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Out of business FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd
Updated: Mar 1, 2023
101Investing is a CFD broker. 101 Investing offers the MT4, MT4 WebTrader and Mobile CFD trading top platform. 101Investing.com offers CFD on over 45 currency pairs, commodities, stocks, index, oil, gold, silver, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.
101Investing.com is part of FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd group. Known members of this group include FXBFI.com.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
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Dublin, Ireland,
Sep 29, 2021,


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101 are the most dishonest, manipulative, fradulant and terrorising company that operates in Europe. They truly should be made held accountable at once for their unlawful practice's preying on vulnerable and sincere people.They are clearly breaking the rules and guidelines of CYSEC. And have to be stopped.
My experience began with an initial deposit of €250 the relentless and persistent phone calls began, requesting me to invest more, I expressed my concern that I did not feel safe dealing with them, Stefano an employee insisted my money was safe, that there was an automatic stop loss in place and that I couldn't loose my money.
Tal D was conducting the phone calls now her tactics were very aggressive and manipulative, she insisted I invest a further 50 000. I refused making it clear that it was all my savings and I needed it. She promised me that I would have a profit of €45.000in 3 wks. She continued to persist and funded the account until I transferred the money to her. Herself and Stefano would phone and guide me around the trading platform, telling me what trades to open and close. I had no experience whatsoever, I was being forced to make trades on their requests. When I request to withdraw the profit, I was asked to give a different bank account which I didn't have, the profits disappeared from the account. Tal D requested a further 24.000 euro to fund the account. Which I did not have, she insisted that I borrowed and became abusive. My fund's disappeared rapidly I was unable to withdraw, and wasn't informed how to carry out the procedure.
I raised my concerns with 101, by making an official complaint to the website ( under cysec regulations, the company is not allowed to do aggressive sale, can, t give misleading information, or investment advice and cannot promise any profits, directly or indirect) as I am not happy with this offer that they made to me, if they don't return all my money back, I will raise my complaint with CYSEC and Cy Fobm on the official website, and they will get my money back.
Somerset, United Kingdom,
Dec 29, 2020,
Registered user

Itrader scammed me. Now I found out they are really a company called 101Inv

This is my story. I was only with them for several weeks in May/July of 2019. During that time, my account manager Guy directly caused the loss of all of my deposits. Not only did he try to convince me to borrow money to then put in what was a risky investment, but he also did not even seem concerned that his advice caused my losses. His only concern was how much money and how often I would deposit money into my account. I had no trading experience before this and Guy knew it. This did not stop him from causing me to lose all my money. Then they refused to address my complaints. I have found out that 101Investing is actually the same people as Itrader, who are now giving up their license supposedly voluntarily.