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London, United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2021,
Registered user

Scammed by ufx

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I was scammed to the tune of 65000 gbp by dave Clarkson from ufx back in 2018 still not received anything back from ufx and now they no longer trade within the uk.
Croatia, Croatia,
Mar 29, 2021,
Registered user misled my account and made me lose 24k euro altogether

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Account number 100197. Last year in February I've been robbed for 10k Euro dealing with a fraud broker who told me that he couldn't have done anything because the market went against me due to Trump's politics. Trying to find a solution to make up the loss, I've come across Plutus. pro and their account manager Dante Lynch who seemed very nice. He was one of those managers who you want to follow when they change the company. I have learnt a lot from him. He presented the offer of completely safe and secure trading on the behalf of the client. There were opportunities related to oil and gold and the offer had a sense. Made an agreement with his upper manager Dylan Nash about investing with them but only with fixed monthly withdrawals. Nothing was scam alike except that they didn't want to provide any contract, their trading licence and didn't want to provide a physical address in London. Still, there was a bonus form that needed to be signed in order for the bonus to be provided. They were both speaking perfect English, Dante was very polite with a rich vocabulary. They made an impression of highly educated chaps that they stated as well. Dylan said there was absolutely no problem in sending fixed monthly withdrawals because they were used to work that way. I didn't go with the full amount I could even though he requested it giving a 100% bonus on top of it. Since I didn't go with 30k, he wasn't willing to trade for me and I started with Dante. I lowered the amount again just in case of security which he didn't take very well. I stated many times that my goal was long term trading thus it was normal to me to be respected in order for him to have a lucrative future on my account. The first month went smoothly and I withdrew the agreed after which he offered increasing investment to buy bitcoin which also had a sense. However, I was still overburdened with my existing investment and I declined the offer. He scored great trading gold and sent me an analysis that showed a gap right next to a peak. He reopened the buy position and the same day the minus erased everything that gold scored so far. After that incident with gold, I traded by myself as well and made 6k for which I didn't ask the withdrawal because I wanted to be fair and make up for the unexpected lowering of my investment. It was a thing that kept lingering in my mind. Soon after that and around the time of the next withdrawal he suggested opening stock trade to get out of an extended minus in the account. However, that trade went 6k in minus and now the account was 80% in minus. I reckon that trades in minus are normal when the setup is well calculated, however, it was a time of my withdrawal and instead of some apologies I got an account in minus and no sign of guilt from his side. We all knew that those withdrawals were key to start this project. I requested a change of a manager and got one who was of a completely different character and had no idea about what I negotiated with Dylan Nash who was his upper manager as well. Dylan told him that they made me the agreed sum. Since I didn't want to lose some good profits I traded by myself and at some risky point, I asked Kevin Shaw to take it over. He didn't focus on it at all and just hedged. Called immediately and said that Dylan told him that I have 20k to invest more and if I could invest it as soon as possible. I said that the only sum I could invest was 3k which he declined saying that it wasn't enough. I asked for opening another account and trading some clear directions and transacting the money to the one in trouble. He said that that wasn't going to help much. He said that continuous everyday trading wasn't going to help either. I concluded that it was the end, I made a mistake in trading and asked for the withdrawal of the money that was left in the equity. There was 16k left, 6k cash and 10k company's credit. He said that it was not the option and that he made up an agreement with his high management to accept 3k on top of which he will give a 100% bonus. With that, he wanted to start unedging the hedged. I declined and said that if he could now accept 3k that he didn't want earlier, then he could trade as well, get rid of some trades, lose some money in the account but still recover it. There was a 50k in balance. What followed is that one day I opened buy position of eurusd 1 lot and asked him to monitor it in case of a reversal. He closed my right position, opened the opposite one with 4 lots and left it like that the whole day. That trade lowered the equity even more. I complained about this to the support only to receive a phone call from Peter Saroo, the office manager, saying that I was the problem, that I was mingling into Kevin's job and that I had to choose whether to invest 10k with him or to lose everything. I said that the only thing I wanted was to withdraw my 6k and go away. He said that in that case he would make a decision and started to trade. The next day Kevin proposed his offer to invest 10k with him for which he will send me 2-5% of the monthly withdrawal in a six month period with a contract. He said that the account had an immense buying potential and that nobody didn't want to lose an account of that size. There was an agreement with Dylan that Dante would trade for me in a six month period after which I would withdraw some sum and left the rest for continuous trading. At the time when I got Kevin as my new manager, Dante had already made the amount we agreed upon, but it was visible only in balance, not in the equity to go to my pocket. The only thing I wanted from Kevin was to just continue with that first agreement even with lowered equity (which I messed up - I accepted it as my mistake in the end) or if Kevin didn't have any interest in working with me to just let me withdraw and leave. I asked for the change of the manager at the end of the second month with Dante. I declined Kevin's offer because I didn't actually have 10k available. For this whole period, Dylan (the highest positioned manager of all of them) became inexistent and told me to work things out with Kevin because he didn't have any interest in working with me anymore. My whole investment so far was making something out of nothing. After a day or two, Kevin let a heavy trade eat even more of the equity and even 6k of the company's credit. When I asked him what was going to happen with my account he said: You know what you must do next - invest 10k to save the account. I got terribly scared now of losing the account and Peter Saroo, the office manager called and said that with the new investment he was going to trade on my behalf and that he won't let anything bad happen anymore. He stated that the equity was very low in comparison with the balance but added that Kevin said that he would trade to build it up. Peter and Kevin stated that all this was possible only thanks to them, because nobody didn't want to trade with me anymore. Kevin said that the plan was to monitor the account and make decisions on a daily basis. Now being scared of the total erase of the account, having Peter's words on my mind and Kevin's that nobody didn't want to lose my account - and being pushed against the wall, I somehow made the new investment of 8.5k for the unhedging and the continuation of the deal done with Dylan and Dante. 6k of my investment filled up the missing credit and now the equity was 21k, of which 19k was the company's credit. The balance wasn't 50k but 80k now. Kevin called the next day and said that the upper management didn't believe that my account could be saved and that he fought for my account like never before in his life. Peter closed some positions and opened some new positions. The account at the end of December was set up to profit from the increase of CL, EUR and GOLD. Except that none of them didn't touch anything in the account. There was no day to day decisions making, no trades to increase the equity, no switching directions, risk management, nothing. When I complained and wanted to hear from Peter I never received an answer. When I complained to Kevin he was only repeating that it was a fight to keep the account alive every single day. The equity was getting lower and lower, but the credit this time wasn't changing. When it came to the margin call, Kevin requested 2,3 or 4k to open cryptos. But my account was stagnating in the mids of crypto hype since December when a lot could have been done with cryptos. After 10 days he requested 5k in order to open cryptos. I asked to speak with the high management and Dylan finally showed up again and said that if I refused to invest 5k he was going to close my account because he must pay to a provider. I said that that was not fair because I already invested 8.5k for the salvage of the account. He responded that he didn't want to point finger at anybody and that life simply isn't fair. And added that the market went against me once again. And that if I had invested with him, this wouldn't have happened. Is this a scam or something else was going on here I will never know, but exactly a year after speaking with Dylan I have 24k euro less, 14.5k (6+8.5) being a true robbery.