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Johan Nordstrom
Updated: Apr 5, 2024
What is Trading Walk?

Trading Walk is a forex training company founded by Johan Nordstrom

TradingWalk provides trading tools, courses, and one on one mentorship etc. to help traders learn how to trade forex.

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Melbourne, Australia,
May 17, 2020,
Registered user

I was scammed by Johan from Trading Walk

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
This is just a quick warning to those interested in purchasing one of Johan’s systems. I had the very unfortunate experience of being scammed by Johan. I had hoped he’d be one of the “good guys” in this business but I was clearly wrong. I purchased the TrendPulse Pro system for $37 per month and then upgraded to a lifetime license for $197. I ended up paying a total of $197 PLUS $37 = $234 and this is clearly not correct according to the information Johan provided to me at the time I was given the option to upgrade. I should have only paid $197. I queried this with Johan and got a short, flippant answer advising I had paid the correct amount even though I showed him his webpage that clearly spelt out that I would only have to pay $197. Due to me questioning the price I paid, Johan has now taken away my ability to use the TrendPluse Pro system. So, in effect he has stolen $234 from me and I have got nothing in return. Johan has shown himself to be deceitful and dishonest. I have no respect for people masquerading as professionals in the field of forex and binary options field who blatantly SCAM people and rip people off as Johan had clearly done to me. I would stay well away from Johan and his systems due to his actions which clearly show scam-like behaviour.