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Updated: Jun 9, 2024
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4.558 • 42 REVIEWS

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Bavaria, Germany,
Jun 9, 2024,
Registered user

Something for newer and experienced folks

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year

Im not a man of many word but what I can say that this is a trading system that works. Its nothing ive ever seen before joining but if you're dedicated and disciplined enough to learn the whole methodology you'll surely be able to come out profitable at the end and also with a lot more knowledge about what really moves the markets. Alex and Will are doing a great job at teching and they will also answer all questions as thoroughly as possible so that everybody really understands and gets it. Safety and the right money management is top priority number one and taken very seroiusly, this is no get rich quick scheme and they dont promise you that but you will learn to gauge the market in a safe way so that you are always building equity

If you have been system hopping for some time now or you are a newer trader looking for something that works this is the right place. They are also live streaming every day talking about the market conditions and active position management and when the stream is over questions will always be answered in chat in almost no time.

Thank you Alex and Will
Maggie-Rose T.
Montreal, Canada,
Apr 26, 2023,
Registered user

Do not hesitate : you want to succeed this is the place !

This trading room is the perfect place if you want to know how to trade. Their teaching is more than what you can expect from a trading room. They teach you all you need to know about the FOREX. Without them, I will not be the trader I am today.
If your goal is to be a REAL TRADER this is the place to be.
Many scams show you how they are rich and how their life is beautiful, but being a trader is not like that. We don't take time for that, we are always on the market seeing what he can bring us ($).
So, don't be stupid and make things right if you want someday to become successful in trading.
This trading room is dedicated to your success.
The only thing you need to achieve your goal is to subscribe, learn and practice. All will come if you make it through.
The only obstacle to your success in this room will be you...
Thank you Alex !!
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 16, 2023,
Registered user

Genuine Trading Course and Great Mentor

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I joined this course a month ago after watching a great video on Youtube about Market Maker. I wanted to understand more about their trading strategy, and I can say I have no regret so far. I have been watching their study materials (mainly videos) and following live room, I am very impressed specially with Alex who is always there to answer any question and he explains very well to clear any doubt. The other participants in the live room are also very friendly and helpful.

I will try to note down the Pros and Cons of this course which I have noticed so far:

- They teach whole trading system, every aspects of trading starting from analysis ( Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment analysis ), Trade Planning, Money Management, Trade Management , Portfolio Management etc.
- They teach how to trade confidently without fear, how to trade small but generate hundreds of pips daily
- They teach how to come out of a bad trade using Damage Control mechanism
- Live room and Trade simulation videos are great to understand how they trade and the thinking behind their trading
- Alex is a great Mentor and he clears all doubts via direct messages or in the live rooms.

- This is not a so called trade signal room. Although Alex shares his trading plan but focuses more on the teaching so we could trade ourself without his help... so avoid if you don't want to learn and just want trading signal
- This course is not to make millionaire overnight, they don't show off fancy cars or private jet like many youtube traders do -- so avoid if you want to get rich quick and expecting to buy private jet overnight
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Jan dP
Pretoria, South Africa,
Jun 8, 2022,
Registered user

Overall knowledge

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I've been with Mike and Alex for quite a few months . Still learning every day. Their system, if you can call it that, is golden knowledge. They teach how and when to get into trades. And when not to get into trades. How to manage the trades. How to get out of bad trades. How not to blow your account. Impact of macro economics. Even goat herding if you so inclined. :)). They teach the overall knowledge to understand and analyze the markets. If you listen and have patience, you will make it.

Jan 29, 2021 - 5 Stars For me there are two aspects to the room. Firstly, Michael doing the NY session. The way he analyze the market makes the most sense of everybody I have come across. He teaches you to understand the flow of the market, not just place a trade here and place a trade there. He teaches you to use your own brain. He is a bit of a nutter, but that makes him unique and fun to trade with and learn from. On good days there are so many trade opportunities and sometimes hard to keep up. Do what he says and you will be profitable. Secondly, Alex for the London session. Swing and fundamental trading. Much slower and more relaxed.
I'm with them now for close to a year and see no need to look elsewhere. Was profitable from the first day I started trading live.
Nova Scotia, Canada,
Jun 8, 2022,
Registered user

Diamond in the Rough

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
It’s not often that I’m motivated to write a review on any forex mentoring service I’ve used, but this one truly stands out as a leader amongst others and deserves a comment.
Both Mike (now retired) and Alex teach forex trading right from the very basics through to the advanced. I cannot speak more highly of the live trading room sessions where the market is analyzed, technical approaches are suggested and the rationale is clearly explained. Questions are always welcome and encouraged.
It is true that the system is a little unorthodox, but it undoubtedly works and is a ‘pip-generator’ when the techniques are learnt and applied properly.
I would encourage any forex trader to give this service a try - you won’t regret it.
Ottawa, Canada,
Jun 2, 2022,
Registered user

