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GMSForex is a forex broker. GMS Forex offers the Mobile forex trading platform. offers a number of forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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Świętokrzyskie, Poland,
Oct 3, 2020,
Registered user - Ponzi scheme

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

GMS Forex - GMS International PTY LTD from website and so called New Bridge Technology from stole my money in a Ponzi scheme. They stole 12455 USD of my own money. They also stole 4820 USD from my brother. They stole this money, using fake trades and software is just the cover for their fraudulent activity. David Ruscelli - public figure and trading expert proves in a video: that they run a Ponzi scheme. In real time he copied autotrading from their fake platform into the real broker environment and results of those copied trades in the real broker environment were completely different - didn't end after 10 seconds with the immediate profit like in the GMS Forex trading environment. In normal trading environment, there is floating profit/loss and you cannot find identical or very similar duration of each trades (10 seconds) like on the GMS Forex MT5 terminal with such results - each time profits, unless they want you to experience complete and utter loss of all of your money in order to steal it, and also you can't find very similar or even identical results after only 10 seconds - all the time - with the same numbers in a row, like for example: 2100, 2100, 1950, 1950 etc. It's impossible. Each of those fake trades lasted approximately 10 seconds with identical and very similar results in a row. GMS Forex trading environment serves the purpose of running very dangerous and sophisticated Ponzi scheme. They cleaned out my account and my brother's account using those fake trades and the software is just an excuse to steal money and run this Ponzi scheme. The only thing this EA 'software' - which by the way I have never seen on my own eyes - can do is just open trades, and the trading environment from GMS Forex isn't even connected to the market. It's totally manipulated and it serves the purpose to run a Ponzi scheme. This trading environment shows fake results to serve the purpose of running a Ponzi scheme. In reality trades on GMS Forex MT5 trading platform are fake and profit/loss doesn't come from the market. Trades are only uploaded in the account history as for the excuse to brutally steal money from their victims. My account was cleaned out with fake trades on fake GMS Forex MT5 terminal - not connected to the market and my money was stolen by GMS International PTY LTD and New Brigde ( - one entity. Currently the case of their Ponzi scheme is at the police and they are checking collected evidence. As it turned out, there are many more victims of their Ponzi scheme.