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AGMarkets is a forex broker. Absolute Global Markets offers the MT4 and STATUS forex trading top platform. offers over 40 forex currency pairs, commodities, indexes and metals for your personal investment and trading options. is NOT related to

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Slovenija, Slovenia,
Jul 19, 2020,
Registered user

AG misleads its customers by fraudulently extorting money from t

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I reveal the low performance of AG Through a sponsored link on the Facebook platform under an undefined name, they address stakeholders and promise untrue things. Via the Viber link, they send detailed friendly instructions on how to proceed and do not forget to emphasize that you will soon geta a call from a personal broker, who must be followed unconditionally. The broker uses proven methods of fraud to trick the client into paying at least € 250. This is too little for success, so he insists that the party invest significantly more than it had anticipated at the promises of fabulous earnings. He don’t forget to ask, how you’re going to spend all money you get. He even suggests a fabulous destination, Maldives.
After that you realize, it is AG Payments are made indirectly by making a deposit, for example, on Bitstamp, buying Bitcoins, making a transfer to AG, thus the transfer is hidden. The broker contacts the client at least twice a week by phone, where no callback is possible. +44 country number, Switzerland. Broker e-mail: The broker calls on the phone. We cover up any incriminating evidence. Trading is progressing well, twice a week or more, the only thing I have no comment on is the only positive point of AG or a specific broker.
You ask the broker for some payouts. No problem, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I suggest a € 3,500 increase. He suggests € 9,700, but you have to pay another 10% of the amount on the dashboard before that. Commendable. You pay the required amount through an indirect cryptocurrency provider. The dashboard is in the process of being withdrawn € 9,700. There is no payout. Request canceled. The next day broker. Oh, something went wrong, the transfer still went by mistake on the dashboard. Let's increase the payout request to € 15.300. There is no payout.
A few days later, another person calls from the same phone. The broker is absent, I will arrange the payout. I don't have the money anymore, I've borrowed it before. There is another € 1,500 in the bank account to pay the previous month's arrears and the current month's living expenses. Broker, no problem, make a payment, in an hour the payment is in your bank account. This was 6.7.2020, after payment, the payment of was rejected, there is no promised call of the broker.

Since 03.07.2020 there is no tradings on my dashboard. A few days ago, I sent an email to a broker with a notice that I would post to the FPA. It followed from the same number with amazement if I really checked that there was no remittance. In my country, such an act has all the elements of the crime of business fraud in a qualified manner. My writing is based on the material evidence I keep. Avoid AG by far.