False Advertising - Unprofessional Business

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
I signed up with this gong show after not doing proper research...and unfortunately, didn't watch the whole video on the main page. This program teaches one to trade without using stops!! Also, Michael Storm quit. Despite everything on the the homepage referring to Michael Storm, the site is now being run by his apprentice who has maybe 6 years experience and no formal education in trading. Wow, same here! For this system, you MUST use MT4 and specific indicators because he teaches one of Michael's strategies. No thank you, I want to learn how to trade rather than..."if the blue line crosses the red, and the dots all line up, SELL!!!"
I asked Michael Storm (who was hanging around the chatroom for some reason) for a refund within minutes of signing up, which led to a fall out with Alex, who I would learn is the new owner. Everything on the homepage claims that Michael Storm is the mentor, not Alex. You have to poke around the site to find the part that states Michael no longer teaches. However, after learning that Michael's "system" doesn't use stop losses, I think it's right that he takes a step back from teaching and even enrols himself in another forex program as a student.
In any case, Michael told me he had messaged Alex to ask him to refund me. Apparently Alex was pissed off that Michael had overstepped his boundaries and he wanted me to come to him directly (and beg?). He didn't tell me this at the time however, it came out hours later after I had to file a PayPal dispute. Alex knew I wanted to get refunded, because Michael is the one that told him, and I emailed him and showed him a screenshot of Michael and my chat.
What did I learn at TTM? Michael doesn't use stops, Michael quit, and Alex is a delicate snowflake with little trading experience that gets offended by anything at all. He proceeded to email me several messages stating that I would never "make it" as a trader essentially because Michael Storm IS FOREX and has the only Forex strategy that works. That's very telling.
Reply by thefxmentor submitted Jun 22, 2022:
I'm sorry if you feel like we were unfair. You were a 100% red flag scam alert (subscribing, then immediately filing a complaint with our payment services provider without warning and getting access to our materials in the process). I don't know about snowflake, but reacting as immaturely as you did (using a childish rant as an anonymous attack) after being asked to bugger off seems like the very definition of the word. In any case, good luck with your search.
Toronto, Canada,
May 15, 2022,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
If you are a trader you should really give the course a try for at least one month. The amount of things I’ve learnt in the 3 months I was here is insane. They really gave me the confidence I needed aswell as great technical analysis that I will use for the rest of my trading days. I knew after the first day that this was real deal and grateful I found them when I did.
Perth, Australia,
May 3, 2022,


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Beware it is expensive. Michael strongly recommends you learn how to trade by watching his tutorial video's before you follow along the live room which is New York session only. I think if you are working full-time there is two month's worth of video's to watch at $129 USD a month subscription fee or however much it is.

Some of his student's and probably himself are making alot of money trading from what I know though.

Also if you want to trade for a prop firm that has a max drawdown of 5%. I think his system may not be for you. Due to not using a stop loss and "washing" the trade's by scalping and upon winning a scalp taking part of your losing trade off.

Alex and Michael are always happy to answer question's and are friendly guys.
NCR, Philippines,
Mar 3, 2022,
Registered user

Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight. Serious traders, this is for you

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I want to start off by saying that when we compare trading scores, there is one constant. If you put in the time, meaning you study the videos, attend the London briefings, attend the top down live room during NY session AND follow the advice, then you WILL make money. Majority of the serious members make at least 1% A DAY. Average is 300 to 600 pips DAILY. Some members have daily pip counts between 2000 and 5000. My all time high is 3200 daily pips.

It really works.

