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Updated: Nov 23, 2023
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Nov 23, 2020,
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Mediocre and over hyped

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Daniel Savage is selling a dream. No doubt the man can trade himself but his course and his signals are well below average. I paid for the signals service, and before receiving any signals, viewed previous signals in the telegram group. After I saw he was always posting TP1 HIT!!! and getting hyped over 10 pips profit with a 50 pip stop loss and never acknowledging any losses, realised this is trash. I asked for a refund and took a week to get a response, which was "we don't do refunds for signals" despite the website saying to contact regarding refunds. This was was about 2 months ago and I can see he's now removed the signal service, probably because it was traaassssshhhh.

The course has some ok info and does put everything into a useable strategy. Ego on 1000% which can be off putting because he keeps talking himself up and just sort of skims over the strategy. A lot of him going back on previous charts and "I made $2k here, it was crazzzzyy" and "if you entered here you would have made 5k" with no real substance.

And Daniel, don't contact me unless it's about a refund.
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