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Updated: Apr 15, 2024
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Ontario, Canada,
Jan 20, 2021,
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Not worth the effort

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Was told about this Tribe of Traders from someone in a group that I trade with, so decided to give them a try. I was told that they offer great education.
I sent an email using the information on their website, and got automatic reply. I then sent a reply asking about their trading education, but got no reply.
I then went through the process of joining their Facebook page and waited for the fireworks. Weeks later, all I got was several posts from the founder (Van Nierck), with daily ‘pep talks’ that increasingly felt more like promotional material (there was no educational material in the Facebook group). After further email enquiries, and not hearing back, I left the group.
Overall, this seems more like a repository of people, to whom products can be sold. On the Tribe of Traders web page, there is the offer of a free book, detailing the seven secrets of trading (yes, free – you only have to pay between 10 to 20 euros for S&H – ahem!!!) One question I normally ask when someone offers to sell me trading ‘secrets’ is ‘Why are you not using these secrets to make yourself rich instead of trying to sell it to me??’
On the Tribe of Traders main page, there is field to submit your information to join the Facebook page. I STRONGLY recommend NOT using your main email address. Shortly after submitting mine, I received several spam emails from several related companies. When I politely asked that Tribe of Traders remove my e-mail address, I was accused of harassment in a reply from them. I persisted, and I guess they removed my details, as I’m not getting spam anymore.