Let me say at this point that this is not a signal service. Trades are called out during live trading BUT the foundation is MENTORING. That us why the word “mentor” keeps popping up again and again in the reviews of this program. Not because its in their name but because its mentorship in every sense of the word. They provide a LOT of training and resources which can elevate your trading to a whole new level.
I started with Michael Storm around 10 years ago when he was known as Robin Hood. But I went on a different career for a long while due to major life changes and rediscovered him and Alex a few months ago. Before this time, I have encountered quite a long list of self-proclaimed “gurus” and trading masters and found them lacking in substance and credibility.
Rediscovering the Mike and the FX Mentor program was like coming home. Unlike the first time, I was now in a position to focus fully on the program and it just blew me away and continues to do so every day.
For one thing. The sheer number of resources in their video vaults can easily overwhelm you. But if you have the discipline and drive to watch and understand EACH one, you will see yourself metamorphosize into a truly proficient trader. For one thing, you have training videos on different trading concepts designed to take you from a total newbie to an accomplished trader. They start from the very basic, including chart and hardware setup and go all the way to the more complex subjects. The welcome pack that comes with the program also comes with several FREE and invaluable Metatrader indicators which I found to be so valuable when trading.
As if this wasn’t enough, you also have access to the top-down sessions which is two or more hours’ worth of Michael’s market analysis which contains a wealth of information that encompasses not only FX trading but a lot of other topics from stock trading, world events and even a bit of life coaching.
You see the team of Alex and Michael work so well despite having quite different methods and approaches to trading. They truly complement one another and they have become an essential part of my day. They are both family men, seasoned traders with decades of experience working in different fields, some of them under the market makers themselves so you can see that this provides a very different perspective compared to other similar programs. The two things they have in common is that they are extremely successful traders and they love to teach. Some people might ask, if they are so successful, why are they still selling this program? The answer is that they simply love to teach and see their students improve under their mentorship. You will understand this when you see just how little they charge for the program and how much they give you in return. One of the best bargains in forex training nowadays and it comes with absolutely no hidden costs.
Alex, an economist by training sets up your trading day before the start of the London session. Usually by 1230 – 1 AM Eastern time, he begins posting invaluable information from various sources to provide a context for the days trading. He then goes on to provide annotated charts and analysis to show you exactly a market snapshot of where he is in terms of market exposure.
This is quite detailed with the positions, hedges, reload levels, number of bullets, etc. Alex loves teaching and is very generous with sharing his hard-earned knowledge. He even offers lectures on economics because as every seasoned trader knows, a deep understanding of micro and macroeconomics is key to understanding and anticipating market movements. Oh, and did I mention that this tutoring is FREE?
After Alex signs off, Michael comes on line before 7AM Eastern Time and the live top down session begins usually from 7am to 9pm. In this session Mike painstakingly covers the days outlook for gold, silver, about 26 currency pairs as well as several stocks (more on this later). This top down analysis is chockfull of knowledge and insights which are sure to enhance any traders knowledge regardless of level.
After the top-down analysis, live trading begins and both Mike and Alex are available for any questions and clarifications. This goes on until 12 noon EST after which Mike stays online for occasional trade calls as well as coverage when there are major news releases. Speaking of news, Mike subscribes to a live news service which is aired live as well so that’s just another bonus in this great trading room.
And here’s the cherry on top of all this. Aside from the forex trade calls, Mike also has a concurrent stock trade calls room which is FREE. To date it’s got a 98% success rate which is quite phenomenal and he’s got the accounts to prove it!
To sum it up, here is what you get with The FX Mentor:
1. The Mid Asia /Pre London briefing with Alex. This is a very comprehensive preview of the coming events as well as an analysis of the current market conditions.
2. Tutorials from Alex on economics and other forex trading concepts as requested by any of the members.
3. Trade calls and market events coverage for the next 5 to 6 hours.
4. Michael’s pre NY opening top down analysis which goes on for at least 2 hours.
5. Live trading for the next 3 hours or more if there are major releases at 2pm EST.
6. Concurrent live stock market trading.
7. Tons of forex training videos and even more archived top-down analysis videos.
8. Access to both Mike and Alex for trading questions which they actually prefer to address in the chat rooms so everyone can benefit from the answers.
Let me stress that if you are willing to put in the work and make use of all the knowledge and insights offered by Alex and Mike, you WILL succeed. But if you won’t make the effort to attend the London and NY training and the top-down analysis, you will have a hard time keeping up with the live trades.
This is not for the undecided or the uncommitted so if you are not willing to put in the time and effort, then this is not for you. But if you are committed then this can be your ticket to financial independence. A way to support your family while staying safely at home. You can work from most anywhere as long as you have a fast, stable internet connection.
One last note, you will notice that many of the members have been around for several years. THAT is vivid proof that this program is truly worth its weight in gold. One of the first things that will strike you is that most of the members are quite serious about their trading. Most of the members are friends, and there is quite a lot of camaraderie going on. Personally speaking, I’m here to stay. THIS is the group for me.
So let’s cut to the chase. Is The FX Mentors program worth it? The answer is a resounding YES!
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Virginia, USA,
Feb 17, 2022,
Registered user

MATRIX famed Morpheus's Red Pill Room

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Uncompromising Continuous and Consistent Real Life - Real Time Teaching and Mentoring. Hugely underappreciated and undervalued by the Forex community. BUT,
by every trader no matter what market or life's path traded.
A Good, Tight, Trading Family.
CUDOS to Michael and Alex - The 'Piping' DUO ;))
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