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Updated: May 21, 2015
4.188 · 14 REVIEWS
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Masterforex-V is a forex education company. Master forex-V offers forex training materials. Masterforex-V.com's traders school includes fundamentals of forex trading, forex technical analysis, forex fundamental analysis, currency futures etc for your personal learing in forex market.


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Trading MasterForex-V World Academy is 10 years in business and 4 years in a row officially recognized as the "Best FOREX Training in Europe 2009-2013".


-Within its walls made more than 100 discoveries in the field of technical and wave analysis of financial markets

-MasterForex-V World Academy is welcoming you to use our Free Traders School

-Join our Free Live Trading Room and enjoy the experience of trading with a professional trading coach

-Join our Free Live Trading Room and enjoy the experience of trading with a professional trading coach


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4.188 · 14 REVIEWS
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Jun 26, 2009,

Just like everybody i have lost my first deposit since than i have been looking for an education were first of all i wont waste my time and end up like 95% of the traders, so i start hearing about masterforex-v school especially how few brokers hate the school and the students even why you bring the name masterforex-v on their forum you will be kicked out for life (yes its been proven if you don't believe try for example Alpari) and second thing got my attention is a place on his website were he got some of his students who won all over the world contests they were mostly 1-2 and 3 places now that showed me a real result not only talk and promises like others do. Its been abut 6 months now and at this moment I can actually understand or beginning to understand how Forex works and why it makes it moves, I don't look stupid looking for patterns and figures etc.. Iam actually on the way to be a professional trader thet is on of the 5% successful ones. Praise God and thank you Вачеслав Васильевич Vacheslav Vasilevich.
Dec 30, 2008,

I'm the first member on their forum. Registration date 02 Oct 2005. At that time the first book cost $100, and there was the full system, then after sometime appeared the 2nd book, and now the 3d. You know maybe tommorow will be the 4th book. And will no end of books named 'The MF systems'.
I am sure that it's dead end for beginners because there is NO SYSTEM. There is no real statement from the owner of the books. He is good psychologist and analitic but he is not a trader.
You can just read only free books. It would be enough.
ps. sorry for my english
Aug 11, 2008,

About Masterforex V:
Is about a book which costs $300 USD which try to explain the MasterForex V trading concept in the Forex Market.
It was first written in Russian with the most horrible English translation you have ever read, and in a lot of the graphics the explanation is still in Russian.
If you are a newbie in the Forex Market do not buy this book, it is one of the most difficult books I have ever read and I have a decent knowledge of the Market.
I got good tips from it, I must say Vyatcheslav Vasilyevitch (the author) knows about what he is talking about but sadly it is not focused on English speaking students even though they are trying.
The forum it is 90% focused on Russian speaking students also.
- If you are a newbie stay away
- If you are a seasoned trader buy it have lots of patience going through a lot of grammatical errors, disorganized material and have a Russian to English dictionary
Mukachevo Ukraina,
Feb 4, 2008,

If to say the truth, probably I am the youngest member on Masterforex-V forum.
I'm omly 17.
I have started to study Forex at 16.
I have read a lot of books, tried different TS.
But I had the same result always - money loss.
And then I have found Masterforex-V book. Everything has changed.
Only few months have passed and now I am making profit and all because of Masterforex-V, and personally thanks to Vyatcheslav Vasilyevitch!
I'd give Nobel Prize to this book, because there you can find anything, that others didn't know (or didn't tell).
It is not just a book, it is revolution in Forex!
With Best Regards,
Dec 21, 2007,

I don’t think that a lot of people read this information, but maybe it will help some of them not to waste money.

If you want to be a real trader masterforex-v.su is for you!!!!

It is not a promotion, it is my experience. And I don’t want to convince somebody, I hope everyone know 95% of traders lose their deposits (I lost my first deposit too). Why does almost everyone believe in becoming rich without any knowledge in this sphere? - I think this is our psychology.
I can say I found this site myself, first of all I read two books, which are in free access and only 5 month later I decided to become a junior in this very friendship team. I have already studied one year and trade real account. I don’t want to boast of anything, I only tell you – my profits are higher than my losses. 
Good luck everyone who wants to make money on forex!!!!
But remember please - IT IS HARD WORK, NOT EASY MONEY!!!

