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Updated: Apr 16, 2024
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Mar 23, 2021,
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Revision for Two Legged Pullback

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I have been watching the videos done by this vendor and have changed my opinion.

The indicator is more suited to Futures rather than Forex pairs. I should not have purchased it for Forex and had such great expectations.

The vendor is showing transparency by doing videos and showing that it does indeed work.

Feb 9, 2021 - 2 Stars I recently purchased the indicator called the TwoLeggedPullback.

I had watched several videos of the indicator being used on Futures and decided to contact the vendor with questions. Before I made the purchase I wanted to make sure the indicator would work well on Forex pairs.

In my email exchange I told the vendor that I had recently purchased another indicator but in that case, that vendor was not helpful with assisting in how to adjust the settings. Every time I asked what Tick setting or what minute chart, I never rec'd an answer in the chat. I just didn't want a repeat of that.

So I mentioned the following; "I had purchased a decent indicator from (so and so) but for the life of me I cannot get them to tell me what timeframes it works on with Forex b/c it is used on Futures. Thus, I appreciate you mentioning the timeframes need to be adjusted. Hopefully you will be able to help with that if I pursue this."

So with this indicator, I just wanted to make sure I can receive help with settings. Was there any doubt I asked for help with timeframes? Not to me. Again, indicators designed for Futures often times do not work well on Forex, and I just wanted some reassurance that I could benefit from this indicator.

They responded with; The Two Legged Pullback Indicator is defaulted to work with CME futures (E-mini, Nasdaq, Russel). However, the indicator can customized to be used for any instrument. You will just have to know what the Tick size is (smallest increment for your instrument) and points size per tick (what you would consider a scalp)Since the indicator is a price action indicator it should work for any instrument.."

So after reading this, I felt more comfortable about using it on Forex pairs and I believed they would help with that information.
However, after the purchase I felt it went downhill. When I asked for specifics timeframes, I was first told I needed to change the tick values. They sent me a link to a website that provided the values, but the list only contained 18 pairs that I trade and many exotics that I don't trade.

I said to them "Ok, I will use this chart as a guide. I have never seen that type of chart. Thank you. However, what about the appropriate time frames? What tick or standard time frame works best with Forex pairs. Tick settings or 4hr or renko or volume?" ( the very same questions I was concerned about not receiving)

Their answer? "We do not want to give you the impression we are not trying to help but legally we cannot tell you which timeframes are best. The indicator works on all timeframes however which timeframe you use will be dependent on your style of trading. We provided you with resources to help you set up your indicator and are willing to continue to help you set up the indicator for your instruments, however we legally cannot tell you which time frame is best.....If you would like trading advice like which time frames should we trade in per instrument then there are plenty of forums to help. The indicator is a tool to spot second entries in any timeframe, however you will have to decide which timeframe and in what context you would like to enter in the second entries. We are here to help you with any issues you may have with the indicator so please do not hesitate to ask questions."

As you can read, they never intended to help me with timeframes. They even said they never read the statement I posted earlier about the other company dismissing my request for timeframes. However, it is in the email dialog.

If you trade Forex and you think you will get any help with timeframes that work best with this indicator, you will NOT get the help. It appears, they told me what I needed to hear to purchase their indicator.