say anything about these particular points.

The only things that turn me off from continuing trading with them is the practice of hedging customer account when margin is 20% and below. They claim to 'help' customer JUST IN CASE they wish to keep the trade, they make a deposit to add available margin and close all the hedging trades by themselves.

As of my personal views on the term JUST IN CASE, it is like to them that customer ALREADY loss their entire account, because you can't do anything at this point except to make a deposit. If you close trades, all will lead to total loss anyway DUE TO THEIR HEDGE TRADES.

To me, this is THE WORST PRACTICE that any broker shall do. So i will surely leave these broker and find other.
jordan, Jordan,
Dec 12, 2017,

A deceptive broker

I won the Facebook contest but refused to pay
He asked for money to be credited in order to be added the prize and though they said it was cash
Cyprus, Cyprus,
Jul 20, 2017,

Solid and reliable broker with very good and friendly service ! Over 30 years of experience in the market says a lot.
Forex Peace Army
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5 Star rating removed.

This review came from the same location in Cyprus which has been used by 2 Windsor Brokers employees in the FPA's forums.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

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Jun 3, 2017,
Registered user

this is the scam happened to me and some of my fiends after dealing with Windsor brokers company .. we have been stolen by the company at the same time which proofs there is something fishy regarding the company . and when you ask about your account statement you face a huge bad attitude from their customer service representative . we have all the documents that proofs all the funds transferred to their usd account @ Barclays bank plc , London . i guess they were planing to steal our money from day one . we are still waiting for the FPA to help us get our money back as a part of integrity and honestly .
Adel Dahan,
Cairo , Egypt,
Jun 1, 2017,
Registered user

Lost all my cash..

It was a terrible experience dealing with Windsor, I lost all my money within a period of a month, and they even didn't send me a warning.
May 31, 2017,
Registered user

A well known broker gone BAD. No idea why an old broker like windsor starts ripping off people after all those years of success
Moscow , Russian Federation,
May 30, 2017,
Registered user

I have an account with Windsor Brokers through their Business Introducer Legacy Pro. The account was churned to a handful of dollars instead of reported gains on the principle of thousands of dollars. I found out when I made a withdrawal request and never received a reply or the money. After contacting Windsor and insisting on having access to my account's statement I found it almost empty and those reported gains are all fake and the principle amount all gone. That happened in contradiction to a maximum loss trading threshold as per terms agreed upon. Their business introducer then dissolved and the one who is supposed to be the CEO had gone through an assult on his life. Windsor acts dishonestly and denying any responsibility although the account was methodologically and professionally burned out through the business introducer account who traded on mine only in losses. Later I found it that this process has be applied to all of the other clients. Windsor Brokers was represented by that business introducer and burning out the accounts were done with their knowkedge through their system. That's a scam scheme.
Hesham M. Shalaby,
Cairo, Egypt,
May 30, 2017,
Registered user

Notorious Forex Brokerage Co. "Windsor Brokers Ltd."

Windsor Brokers are real scammers. They stole / hide somewhere the huge invested savings of more than 500 victim Egyptian clients with them since 2015 !!

We have all the evidence & docs to prove & validate our genuine fraud case with them, and thus if they remained playing their famous naive & jerk role, we will surely nail them out shortly at all fronts (legally & publicly to shut down their fraudulent business ASAP)...

Until then, watch out & never deal with such a notorious scamming forex company...
Cairo , Egypt,
May 22, 2017,
Registered user

Personal experiment

Surely this broker is dishonest in dealing with customers....
My experiment with them was terrible , anyway these is not an individual case..
I think we're hundreds suffering from unethical transactions....
Take care..

Apr 25, 2017 - 1 Star A very bad company as they are not dealing with transparency.... vice versa they are dealing for their own benefit only...