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Updated: Apr 7, 2024

What is Adamis Principle?

Adamis Principle is a London-based forex training company. offers education and mentoring services in FX trading.

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Jan 26, 2024,
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Inadequate Quality! NOT RECOMMEND

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
SoI went for the 3month mentorship, and they even gave me a VIP 30% discount. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't enroll even with a 90% discount.

For additional context, after I have enrolled and looked through the videos and a few morning shows, a few coaching videos, I asked for a refund in 2 days. Answer: No refunds. Adam even told me it will be a good lesson for me to learn to not sign up for things without first digging deeper :) So make sure you ask what's their refund policy and also ask if they have a track record. After two nos' make your own judgement.

For the price of $4000 (with no discount) you will get:

a) 17 videos, that are as basic as anything gets, the type of information you will find googling in a couple of minutes. Apart from that, there is no agenda in the videos- they are not really related, nor they build on each other, just a bunch of random information thrown at you. There are no examples by actual trading and wait till you see the attached materials. A few random charts or slides with different formatting thrown into a pdf and that's your learning materials! If you had done trading in the past, there is likely almost nothing you will learn from the videos- well, maybe hear a new idea or two.

b) A WhatsApp chat full of beginners. When they ask questions like "what is a model fund" which they can google in 23 seconds, you ask yourself why you are even here. Chat also provides you with headlines. Let me save you 4k- go to CNBC and find some headlines.

c) Coaching sessions. That's a big Q&A session once a week for the group. Since you learned nothing from the videos and chat is useless, what do you ask about? There is no actual agenda so you cannot build on your new knowledge, but to ask some new random stuff.

d) They position themselves as tradable macro experts, so you would expect to learn about it, yes? Spoiler alert: There is almost no information how to identify/trade the macro and even so, the "tradable" macro is mostly the things found in calendar.

d) lastly, where the value lies. "The access to 35+ years of trading experience" by having Patrick and Adam contacts. That's true, you can ask them about the current market or what they think about your trade, etc. But its all random, you get it? There is no real curriculum! They don't actually go into detail of teaching you how to make your own judgement.