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Updated: Jan 11, 2024
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Mark P
England, United Kingdom,
Feb 20, 2021,

Beware of the Mehabe scam

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I invested £25k with Jeremy Jeremy, he was very polite and formal, all seemed ok for first week but I noticed just thousands of really small trades that all had charges, gradually over few weeks my DD reached 50%. Two month later after thousands of trades that paid them some fees I was left with £24k DD and £300 in the bank.

When I complained and asked for my money back I was threatened with legal action against me??????

I never once got an opology and never got any money back, awful company and Jeremy even had the cheek to ask for more money to try and save my account!!!!

Never touch this company, I lost all my £25k in fully managed service within 3 months, I’m no expert but would have done better myself! They just rely on placing thousands of trades with your money and making cash on the fees as long as it lasts.

I cannot believe people can get away with this type of thing. I will keep posting warnings so that it stops even one person losing everything at least that’s better than I did! NEVER Invest with this company. complete SCAM.