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Updated: Feb 24, 2023
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Reset-Invest is a forex broker. Reset Investment Management offers the MT4 and MT4 Mobile forex trading top platform. offers a number of forex pairs, stocks, indices, commodities and precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.

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Switzerland, Switzerland,
Jul 28, 2020,

Watch out, scam "broker"

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
As I read in different forums plus made an own experience, there will be an Asian woman getting in touch trough Dating apps or similar, first writing normally and then at some point bringingbup how she earns a lot of money, this will awake the interest and she will suggest you to open a demo account. With this account you will make a lot of profit as they control the rates and some of the advice will be when they take control of the rates. Over time the suggestion will be to open a real money account and to deposit a few thousand, always pushing for more ("lower risk"). Everything will go smoothly until you wabt a first withdrawal, maybe she will even help to fill out the withdrawal form and you will get an email saying it is under review. However, this takes for ever and either the result will be "you must have a minimum 50k on account" or "pls wire 30% of taxes of the withdrawal amount". Of course, you will never see any dime back.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 19, 2020,

Reset Investment management is a Fraud company

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
HI All ,

Dont trade with Reset investment management any more . They are fraud company . My friend got a message from one lady called Bella and Ali . Initially they talk nicely and ask us to do trading with them , we open a account and we transfer the money via Pay pal ( She gave me some other site to transfer , i refuse to do that ) .only in pay pal in did it .

I invest only $ 1ooo and start doing the trading , I got profit $7500 . I would like to with draw $5000 , i give the request to Bella , She told me request via Website , But i cant able to submit the request , she told me dont worry i will manage to withdraw the amount .

I keep on checking with her every day on the status of the withdrawal . Finally she message me in wats app as below and block me immediately .

Note : This is her final message to me on watsapp ..

After I asked the customer service again, the customer service finally replied to me, KamalThe $1,000 transferred to the Bank of Hong Kong was not found, so this $1,000 was borne by me, because the company paid in advance, and the PayPal account was closed, and your transfer through PayPal was locked, and it has not been received yet. The company paid in advance and I was ultimately responsible, so when Saran,I didn't reply to her when I offered to transfer money through PayPal. I'm not an irresponsible person or a liar. Because the company is not well managed and I didn't get paid, I hope to help you through my own efforts, but! I won't help investors with less than $100,000 in the future, because I have been treated unfairly. Don't blame Ali, because she is also a victim. Again, I don't want this to happen! At present, the solution is that PayPal can appeal and get your money back. Please do it quickly.

Please don't send messages to scold me! Because I am also a victim! I'm sorry!

The two ladies number i can share here

Bella : +852 5936 2793

Ali : +852 9567 4122

Dont ever trade with any Hongkong or singapore based trading companies , your guys money will go . If you need more information contact me here .
BOGOTA, Colombia,
Jul 8, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
in May I started talking with a Chinese girl ( Amee from HK) due to an app. we start communication via whatsapp and looks really gently
We have both in common with trading (so for these reasons I get scammed). she show me the trading earns that looks really generous and invite to use the account demo of RIM ( reset- Investment)
After that, she creates a group with another girl Named Bella, sending trading suggestions in the demo account. Both offer me to make an investment of 2000 USD. I used my credit card and sent the funds via Moonpay purchasing a cryptocurrency for the transfer. The funds appeared on the MT4 Reset invest account and I started to do trading. Also I invest another 3000 USD because trading shows good earnings and looks profitable. at this moment both were very gently
Looking information about the broker, Bella send me information about the safe of the funds with the following indication, because looks that I was concern about the broker NFA query link
ID is 0522507
This NFA licence corresponds to a broker in the USA, so they use information to scam people.
My account reached 20k USD and I proceeded with the withdrawal of 10k. The withdrawal request was approved after 8 days and the balance was deducted from the account. but after 3 weeks the money does not appear in my bank account. I sent another withdrawal request of 15k with a balance of 200kUSD in the account, and the withdrawal does not appear approved.
I send emails to support but nobody answers, any reply. I asked Bella about the payment status and replied that she will verify with customer support. but after a few days she did not reply to my message. Anyone who replies is a scam.
looking information Bella send me a information from
please be aware of following numbers +852 68 84 86 35 ( Amee)
Bella ( +852 5936 27 93)
Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 5, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Recently got to know someone from macau in wechat, after knowing her for awhile she start giving tip on xauusd. Was not very interested coz I never invest in forex or gold or bitcoin before. She told me to download MT4 under Reset investment management aka to play demo and try.

The tip was very good. So I decided to invest. So she try to intro me her broker from wechat ID - qiangaiting21. I had invested 2800 USD. Everything went smooth in the investment and make a profit of 10k USD.

I told the broker in wechat that I wanted to withdraw 3000 USD. He told me to transfer 3% of my withdrawal money which is 90USD bank tax in order to withdraw. This is the 1st time I invest in this so I not very sure about the rule of withdrawal. So I transfer 90USD to them. After transfer the money, the broker told me that I can't withdraw coz my investment turnover had not meet their requirements of 50k usd turnover. From this I start to suspect is like a scam but still hoping is not..

So I continue to follow her tip and invest. But now I was really careful to listen what she say. And yes, she start asking me to play bitcoin. The 1st bitcoin investment loss 5k usd. Lucky I did set a loss limit, if not I would have loss all the money that night. And I realise something is wrong coz they was like controling the chart, etc when other platform is at 9000, their platform is at 8500 for minutes and will jump back to 9000. From there I not trusting her tip anymore and invest my own.

Surprisingly after week of investment on xauusd. My profit now is 59k usd. And had meet the requirements of 50k usd turnover. So I request to withdraw 3k usd again coz there is a 3% of bank tax, if I withdraw more I need to pay more also. Intend to withdraw this 3k USD and after got the money and use this money to withdraw more.

After request the 3k USD withdrawal. The broker only reply me after 5 days and say will proceed my withdrawal. Said I will receive my money in 3 working days. So I waited, but the money is not transfer yet and when I ask the broker, he did not reply for week until I say I wanted to report police. Then he finally reply. Saying bla bla bla reason.

I told the broker I wanted to withdraw all the money inside 59k usd and I told him to transfer me 50k will do, the rest 9k treat as tax. He say will proceed my request again. And they close my account in MT4.

Now the broker told me I need to transfer 12% tax of 59k usd in order to withdraw this money. And even show me a edited bank receipt and say my money is holding inside the bank now. I went down to the bank and check, the staff told me is not official receipt.

Anyone can enlight me about this? I am The 1st time investing, maybe I did not know the rule of withdraw but I did check and no other company would need to pay 12% tax at all.

Most important I found some scam related to them also.