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Updated: Apr 15, 2024

What is NLFXAndCrypto(Was NLFXScalpsAndHedges)?

NLFXAndCrypto offers forex trading education course and signals service.

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Established: 2019
Contact:, +13054239743

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Bogota, Colombia,
May 28, 2020,
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Dear fellow traders, almost 2 months after my initial review, Solomon found my post, instead of accepting that I'm performing my due diligence before spending $700 on his course and instead of helping providing some additional information to enhance my trust, he's convinced e-mail is a place for street quarrel, judge by yourself:
(I'm disclosing his email address because it's already public at his website and youtube channel, also he uses to post his "student's" email almost in every single video)

On Thu, May 28, 2020, 2:46 PM Never Lose Forex FX <> wrote:

You are so stupid. I just saw your post on forexpeacearmy. You clearly have nothing better to do. The account being posted on YouTube is for my students. If you payed attention and watched all my videos you would know this. Secondly I trade accounts for investors so they can be big or small. Just because I showed you 1 of those accounts doesn’t mean that’s all. What is wrong with you? Did I beg you to buy my course? I’m a very busy person do you think selling course is the only thing I have to do? Do you really think it’s my major goal? What is really your problem? Imagine I took out messages and posted it on YouTube you don’t even have any sense of privacy. You emailed for course and I didn’t really care to sell. The website was not built by me and I don’t even know how to build the website. I paid someone to do my website I have no idea what he did to the SEO I didn’t even know what that meant till now. What’s the point of all you did? I’m happy I didn’t sell my course to you. I know you would’ve shared it to others. I have no student complaining imagine finding out someone who didn’t even buy my course going online to spread hate! Can you just imagine. What’s the whole point of all this? Can you just tell me because I don’t understand human beings like you. No one has ever complained just you who didn’t even buy the course can you imagine? Even copy pasted our messages. Is that how you run your life?

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 23:19 Miguel <*****> wrote:


I'm not getting paid for my opinion and I don't have any interest in discredit your course, as the title states, I was just looking for unbiased opinions and real performance in one of the world's top most traders community. If you feel uncomfortable with my post, I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention otherwise I would have notified you in a rude way, like you are replying. Ask your students to post verified records and prove I'm wrong, so many ways like myfxbook, fxblue, MQL5, even FPA verification service or simply uploading unedited videos, many seasoned real traders would be interested in your services if legit. Otherwise I'll post an update with your insults which just reveals how unprofessional is the person behind the scenes and would warn newbies to stay away.

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 3:28 PM Never Lose Forex FX <> wrote:

F*** you and your opinions post it. You are so stupid. You really think I care if people care if I’m professional or not? What is really your problem. I don’t care if anyone buys my course it’s just something I do on the side. It seems that can’t get through your thick biased skull. You are too used to desperate course sellers who will do anything to please you so they can get small chicken change from you. Do you think I need your money? What’s your problem. The message you posted didn’t have the full context which means you wanted people to see it from your own angle in the first place. I don’t even understand how someone who has not bought the course can be so bothered. I’m not asking my students to prove s***. You are acting so entitled. Imagine me disturbing my students because of 1 sale. I could’ve done this so easily I have multiple emails where my students sent they’re investors passwords. I know you won’t believe so I don’t care. Do whatever you want to do I don’t care. Warn whoever you want to warn I don’t care. Idiot. I’m fact if you like post this message. Keep on wasting your time and life. Your goal is clearly not to learn how to be useful to yourself in life. Simple information on YouTube you couldn’t even understand or know the full details before you emailed me in the first place I can’t expect to have a sensible conversation with you. Imagine you threatening me and expecting me to comply. You’re such a b**** it shows you have no control in your own life so you go online to try to control other people’s lives. Even on my YouTube channel I tell people I don’t care if you buy my course and I talk how I want with curse words. Do as you please seems internet has given you small power so go as power mad as you want. Since this is the biggest thing to happen to you in your life. Go ahead.

Mar 30, 2020 - No Rating Dear fellow traders, I'd like to get non biased reviews if possible with some verifiable portfolio, I was about to buy the mentorship package and the payment failed then I got a reply to my inquiries which made me extremely cautious, judge by yourself:
(The reply includes his real email published at and at the youtube Channel Never Lose Forex FX )
On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 21:14 Miguel <*****> wrote:
Hi Solomon,

On Friday afternoon I got a bank alert about declined transfer for security, I informed the bank it was authorized but they said I must re schedule the transaction.

Then I took the weekend to check in detail your recent videos because for several days you uploaded the same trading day from past March13and not all the recent days, then I was concerned about a small video editing which make me feel its a demo account, even though at the top of the screen it may say live18 anyone can edit a recording to show "Live", then I contacted my account manager at ICM and he checked your
videos, he confirmed those trades were not executed at their MT4 live18 server.

Unfortunately I can't afford to spend time and hard earned money with a demo trader, don't take it personal please, its just my due diligence which I performed thanks to the bank alert.

Now I understand why many times you avoided to provide myFXbook when several traders requested it, in the following link you can check my portfolio, it shows which of my systems are demos and which are live, you said the reason why you don't share yours is because someone could copy your strategy, but myFXbook allows to easily edit privacy settings to show only what you want to show like account balance, gains and account type (demo/real)and that's it, you can hide history, open orders, account number, everything else.

Please check the attached screenshot from my privacy settings of one of the accounts, my portfolio is only showing balances and gains, not disclosing any details about my strategies.

I'm honestly interested in your system but I need to make it clear, as an alternative we could have a very quick shared screen over hangouts or Skype so I can see your live screen, not a recording then I'll disregard my account manager because maybe he just searched wrongly your orders information.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you can clear my doubts.

Stay health, safe and have a nice trading week ahead,


On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 1:39 PM Never Lose Forex FX <> replied:
Honestly this is too much stress for less than a thousand dollars. I trade multiple accounts and my investors sometimes pull out and then come back so I don’t see the point of myfxbook. I do live sessions where I take trades with students(even the ones who pay for the video course) and if it was on demo someone would’ve called me out by now. If you don’t believe it’s real then don’t buy the course. I’m fine with that as you can see I wasn’t disturbing you for the money in the first place 

Then he attached a short clip with just a bunch of far pending orders (BUY Stops and so on) at 1H Charts which he never uses on videos and a balance way smaller than the seen on public videos which is usually huge.
You will find a lot of cheap backlinks on google linking to his website typical black SEO campaings.
I'm just looking for honest performance, honest reviews, thank you!
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