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Updated: Oct 31, 2018
1.819 · 31 REVIEWS
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1.819 · 31 REVIEWS
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South Africa,
Oct 11, 2018,
Registered user

Bad signals, you have been warned

3 out of 4 signals are bad... Their site shows past signal performances of profits that are deceiving.
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 30, 2018,

Useless dont waste your money

STAY AWAY! Awful signals, terrible customer service. Cancelled trial and they still billethe full amount. Absolute joke of a business. Don’t bother with LiveChat as they don’t ever respond and don’t get back to your support requests.
England, United Kingdom,
Jan 19, 2018,

Horrendous service, luckily I played $1 for a weeks trial, cancelled after 2 days, i understand the stock market is unpredictable at times, but this was a joke, lost so much money with them it's unreal, do not follow!
london, United Kingdom,
Dec 24, 2017,


Charging me around £100 a month and so far I make like £2 or £3 profit and then they made a trade which I lost £15. So far I lost money and made no profit. They are not professionals. AVOID
kenya, Kenya,
Dec 12, 2017,

Please aware of this signal provider.his promise me you are getting 250 pips in a month but now my month is finish and i am getting -50 pips total month loss trading.
United Kingdom,
Aug 18, 2016,
Registered user

worked good for me iv not had any problems from them iv just left them to it over about 1 year. Not made loads but made a profit over all. over all 11% plus the money iv been paying them. Never know tho things could change. Its high risk at the end of the day. Its more of a hobby for me. I work full time so not relying on it to live off. Think people want to just become rich strait away. Dont work like that if you ask me otherwise everyone would be doing it
azam malik,
lahore , Pakistan,
May 29, 2015,

i've just joined with 10$ free trial for 10 days.....
and i've received total 3 signals in 10 days from 12 may to 22 may.....
in 10 days trial i've received total 300 pips......
i don't think so that they are scammers......
now going to purchase 1 month subscription......
let's see what they will do in next month......
Jane S,
Tokyo, Japan,
Apr 22, 2015,

I initially signed up for this service because I found many good reviews for head trader Ronnie, ex Compass guy.
Yes, he is very supportive and encouraging and willing to help.
However, you would not have the full view to charts he is looking unless you sign up for mentoring service which is $1500.
Customer service was great but I blew up 2 accts following signals. I was mentioned the month I signed up was one of the worst month in his trading career but I would never know because I only went dead negative and ended up being positive whenever I took opposite side of signal calls.
Hawaii, USA, USA,
Mar 8, 2013,

Just cancelled my service this morning. Started service on Dec 13. Spoke to some guy named "Ben," soft spoken, polite, encouraging. "Make your deposit and well, you know, start making money." Based on his ostensibly professional prediction went in, for me, big with a 4.5 K account size. Ben said it first, "I'm glad you're opening with a decent account size." Couldn't have said it better myself, Ben. Let's see what you got. Wait an entire month, licking my chops, doing my day job, which I'm at six to seven hours EVERY DAY, no breaks, unless I'm sick or some other unavoidable commitment. Check in after a month. What the #############. I'm down, sixty bucks.Wait. It's been a month. This isn't some podunk 200$ account with FXCM, there's the potential for wallop here with even small pip moves. I call the place. In the middle of the casual conversation with the female csa, "oh- for some reason, your account isn't connected to our autotrade service." Um, that's what you advertised, isn't it? Isn't that what I'm paying 159.00 per month for? Trade copier? We'll trade your account? "This is what we do?" Been around since 1998?" Ben's words- "just make the deposit, you'll make money?" There hasn't been any tardiness in withdrawing the money from my account. Oh, here, I'll refund you for January. Gee thanks. No mention of the fact they've had my money since Decmeber and the account is negative. Okay. Okay. Another couple of weeks passes. Remember, 4.5K. Not that big, but, yo' bro- not that small. Check again. WTF????? Still negative!!! Still negative??????? How can that be? Every pair of the majors goes through AT LEAST a fifty pip plus swing each 24 hour cycle. And let's be realistic. Actually way, way more than fifty pip variations. I call again. This time I get a guy named "Phil." He sounds affronted that I've called. "What can I do for you?" I say, it's been two months and there's no profit on the account. His tone makes it seem as if I'm being unreasonable. Well, we can change strategies" I ask him a question about leverage. He gives me an answer about margin. I hear him cup his hand over the phone and ask, his voice strained, another person in the room, "what is the leverage??" But things seem to sort out. After a while I figure, okay, maybe these guys know what they're doing. They sound professional. Plus, they have great call waiting music. . Later, in a position where I might need take some profit from the account. Call the broker. What's the account equity? This is THREE MONTHS after opening account. Including several different strategies. I'm getting messages of trades every single weekday, sometimes two, three trades per day. What? The account is still negative? After three months? I email the service. I need to end my contract with you. Their reply. Sorry to see you go!
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 11, 2012,

Under this company's banner are A.Forex Trading Team.com. My experience with them are of a very rude customer service/poor service (questionable reliability on the platform running signals on) , no replies to emails and on refunding - they use the payment route through paypal who conveniently do not support digital products - please see paypals stand below. So no refunds available. You are not protected. - Youre on your own here. My recommendations are to steer clear away from them. I have escalated to paypal and although they cannot provide refunds they have registered a complaint against this customers records and will monitor any further to act on. BAD!

Paypals stand on digial products shown below. (If a vendor does not sell via a system that protects the customer such as regnow then steer clear because you are NOT protected).

"Please be aware that PayPal Purchase Protection only applies to tangible, physical goods that can be posted. Payments for intangible items, services, licences or other digital content are not eligible for dispute resolution"