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Pablo Maglio
Updated: Oct 15, 2023
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Nov 23, 2020,
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Does not help me with Forex Pairs

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Before I leave this review I want to say I tried twice to leave a review on their website. Once several months ago and once this week. Neither would post. I think that it is uncool to dismiss negative customer reviews. Especially in a day and age when certain indicators do not always help with Forex Pairs, even though they may work on Futures or Stocks.

My review was not a terrible review. The indicator was professional appearing and seemed to function on the charts when added. But I have not made money with it. I have owned this indicator since May 2020.

The owner was very helpful in getting me set up and provided some written instruction for the settings. However, the indicator has a difficult time helping me trade Forex Pairs.

It is not just an indicator that you install and it begins to work. In it is used more as a strategy. You need to also add a Stochastic indicator and you must monitor the V shaped patterns that leave the Stochastic highs and lows area. It is difficult to find a good setting with the LinReg. Probably because the indicator was designed for Futures and Stocks in mind? As many know with Forex, each pair can behave differently and in addition to this a single pair can change behavior in time.

Long story short, if you have time to adjust the settings all the time, then maybe this will work better for you then it did for me, and if you have the time to backtest. I did not have a good experience b/c I do not have the time to tweak the settings on a daily basis.

As I said, when negative reviews are not allowed, it is a dis-service to other customers. The indicator is not a junk. It is not put together overnight, and it sells for almost 200 dollars. But because it is expensive, it should be a bit more helpful. I thought it should be 2 stars because the website review was deleted.
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