P.S. It is only my point of view.
And excuse me for my English.
Republic of Belarus,
Dec 18, 2007,

I was attracted to the Forex in 2001 because I liked the very idea of the great possibility to make a lot of money just using a computer.I’d began to study piles of books about the Forex and finally began to trade on demo account applying my newly acquired knowledge. But I failed. I had never could understand why the direction of my trade was in the direction opposite to the price move almost every time I traded. I was always able to identify the reversal and continuation patterns on charts but only after the fact. I had never been able to do it in real time. I’m definitely a very lucky person because all my numerous depos I completely burnt were demos.But fortunately somewhere around the year 2003 I’d accidentally stumbled across Master Forex web-site. I’ve began to study the Forex there and the situation had began to change. As far as I proceed in my education I learned more and more tools of the system that really WORK. It works in identifying the direction of current trade session and, what is more important, it works IN REAL TIME. Every single tool of the system is quite simple and well-known. Among them are channels, zigzags, fractals, William’s awesome oscillator and others, but the trick is that they work only if applied together in a combined sort of way. It’s MF web-site what just helped me combine these tools properly and to trade in the same direction the price moves.
Andrew, Kiev,
Dec 14, 2007,

Ukrainian SCAM group that just makes money by "teaching" people how to trade. Do not waste your money and time on them.
All traders in Ukraine and Russia know that these guys can not be trusted. This is 100 % SCAM.
All these REVIEWS are from people in this team. This is b***s***!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
Vilnius, Lithuania,
Dec 10, 2007,

Hi All

I found the Forex for me about 3 month ago. And right away have the problem - never in available books can read in which the points open or close dealings, on which timeframe work. I begun to dealing without any trading system and very quickly lost my deposit. I have red B. Williams again. And again how I can take profit using B.Williams trading system I did not understand... As result - profit is minimum, loss - maximum. Browsing Internet I found the book "Forex secrets from professional trader or what Bill Williams, Murphy, Larry Williams, Schwager, Demark, etc. have not told about Forex to Forex traders". It is the bestseller!!! I have red 2 parts at 1 night! Many things became clear. After payment of 3d part "Points of opening and closing of dealings at the Forex market (basic course)" all in general became simple. On forum every day I can read analitics and recommendations for trades. If I have a question I ask it on forum and more skilled traders will answer them. And so - every day!

Best regards,
Dec 3, 2007,

I like this Mastergorex-V web forex-academy for different reasons:
- There are many traders there who has real trading experience and trade profitably during the many years, they share their opinion on market situation and it is really helpful for a novice
- There is a library with the most interesting books regarding different aspects of forex and options trading
- There are seminars for those who want to study more carefully with one of the most profitable traders
- And of course the are charts on different meters regarding trading including psychological questions
But most of all I like the spirit of help to each other – you can ask about anything regarding your trading and you will get an answer from the pro-trader – this is really helpful.
Anthony Schneider,
Cherepovets, Russia,
Nov 29, 2007,


I just want to add my 2 cents.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading Masterforex-V books and right now I can give you my opinion.

First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Anthony Schneider. Yes, you got it right, I am a half German. :) Still, I can't speak German, but there is some German blood that running through my veins.

I am forex trader with only 2 years of trading experience, but I already have good trading system. As far as I know, bad system (or no system) means pain in the ass for any trader, and all of you are eager to have the method of trading that will become the Holy Grail for you. Don't want to disappoint you, but there is no Grail, and you must understand this first to find something that will help you.

I have found a system, which works for me on this site.

There are 3 books on the site - the 1st and the 2nd are free.
In the 1st you can read all basics about the forex: different systems, famous books by the forex classics, common mistakes of the newbies... And so on, a lot of useful things.

I can’t say that I know everything right now, but some base knowledge and DEFINITE system - yes. I spent 1 and a half year in vain, and it was like a lightning strike upon my head to read this book.

In the 2nd book I have found all main technical indicators and what is more important - definite description how to use it.
I’ve built up my system on the basis of this book. Right now I try to use and test it everyday on the demo account. Some trades I do on the real one. I don't want to force you and your decision, but I can say that it works for me. At least everyone can give it a try and read only those chapters, which he interested in.

Right now I am studying in the Masterforex-V Trading Academy. I will share with you my thoughts about its educational system later.

But you can simply send me a letter via E-Mail on nthint@yandex.ru and ask me any questions that you are interested in. I will try to answer to you as soon as possible.

Good luck in your trading!

With Best Regards,
Anthony Schneider.